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    Speaking of Kimura Saori, we all have seen how good she is during the World Championships. Just wondering why no European and Brazilian Teams have signed her?

    She don't want to play in other country.
    But maybe she decides to change league, beacuse with Toray she won everything is possible in Japan. In this season Toray ended on second place. It wasn't good season for team, unfortunately... But I hope, that Saori will play in european club in next season. In Poland, please ;-) It's joke, of course.

    Bartek you can read it under the article about kaczorowska on quite strange situation if its true

    If it's true, but I don't believe in this.
    Mielec is talking and talking with new sponsor. From what I know, they watching juniors, which could join to team. So good transfers are impossible now.

    both Muszyna and Biala Bielsko will be weaker than 2010-2011 I think.

    in Muszyna side, Bednarek and Jagielo will be out, also Kaczor still struggles with her injury...anyhow I'm glad that They resigned with Wensink and Stam. What about the rumour that Werblinska coming to Muszyna? :roll:

    in Biala-Bielsko side, Werblinska, Skorupa and Okuniewska already left as far as I know...It actually will be hard to find a great setter like Skorupa. I like Sadurek more though, but Skorupa is a really smart setter. She locates well, uses the middle very well, and her float serves are very effective. also, no doubt about Werblinska. She is the best OH for Poland.

    Muszyna just talk with Werblinska, but everyone say that she signed a contract with this team. But there's no official information about it. We are, in Poland a little worried about Muszyna, beacuse they didn't do any transfer. For sure coach of Muszyna think how to build a team to fight with new Atom.

    Bielsko have more problems. Skorupa left this team, and maganament take on her place Cassidy Lichtman. Coach of Bielsko try to reassure supporters, that she can be a good setter, but I don't think that this player will substitute Skorupa. Werblinska was injured in last season, so she didn't help team. She can be replaced by another player, who want to play and doesn't invent any injury. Okuniewska wanted to play in Italy, and everyone respected her decision, beacuse she can be a star in future. She has everything to do this.

    Nice name. But wasn't her surname Mikolacyk or something like that? or She must be married again...?

    Yeah, she married again ;-)
    I thought, that she will not change her name. With 'Sadurek' she was very characteristic.

    Something about Bielsko - president of BKS, Czeslaw Swistak said, that the last player, who join to team will be from USA, Brazil or Finland. Earlier it was Molnar, but she decide to go with her boyfriend to Russia. Swistak said, that the last player will be a big star of Bielsko team.

    Brizitka Molnar is thought to be Bks aluprof bielsko - Biała player. It's unofficial ,it' s supposition from bks fans

    I don't think that it's true. If Bielsko take Molnar, in team will be 5 receiver player(Kaczorowska, Ciaszkiewicz, Frąckowiak, Łyszkiewicz and Molnar). Who will be a second attacker, to change Bamber? In last season she played alone, beacuse Podolec was injured before the start of season(management of BKS did the most stupid transfer EVER). And everyone knows what was the end of this 'story'.

    what a disapointment that BIelsko's rooster is :whistle: i don't get it. Baranska left Skorupa left they were probably 2 of the highest paid players in this team andBielsko doesn't have money to sign someone decent enough to fight for a medals next year? i REALLY hope that the last player is some european class one

    i have no idea who that american setter is, i remember Crimes from one of the season in USA in WGP she wasn't amazing but she was decent, her funny serve approach always made me giggle inside :lol:

    The last player, which join to Bielsko will be a second attacker, to change Bamber in matches, so I don't think that will be a european class player.

    your english is ok :) we will see, they are young and maybe very ambitious and they can surprise...but I must say I was waiting for better players...and they need a very good OH with good reception to replace Baranska..I think the junior players will be there for practise like Pytel and Kwasowska last year

    I hope, that they will show us the best sides of their skills.
    Yes, to team will join the last player, not from Poland, on OH, exacly. Coach said, that Prokop and Łyszkiewicz will just train with first team, but they will used to replace injured player from first team.

    Do you know if Spicer will stay in Bydgoszcz?

    Rumors say that she will not stay in Bydgoszcz. Bydgoszcz take on setter Magdalena Godos, who's played there few years ago, but I don't know who will be a second setter. In Bydgoszcz will play also Julia Shelukina, one of the best middle blockers in polish leauge.

    She played as a defensive specialist and an OH when she was a freshman in Stanford University. Then she transitioned to Setter/Hitter because her University runs a 6-2 offense. I don't know if her reception is adequate when it comes to the pro-level though. Let's see how she fares in your League. :)

    Thank you so much. Coach of BKS team said, that she is has a specific style of play. We will see.

    I want to know something more about Alexis Crimes. I just know that she played in Europe last season. And nothing else.

    Her attack is good, not excellent like Hodge or Hooker, but she has amazing reception. She should play in Cuban-style with other young American Engle.

    But how she play on setter? Beacuse BKS take her on this position. I'm scared that she's not good... Cause she may be a first setter in our team.

    very young roster, Nati Bamber will feel old :lol: PlusLiga will be very interesting next year..

    Yeah, maybe... But that transfers are not good for me... Two young player on OH positions. This girl, who's on setter position play better on OH!

    Sorry, my english is bad.