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    Polish crowd is the best worldwide. Your comment is childish.

    Not childish, but true, actually. It is annoying, that this dumb ententeiner-wannabe plays the same silly songs in the same order for like 45678 years already. No creativity, effort, nothing. You can easily say which song's gonna be played next. This guy is generally a huge braggart and thinks he's the one who can create an amazing atmoshpere during the matches. Also, he really wants to be in the center of attention, he screams all the time and always need to talk for 8565858 minutes before national anthems time. I'm waiting for him to quit and I'm not the only one.

    Huge THANKS to Bulgaria's coach for saying how pathological is the situation with Polsat and their TV broadcasting. He actually declined to be interviewed, because if Polsat takes money from people to be able to watch the tournament, he's not gonna promote the TV for free. THANK YOU.

    That's not what I meant, I meant that it's a pity that so many people came to watch the match and then it was a very boring one. This audience would have deserved a thrilling 2.5 hours 5 set battle.

    Maybe, but I think 3 points are more important than thrilling match. Still everything, that happened today on the stadium was unforgettable for audience, so I don't think they regret coming. I would die for being there, especially that I'm one of these, who actually will not see any of matches of this tournament (no, I'm not going to watch it on the Internet, since such an event should be avaliable to watch for everyone in the host country).

    This whole situation definitely may have many different circumstances, I'm just wondering how is it possible, that coach Antiga and whole staff, which helps him working with the team wasn't able to bring Kurek back to positive, maybe not great, but good enough shape. They obviously had a lot of time for this and I perceive it as a huge fail. Kurek was always someone very important for the team, I would say the most important recently and how did it happen, that they let him go so easy? It seems they didn't really care and hadn't been focused on Kurek, if he was supposedly the worst from all of the receivers. That's a huge lose for Antiga. He should think about what did just happen.

    Btw, Ojla, nice to see u here again! :flower:

    Lol, please who you are? Leave men volleyball, such unprofessional person like you. Bartman is big lose for Polish national team. I'm dead. I know many Brazilians love Bartman, my friend had funclub of him and she told me how Brazilians spaming her that Bartman is amazing, big fighter and the best volleyball player in the world. Give me a break because I'm done. Totally DONE. Send me link with ANY match with Mr Bartman where he played whole match with some team from elite. He always getting even single blocks so fast and leaving court. But well I understand you. You are foreigner to us, from rival national team so you want to weaken our team by saying like that. But i'm not stupid and can recognize so easy who you are. :lol: Thanks for your "tips". Good luck for Brazil.

    You're being way too much annoying recently, man! Stop showing this kind of behavior, 'cause nobody will perceive you seriously. Stop making yourself as a God of volleyball, who knows everything perfectly and if someone tries not to agree with what you say you automatically start your "offensive" attack. You don't really have to like Bartman, but I can easily suppose you're way of liking someone changes with every single match, what a fan. Your arguments are hilarious, "unprofessional", "ignorant", while you're a master of everything. Stop it, just stop it.

    Are you 100% sure Wlazły with Kurek have injuries? I have feeling they are scared of Iran. I'm not joking. I'm serious. I have also pain of my finger and i won't go to work today, it would be risk to take my pen and writing.
    If now they are avoiding serious rivals so they will have pretty form at World Championship? Good luck.
    I only feel sorry for Kubiak, great, pugnacious player who must break something to avoid the match.

    You perfectly know which tournament is more important for Poland. So judge afterwards, not now, when things are in preparations.

    I have a question to sir Stefan Antiga, when finally will play Kurek, Wlazły or Kubiak? It's really irritating watching this team when even Russia play now with their stars and they also gave them rest, but now they play the most important matches. I don't want to watch this Poland team... :down: Many complaints of back pains, of leg pains, in world championship in Poland Kurek with Wlazły will also complain? What the f... Kubiak only has more serious injury.
    Konarski - 3rd attacker, Mika, Buszek - they are from also 3rd squad of our NT.
    Brazil, go to the finals, Antiga lost in his words. He promises that he will be ready with our stars on this matches. :down: :mad:

    So stop watching this freackin' team if u don't want to. Nobody pushes you to do that. Don't you think guys are going to play if they are ready for that or it's too much for u to understand? They wouldn't risk just to make you feel satisfied and happy ;)

    Why? I love it. All - the idea, song, music video and singer :D it's brilliant

    OMG, indeed 8o This song is made for fun, not for some serious reasons, so chill. I'm totally obsessed with these guys. Especially with Bard, blonde one, he's perfect :love: :lol:

    With whole my respect to Olsztyn, but... JASTRZEBSKI :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: This team definitely gives a lot of laugh. Can't wait to see worse Bernardi-Miale work's results :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: The best training couple ever. It couldn't have ended differently.