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    The Draw for Women's Basketball elite club competition, the 2012/13 EuroLeague Women season, concluded on Friday in Munich, Germany.

    The Regular Season will tip off on 17 October and will conclude on 6 February.

    For the Regular Season, the 21 participating clubs were divided in three (3) groups of seven (7) teams.
    The top five (5) teams from each group (if the Final Eight hosts are among the top five in their group) will advance.
    If the hosts are not among the top five (5) in their group, the top four (4) in every group plus the two best fifth (5th) placed teams will advance.
    A best-of-three Eighth-Final play-offs series in February will then decide who will join the hosts in the Final Eight.
    The Final Eight will take place in a pre-determined venue and have its peak in the Final on 24th March 2013.
    The host venue will come from one of the EuroLeague Women participants and it will be chosen after a bidding process, in fall this year.
    The EuroLeague Women 2012/13 Regular Season is as follows:

    Rivas Ecopolis (ESP)
    Sparta&K Moscow Region Vidnoje (RUS)
    Wisla Krakow (POL)
    Bourges Basket (FRA)
    Uni Seat Györ (HUN)
    BK Brno (CZE)
    Tarsus Belediye Spor (TUR)

    Fenerbahce (TUR)
    Famila Schio (ITA)
    Good Angels Kosice (SVK)
    Nadezhda Orenburg (RUS)
    Uniqua Euroleasing Sopron (HUN)
    Arras Pays D'Artois (FRA)
    CSM Targoviste (ROU)

    UMMC Ekaterinburg (RUS)
    Galatasaray (TUR)
    Perfumerias Avenida Salamanca (ESP)
    ZVVZ USK Prague (CZE)
    CCC Polkowice (POL)
    USO Mondeville (FRA)
    Novi Zagreb (CRO)



    FIBA Europe has announced the list of teams that will participate in the 2012/13 EuroLeague Women season. The Regular Season line-up features 21 clubs, which will be drawn into three groups of seven (7) teams. Each team will play against the other teams in its group in home and away games (Round Robin).

    The Draw takes place in Freising, Germany on Friday 6 July.

    Turkey received a wildcard which was used by Tarsus. CSM Targoviste will make their ELW debut as Romanian champions with another wildcard.

    The 21 clubs that will enter the draw are:

    Arras Pays d'Artois (FRA)
    Rivas Ecópolis (ESP)
    BK Brno (CZE)
    Sparta&K M. R. Vidnoje (RUS)
    Bourges Basket (FRA)
    Tarsus Belediye Spor (TUR)
    CSM Targoviste (ROU)
    Wisla Can-Pack Krakow (POL)
    Famila Schio (ITA)
    UMMC Ekaterinburg (RUS)
    Fenerbahce (TUR)
    Uni Györ (HUN)
    Galatasaray (TUR)
    Uniqa Euroleasing Sopron (HUN)
    Good Angels Kosice (SVK)
    USO Mondeville Basket (FRA)
    CCC Polkowice (POL)
    Novi Zagreb (CRO)
    Nadezhda (RUS)
    ZVVZ USK Prague (CZE)
    Perfumerias Avenida (ESP)


    @ kadir_8

    I think Maya may play in Galatasaray. That kind of news spread a lot of times before Ros Casares sitiuation. But Sancho, she is very valuable because of the 2 non European player rule. I didn't hear or know anything but in my opinion her first choice will be Russia. I heard that Fenerbahçe and especially Galatasaray wanted her before, and offered a lot of money but she didn't want to play in Turkey. If she comes to Galatasaray , they will be so powerful with two best Europeans, Alba and Sancho, which i don't prefer :D

    About Nevriye, i'm really sick of Esmeral and Nevriye's behaviour during transfer seasons. Actually after this year final series, i don't think there is a very big difference about local players quality between GSMP and FB, after lame performances by Esmeral and Nevriye. The main reason that we won the championship that we have a better guard.( The other reasons we have better team chemistry(playing with the same players for many years) and a better coach of course)

    If you ask my opinion i think she will play for Galatasaray next season. But if you ask if i know anything about it i don't know very much. Nevriye is our captain and of course i wanted her to stay and end her career at Fenerbahçe. But it is said that she want a three year agreement from us, i don't think it is logical. Last two season she was not that good. It is doubtful that she can play 3 more seasons.

    İstanbul Üniversitesi (The last team of last Turkish League and will play play-out in the begining of the season)

    New Players:
    -Irina Osipova (Rus NT) I really didn't imagine that..She has been playing for Spartak for ages and I couldn't think that she would leave and come to İstanbul Üniversitesi.. Great transfer indeed..

    Haha thanks to Cappie :D

    It is sad that defending champions won't be so powerful next year. They had very important players, i wonder Where will Sancho Lyttle play? She is the best European player in my opinion and her decision can change a lot of things in Euroleague Women.

    By the way i'm sad that Phoenix waived Zane Tamane today, after only two games. She derserved much more.


    She is best player of Fenerbahce and she's more useful player than Angel or Diana etc. in my opinion.

    I agree. She is the leader of the team. She is the best player of the team. She is an unique player. There is no player like her. What a pity that she injured just before Olympics.

    I read that Osipova is just a friend of Cappie. I hope she won't play for us.

    Actually i don't care about who will come to play for Fenerbahçe right now. I'm just thinking will Penny stay with us next year :(

    Not only because she is half of the team, she is just a great person. I wish she didn't come back to the game after injury. :(

    Btw, my avatar is more beatiful :D

    Ros Casares 65 - 52 Rivas Ecopolis

    Rivas could score 11 pts in the 3rd quarter and 4 in the 4th and Rivas couldn't score for last 7 minutes.
    Congratulations to Ros Casares.

    Final-8 Standings

    1. Ros Casares
    2. Rivas Ecopolis
    3. UMMC Ekaterinburg
    4. Fenerbahçe
    5. Galatasaray MP
    6. Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje
    7. Beretta-Famila
    8. Wisla Can-Pack

    MVP of the tournament : Asjha Jones (Rivas Ecopolis)
    What a bad Ceremony by the way.

    We finished 4th for the first time . Congrats UMMC for their 5th bronze medal in a row. But it must be sad being in final four since many years and being the 3rd team always.

    We have a very big problem we lost Penny. :( It is said that she will be out for 6 months and probably she couldn't play in Olympics. This news is not confirmed yet by the club. But probably true. She is the most important part of the the team with Birsel. Though days are waiting for us unfortunately.

    P.S. I must add that referees of the tournament were the worst ones i've seen so far.

    Other games

    Galatasaray 73-71 Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje ( Epiphany Prince and Tina Charles didn't play.)
    Beretta-Famila 65 - 62 Wisla Can-Pack

    Final Standings

    3. UMMC Ekaterinburg
    4. Fenerbahçe
    5. Galatasaray MP
    6. Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje
    7. Beretta-Famila
    8. Wisla Can-Pack

    Winning all (16) games from the beginning of the season then losing one match. :aww: And we lost our chances to be the first Turkish Team in the Euroleague Final. I'm not so upset though, because i don't think we had a chance against Ros Casares, because they have the deepest and the best roster in the Europe right now. (As i said before) And I also believe that 'If you are first you are first. If you are second you are nothing.'

    But i must also say Ros Casares and Fenerbahçe are playing the best basketball in Europe this year (We were much better before Cappie came. it was so wrong to bring her back) But in a tournament like this(4 games in 5 days), if you have only 7 players and lost the most important one (Penny Taylor) at the second game, it is so hard to achieve success.

    I want to thank all of our players for their effort and waiting much more from them next year. I believe they will also win this Cup like our yellow angels did. :rose:

    Tomorrow is the last day of the Tournament. Here is the schedule:

    7th-8th place match
    13:00 Beretta-Famila - Wisla Can-Pack

    5th-6th place match
    15:30 Galatasaray MP - Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje

    3th-4th place match
    18:00 Fenerbahce - UMMC Ekaterinburg

    Final match
    20:45 Rivas Ecopolis - Ros Casares

    Final 8 will start tomorrow :cheesy: Who is your favourite?
    I agree with Penny. Hopefully it is us :thumbsup:

    First Day Schedule

    Group B
    13:00 Wisla Can-Pack - Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje
    15:30 Ros Casares - UMMC Ekaterinburg

    Group A
    18:00 Fenerbahce - Beretta-Famila
    20:45 Rivas Ecopolis - Galatasaray

    * times are Turkish Time.

    @ dexter

    Could you summarize what Eda said?

    Are there already videos of interviews with Fener-players available? (I can't understand what they say of course, but it's nice to see :D)

    Actually i can't watch Eda' interview live. But i saw it on the twitter. She said that "our president couldn't come to my wedding last summer (he is in jail since 3 July. He will be judged on Monday) now i will take this cup to him on Monday. Probably it doesn't sound so emotional to you, but really we're having really hard times, a lot of players in the club tell similar things during 9 months but Eda's word really impressed me These words went deep into my heart.
    I can't find any videos but there will be News on FBTV about 5 minutes later on They will show interviews and ceremony i guess.

    And you may check this channels later for videos