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    I'm totally done with Zimmermann. He has proved that he doesn't have the level. Germany needs to search for a young setter with some more potential.

    A good setter can really make a difference. Italy is just a good example in this year's VNL.

    I am not Zimmermann‘s biggest Fan either but, regarding yesterday and to his defence i have to state, that he has played now almost every match since the start of the tournament, hopping from continent to continent week by week. He Even was the only setter who travelled to brasil. Yesterday, like the whole Team, he faltered after the lost second set and physical and mental exhaustion was visible.

    At this point you can start to question the overall roster management, having players (Kaliberda, Karlitzek, Kampa) who for whatever reasons are Not ready to play but occupy places in the roster.

    German roster for 3rd week:

    Setter: Zimmermann, Kocian-Falkenbach

    Oh: Fromm, Reichert, Schott, Sossenheimer, Peter

    MB: Krick, Brehme, Baxpöhler, Günthör

    Opposite: Hirsch, Malescha

    Libero: Zenger

    Böhme, Kaliberda and Weber out, Günthör, Peter and Malescha in. Overall, thats Not really an upgrade and i fear especially the MB department may suffer against high level setter like Toniutti/Christenson/Uriarte. So my expectations for the weekend are actually not that high, considering previous performances and the tough travel schedule.....

    Yes, i cant help but feeling a bit disappointed too. Not necessarily about the results but some individual Performances are a bit worrisome.

    Especially, when we talk about the oh positions, things are still unclear at the moment, as neither Reichert, Sossenheimer nor Schott could make a case for themselve so far. And i fear it is Not only about Zimmermann‘s setting. So there is still a way to go for them to prove their international competetiveness....

    Brehme played well today, considering first time as starting MB for NT. He needs to gain experience, especially on blocking. Weber's performance was okay. However, he needs to improve his attacking skills.

    I agree with your assesment. I suppose today, they ran a bit out of steem as the match proceeded. But lets remember that the guys haven't played real pro volleyball yet apart from youth NT and VCO Berlin. It was a good start for them for sure......

    The OH position is really a problem for NT. When the ball is out of system, it's difficult for Reichert and Sossenheimer to kill it. Also, they are a bit too short. Fromm's attacking is better, but his reception is not good at all. I don't know if there are other young and promising OHs.

    The problem with the current line of younger OHs is, that they are all a bit "one-of-a-kind", which means that they are not that tall and better receivers than attackers (Sossenheimer, Reichert, Schott). The only one who could help with the high ball game is probably Karlitzek who is not that tall either but has an incredible jump and power.

    Has Adam Kocian joined NT? How is his level?

    He is in the VNL wide roster but obviously his older brother made the better impression to Giani. Based on Bundesliga performances, imho this selection is also justified. Tomas can run a pretty fast and creative offensive game which would bring another dimension to the team, compared to Zimmermann's rather "standard" play. Problem might be, how the other players can adapt to that play.

    Regarding Adam, imho he is stagnating a bit at the moment, Overall a decent Bundesliga setter but imho something is still missing for the international level.

    The setting to position 4 is very inconsistent.

    Yes, that is probably part of the "problem".

    Service is working really well for Germany. Almost everyone can put pressure on chinese team. Also Brehme and Weber are really helpful in this department.

    But truth be told, China is not making it too difficult so far for germany.

    Both youngsters, Brehme and Weber, are starting for germany and they are doing a good job so far. Only problem so far is the contribution from the left side. Reception is fine but offens-wise; Reichert and Sossenheimer still should improve.

    The 14 players roster for the first VNL weekend in China:


    Tomas Kocian-Falkenbach, Jan Zimmermann

    Outside Hitters:

    Christian Fromm, David Sossenheimer, Moritz Reichert, Ruben Schott, Tim Peter

    Middle Blocker:

    Marcus Böhme, Noah Baxpöhler, Anton Brehme, Tobias Krick


    Simon Hirsch, Linus Weber


    Julian Zenger

    Lukas Kampa will join the team on Week 3. Great to see Tobi Krick back on the roster. He had to skip the whole club season because of back problems. I hope he can soon be back on his pre-injury level.

    Floris van Rekom (NED, OH) from Tours, and Jean-Phillipe Sol (FRA, MB) from Narbonne, to United Volleys Frankfurt.

    Adrian Aciobanitei (ROM, OH) leaves Friedrichshafen and joins Cannes.

    Anton Brehme (GER, MB) signed with SVG Lüneburg.

    Patrick Steuerwald (GER, S) ends his players career and joins the coaching staff of Friedrichshafen

    Apparantly, Germany played two friendly matches in Poland.

    First one was 3:0 for Poland (additional 4th set for germany) and the second one 3:2 in favor of the german team.

    Does anyone have stats or further information on these matches?



    POLSKA – NIEMCY 3:0 (25:14, 25:20, 25:16)

    Dodatkowy set: 28:30

    POLSKA: Drzyzga, Kubiak, Huber, Kaczmarek, Bednorz, Kochanowski oraz Wojtaszek (l), Konarski, Śliwka, Janusz, Bieniek, Fornal, Bołądź, Popiwczak (l). Trener: Heynen.

    NIEMCY: Kocian-Falkenhach, Schott, Böhme, Hirsch, Fromm, Brehme oraz Zenger (l), Weber, Zimmermann, Sossenheimer, Reihert, Baxpöhler Peter (l). Trener: Giani.

    Masahiro Yanagida (JAP, OH) and Toman Urban (SLO, L) to United Volleys Frankfurt

    Jerome Clere (OH, FRA) and Tommi Siirilä (FIN, MB) to Alpenvolleys Unterhaching

    Egor Bogachev (GER, OH, on loan from Berlin) and Niklas Seppänen (FIN, OH) to Powervolleys Düren

    Sergei Grankin officially stays in Berlin, plus they sign Cody Kessel and Julian Zenger. Egor Bogachev will go on loan to another team; Adam White, Kyle Russell, Nicolas Rossard, Dustin Watten and Linus Weber will leave, Sebastian Kühnert retires.

    If they also keep Patch this team is going to be really good. Great move for Cody too, eventough i have mixed feelings seeing him playing for another bundesliga club than Lüneburg....

    This probably means that Linus Weber will go to Giani's club in Italy. I have doubts that it is already the time for him for that kind of move but we'll see.