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    On the other side, it was the first time this season I finally had the chance to watch Dueren more closely. They have gathered a very good roster this season and yet, similarly to Berlin, they obviously underperform. If we look at their last two home games, 2-3 defeats after taking 2-0 leads against Herrsching and Berlin, respectively, we might see that their problems are also psychological and not that much technical. They are capable of playing very decent volleyball, demonstrated that also over the weekend, but the amount of defeats and lost points when they appeared to have been in charge of games is just ridiculous. Pity because they deserve a far better league position with this roster.

    While i agree on your overall assessment that Düren has a decent roster this year i don't agree with your last phrase. Imho they lack a bit of balance and are overly dependant on Gevert, who is strong and powerful as always but, unfortunately for Düren, can easily run out of steam nowadays. Kocian's fast sets are not always helping either, so i do think the reason they may give matches out of hands is probably more technical than psychological. And with the top6 teams being that balanced this year, the more stable and balanced teams imho have the advantage.

    But Düren still has chances to work up the ranks, for example with a win in Lüneburg on Wednesday. The Alpenvolleys on Saturday impressively showed how to do it: By simply serving Lüneburg off the court (17 aces)....:white:

    But anyway, from what i saw (set 4+5), the match against Berlin was very entertaining, including a lot of trash talking and emotions in the end. This would have been a very good tv match.

    I hope the match on Thursday will be tight too. If such a "victory from behind" doesn't help to boost Berlins confidence then probably nothing will ever help. But they have to play better, off course, even though Frankfurt's form has slightly dropped during last weeks.

    Which brings us to his choice of moving to the German capital. I agree that he is a good enough player to sign with almost any team but this is hardly possible in the middle of the year. Bigger teams have setters and plans for the season and the only opportunity to sign with a better team is if they are in crisis. To me, the only options were Lokomotiv Novosibirsk (the team is underperforming and Konstantinov had issues with Drzyzga), Belogorie (they only rely on Poroshin and Bagrey), Berlin/Resovia (obvious crisis and some money), or Halkbank (just like that, Halkbank is always an option for some top players). I guess Russian teams were not necessarily looking for new players, maybe even Belogorie didn't get in contact with Grankin this time, so Berlin is not a bad or even somewhat logical option for him. Time will show if it was a downgrade or not, but it is better for him to find motivation and even play in the Bundesliga than stay grumpy in Moscow.

    I agree with Yavor's asessment here.

    And i may add that even"off the court" Berlin could, for the moment, be a good choice for him. Remember, this is his first time playing abroad and there are many many russians/russian speaking people in Berlin, including almost every aspect of cultural and social life.

    Zimmermann's performance wasn't good. However, Grankin cannot play for CEV CL. He and Kühner need to improve their performance.

    It remains to be seen how motivated Zimmermann still is after he officially is the third setter now. He really played decent matches in VNL, so this development comes a bit surprising to me and imho he shouldn't be benched behind Kühner. Lets see how this will play out in future...

    By the way, interesting and surprising results today in Bundesliga. Frankfurt lost in Giesen, Herrsching won in Düren and Alpenvolleys barely survived in Bühl......

    Results and ranking: https://www.volleyball-bundesl…tabelle/1blm_normal.xhtml

    Game over. Pretty routine win for Friedrichshafen. Berlin played like a team which assembled last week and today had their first competitive match. In parts that even reflects reality.

    They should forget now about results in main round, integrate Grankin and prepare a squad for the playoffs. It can't get worse than 6th place after main round and to win the title, they have to beat anyone anyway.....

    I wonder if Grankin will play tonight. Kuhner is not looking bright for Berlin with all his high balls to his outside hitters.

    If these high balls would at least be somewhat accurate....:white:

    Enard has obviously seen enough and Grankin took over. But overall there are too many players underperforming at the moment, not sure whether Grankin can change much.

    The transfer of Grankin to Berlin surely adds a bit more exitement to todays match between Berlin and Friedrichshafen (19 CET). As Matthias pointed out in the rumors thread, he is enlisted on the vbl site and in theory, we could already see him playing.

    Berlin's performances so far have been pretty bad. Their key transfers either played bad/inconsistent (Zimmermann, Patch,Jendryk) or were constantly injured (Reichert). Probably only Tuia lived up to the expectations. So i am not sure whether Grankin can solve all their problems. Imho they will fail to win the league if they have to rely on, even by Bundesliga standards, mediocre players like Kühner, Adam White, Kyle Russell or Georg Klein. Overall, teams like Lüneburg, Alpenvolleys, Düren and Frankfurt have improved and showed that they can win against Berlin. So lets see what Grankin can do to the team.

    It will be interesting too, which setter they will throw overboard. The local hero Kühner or NT setter Zimmermann?

    Friedrichshafen, for their part, have their own bunch of problems. A new setter (Redwitz) and injuries (Steuerwald, Sossenheimer) have made them look far less dominant this season than what we were used to see from them last year.

    So personally i don't expect the highest tonight but it will surely become interesting.

    Sergei Grankin from Dynamo Moscow to Berlin Recycling Volleys


    Now that would be a move.....

    His contract in Moscow was obviously resolved but so far, nothing on this on german media,

    When in mood and shape, he has always been one of my favourite setters to watch. Once confirmed, i will check immediately if there are still tickets available for Berlin's gig in Lüneburg.

    Are there any known reasons why he is leaving Dinamo? Bad performances by Grankin and/or lack of money at Dinamo?

    I am late, but still: thanks for your answer.

    I assume there is still a big "grey zone" where either players or clubs decide that it is not "worth the fuss" to go via the courts.

    In Germany you basically have three different levels for volleyball coaches (A,B,C).


    Level for starters (120 teaching units). You have at least to be 16 years old and during courses you obtain the basic skills of planning a training and teaching specific volleyball skills. After the course you have to do a written and a practical exam. Over here (Hamburg), C-license is mandatory for coaches of 5th division. This may slightly differ from country to country (e.g. Bavaria, Saxonia etc.)


    Generally, it is getting more specific here (60 teaching units). This license is mandatory for coaches of "Regionalliga" and "3. Liga". Again a written and a practical exam are being held.


    This license (90 teaching units) is mandatory for 2nd and 1st division coaches. In order to do the course you have to show that you held the B-license for at least two years and coached on an approbiate level. Generally, you have to do C->B->A. Former high-level players can shorten the way and start directly with the A-license.


    Once you hold a specific license, you have to attend a certain amount of clinics, in order to maintain your license. If you don't, your license will expire.

    More infos you can find here (in german): http://www.volleyball-verband.…trainerportal/ausbildung/

    If you still have questions, just ask.....

    Hello Xavier and welcome to the forum!

    As you may not be able to talk about specifics of your cases, i will try to be more general with my questions. Each detail and saucy anecdote would still be welcomed though.....8)

    For the first:

    Based on your experiences, are there any leagues/countries which are more problematic than others, when it comes to issues with contracts/payments? Could you describe, in general terms, your most shocking/scandalous case?

    Thanks in advance.....:drink:

    The pools for the intercontinental tournament are officially confirmed:

    Pool A: Brazil, Egypt, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico

    Pool B: USA, Belgium, Netherlands, Korea

    Pool C: Italy, Serbia, Australia, Cameroon

    Pool D: Poland, France, Slovenia, Tunisia

    Pool E: Russia, Iran, Cuba, Mexico

    Pool F: Canada, Argentina, Finland, China

    CEV also released info on their continental tournament:

    "The last stage of the Olympic qualification process will then follow in January 2020 with the continental phase involving eight teams per gender, i.e. the seven best from the European Ranking released after EuroVolley 2019 and not yet qualified for Tokyo 2020 plus the eventual organisers of the respective tournaments."

    Who is this Douglas Duarte from Innsbruck? I've never heard about him before.

    According to Wikipedia, he left Brazil a while ago and, by volleyball standards, is already a long time now with the austrians. Don't think is too impressive as a player but being team captain probably shows that he is an established and important figure for the team off the court too.

    Also it's surreal to see a team led by Danilo Gelinski leading the German league. He's never been really any good here in Brazil before. Good for him I guess.

    He is truly getting a lot of praise at the moment by coach and media. Tbh i haven't seen them playing too often in last two years to make a proper judgement. Maybe he is a kind of late bloomer. Happens at times in volleyball, especially with setters......

    With todays victory over Friedrichshafen , Alpenvolleys Unterhaching/Innsbruck is now 8/8 in the league and they impressively confirmed their top spot in the ranking. After years of complete dominance of Berlin/Friedrichshafen the league finally looks more competitive and i really like it.

    Berlin and Friedrichshafen might have lost some strength but in the same way, teams like Alpenvolleys, Lüneburg, Frankfurt and Düren did a good job over the summer.

    No surprises in the german cup semis 8)

    Friedrichshafen vs Düren 3:1 (25:20, 22:25, 25:19, 25:22)


    Lüneburg vs. Berlin 3:2 (18:25, 22:25, 26:24, 25:19, 15:13) :super::dance4:



    Meanwhile, the 6th defeat in 7 matches for Berlin in Lüneburg/Hamburg. It was a great and emotional match which could have easily ended in 3 sets for Berlin. But Lüneburg resisted and waited for their chance which came late in the third. Tragic hero for Berlin was newly recruited libero Nicolas Rossard who overall had a decent match, but tragically shanked the last two receptions in the fifth set to end the match.

    Final will be played on 24th february in Mannheim.

    United Volleys Frankfurt are winning 3:0 in Berlin:white::super:

    They had a pretty decent week, while Berlin is grounded again and obviously still is work in progress. Credit to Moritz Karlitzek, who was bombarded big time from the service line but stood his ground and still was effictive on attack. If he can hold his form he will surely receive decent offers from other leagues for next season.