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    Quite a messy game, i have to say. Not the russians fault though....
    After two easy games, russian team will have to make a jump start tomorrow in order to beat a motivated France/Brasil. May not be that easy after you played two matches in a rather relaxed mode.

    Errm, yes? Bruno's serve was regular. Serbia choked and Bruno took advantage of their mess. He didn't disrespect the team in any moment whatsoever. If you're grasping at straws just to disprove my point and protect a player you like from criticism, perhaps you should try harder.

    Relax kids..... 8)

    As a player, i would have done exactly the same as bruno. If the ref signals your serve, you serve. i am not sure though, whether the ref handled this situation correctly. Imo, if a team is not ready to play you can not call the serve. A warning for delayance would have been approbiate.....

    USA playing defense like a champion. Really great game so far.

    Some entertaining rallies, i agree.
    USA should be more determined in counter attack. If they solve this, they should win a bit easier than in this set. A lot of wasted chances for them. They should not play Heynen's game and wait for the opponent to make the error.

    Samuel Tuia (OH, FRA) to Berlin.
    Adam Schriemer (S, CAN) to SVG Lüneburg.
    Meanwhile, he is the 4th Canadian in Lüneburg. Has anyone of our canadian users an opinion on him?

    I think he is not satisfied with OPP position. But Fromm and Bohme are not good choices, I would say. The young Weber could be a suitable candidate.

    Since GER is not participating WCH, why is he still trying everything? I think their main goal is to enter the F6. If they could have won the past two matches, there is still a chance for them. Now it's highly impossible.

    I don't know why neither Malescha nor Weber were in the roster. Malescha is surely no superstar but as an opposite i think he would have added more to team than Böhme/Fromm. Linus Weber is considered to be the biggest talent in german volleyball for quite some time and his breakthrough as a high standard opposite would be very needed. But he is still only 18 and hasn't even played Bundesliga Volleyball yet. So he is only a promise to the future so far and imho germany will have to go with Hirsch/Malescha/Marks for the next years....

    Couldn’t watch the match. Who is that player?

    He may refer to Egor Bogachev, Germany's second libero. He is only libero on paper and i don't think he will still see the court in VNL. He is a very talented OH whose actual weak points are reception/ball control. He is with the team for learning and hopefully this will pay out soon.

    So whenever i watch live, the guys play like beginners. Maybe its me ?( Luckily, i am off soon...

    Bohme is playing as Opp in Germany. I never saw him playing as Opp.

    Giani is using VNL to try everthing.

    Don't know whats wrong with Hirsch but it seems pretty clear to me that neither Fromm nor Böhme can be a good solution for this position. The match is on home turf and on live TV, getting annihilated by Japan isn't exactly a good promotion. Also Sossenheimer is missed on reception.

    Not familiar with Karlitzek, how is he as a player. And any unexpected insights you gained from Mark's stats?

    Well, Karlitzek has been one of the best OHs in past Bundesliga season. Not the tallest guy but a very explosive and high jumping player with a strong arm. He was a bit unlucky last year and this year with picking up injuries at the wrong moment. Unless he is physically okay, i would like to see him playing this weekend. Physically not so dominant teams like Japan and Argentina may suit his playing style.

    Not finished with the stats yet but when it comes to the german team it is obvious that they are below average when it comes to reception (libero) and that they lack a player who can take reliably care of the high balls. Hirsch doesn't seem to be that player and is not enjoying a very good campaign so far. But there are still some matches to be played and stats still may be shuffled.

    On the positive side, once the service is on (Zimmermann, Böhme!) the block is able to take care of things. Zimmermann obviuosly made a step forward and is a viable alternative to Kampa. The lack of a dominant attacker can also be an advantage, once the OHs hold a certain level. Equal distribution alsomakes the team difficult to scout......

    Anyone has info on the russian roster for the weekend?

    That site is incredible. More accurate than FIVB and gives lots of insight like: Muserskiy is by far Russia's most important player, Matt Anderson should probably be passing as much as possible, and Ruben Schott should not be allowed on a volleyball court


    Well, i wouldn't put it that harsh but generally i agree. You don't need the stats to see that he is a bit overchallenged at this level. I would still like to see Moritz Karlitzek who could help the team with his aggressive attacking. How he would handle reception remains to be seen.
    Direct link to stats collection:

    Did he ever play as a receiver before this tournament? :lol: I'd think Teppan would be best suited for the OH role given his biotype, but I might be completely wrong...

    Well, whatever we think about it, it seems coach made the right choice. Estonia is leading 2:0 and is on the way to the title. With their good blocking, they are sucking a lot of energy out of czech team, who are playing a bit disappointing, i have to say...

    I think this one could be close. Germany still has a lot of question marks and will have the distractions that come from playing on home turf.

    Again, like last year after a disappointing WL, Germany had a pretty surprising comeback in this years VNL. Until the Poland match they looked like complete losers in most of their matches and not much hope was left for my part, i have to admit. Whatever Giani is doing with them, it seems to work. But like Bahkawdi, i am still careful. The match vs. Australia has shown that the whole construct still looks a bit feeble.
    As i read,FIVB stats are rather unreliable. Mark Lebedew made his own "best players list", which seems to be more reliable and interesting than the the stuff FIVB is providing....…-rankings-after-3-rounds/

    Romanian OH Adrian Aciobanitei will join Friedrichshafen. Czech NT setter Jakub Janouch and slovakian OH Michal Petras will also play in Friedrichshafen next season.

    Stelian DeRocco will be new coach at United Volleys Rhein/Main.

    Kirill Klets (RUS, MB), Mathew Pollock (USA, MB), Pawel Halaba (CZE, OH) will play for Hypo Tirol Alpenvolleys.

    Johannes Tille (GER, setter) to Herrsching.
    Jochen Schöps signed with french club Stade Poitevin Poitiers.

    Overall, the russian team looks pretty relaxed, playing almost without agression. This may not be enough tonight. Seems the serbs want the victory a bit more.
    It may have been asked before, but where are Volkov and Grankin. Will they still play in the later stages of VNL?