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    Berlin losing at home to Düren is the first surprise of the season. Berlin surely had to pay tribute to their short preparation time and to the injuries of Patch and Reichert but still a lot of credit to Düren. They have assembled a pretty decent and experienced squad which may be able to make a good run in this season. Very cool to see Sebastian Gevert back in the league....



    Also, will the continental championships earn any FIVB ranking point? As of now they don't.

    As of now, Fivb hasn't updated world ranking since July 2017. So I guess, they still don't know what to do exactly. Giving world ranking points for an invitational tournament like VNL sounds a bit shady to me, so i could see a reentry of continental championships. But as its the FIVB, it will most probably stay like this.

    A projection on the world ranking after WCH, compiled by our fellow user Brahmin, can be found on Volleymob site.

    Do you have a link for the game statistics / box scores ?

    Here you are: stats

    You have to navigate between rounds in the tabs on top or just select "Alle Spiele" if you want to see the full list.

    Yes. :thumbup:

    Additionally you can also check overall season's individual and team stats here. But so far, there are only last seasons stats available. Hope they will keep on with that service......

    I edited the entry post accordingly.


    Lüneburg started the season with their first ever victory over United Volleys. Now thats what i call a good start.:super:

    Before it ends up under "Other European Leagues", i decided, for the sake of tradition, to open a new thread for the new season. The party will start tomorrow.

    From a consumers perspective, we will have a major change, as the streaming service changed from sportdeutschland to Lets see how this will work out.

    Compared to other seasons i am rather unprepared this year. So for the moment you won't read very elaborated stuff from me. Some thoughts which came to my mind anyway:

    • Berlin, in every perspective, looks very strong this year. They are surely "the team to beat".
    • Not so sure about Friedrichshafen. I like Janouch as a setter but he has big shoes to fill. All other guys played very well last year and i am not sure, whether this is repeatable. Also Heynen might have difficulties to return from the big stage to daily bundesliga business. I wouldn't be surprised, if their road will be a bit more rocky this year.
    • I hope Lüneburg will do better than last year. Guys and coaching stuff are very ambitious and apart from the new setter (Schriemer, CAN), they will work with almost the same team, which could be an advantage, especially early in the season.
    • Herrsching is going to have a difficult year, after they lost all their key players, apart from Tille.
    • VCO Berlin probably won't be a punching bag this year. With Linus Weber and Anton Brehme two very highly rated talents will play there.

    Teams participating:

    Berlin Recycling Volleys (C)

    VfB Friedrichshafen

    United Volleys Frankfurt

    SWD Powervolleys Düren

    SVG Lüneburg

    Hypo Tirol Alpenvolleys Haching

    TV Rottenburg

    WWK Volleys Herrsching

    Volleyball Bisons Bühl

    Netzhoppers SOLWO Königspark KW

    VCO Berlin

    Helios Grizzlies Giesen (New)






    Live Ticker:

    Individual/Team stats:


    He can be very good if they know how to use him. And he has very good floor defense.

    I know, i have seen him playing for Lüneburg multiple times last season. A bit shaky and nervous at times, but no reason to ignore him completely.

    Btw, with Schriemer, Sclater, Szeto and Koslowsky, there will be 4 canadians playing in Lüneburg next season...

    It's not that the opposite plays so bad. I think Blankenau doesn't have confidence to go to position 1. I have seen him trying to do that and the connections weren't always there.

    He even didn't set him in front row?! Sclater is not a superstar but with a "normal" involvement of the opposite, imho canada should have had an easier life today.....


    If stats are correct Sclater had 5/5 in three sets and Vernon Evans 3/7 in two sets.....…eazione-di-julio-velasco/

    The two challenges which caused the uproar in yesterdays poland-argentina match.

    Still don't understand the "double-fault" on first challenge, while i do think that on second challenge, Conte touched the ball after the polish player. Whatever you think of Heynen's antics, this was great use of the challenge system by him once again. Still remember his legendary "nose challenge" in the bronce medal match against france four years ago....

    Poland without Kubiak are not quite the same.. hopefully he is fit to play the other matches.. At least they got a point from this game. Hopefully Argentina gives everyone a headache just make things more fun lol.

    Main problem for Poland today was the lack of contribution by their opposites. Both Kurek and Konarski underperformed.

    i didn't get why, on first challenge, the ball was replayed.

    On second challenge, i do think the argentinian player touched the ball after the polish one....

    What a weird match ;(

    Congrats argentina:super:

    what happened to this French team... they’re playing so well in the beginning of the match, but suddenly their level has dropped since the second half of set two.

    Serbia also made a come-from-behind victory twice during the match against Russia.

    We would not talk about "what happened" if just Rossard hadn't spiked out at match point. But whatever, french team just has to get more diverse again. if it comes down to an opposite battle, no way serbia can loose this. Atanasijevich clearly is in beast mode.....

    Oh france, what at terrible way to throw a set away......

    Not the first time i see serbia winning a set like this in this tournament. Of course, luck is involved, but they play till the end, knowing they can turn things around, even when they don't play perfect volleyball.

    Overall, 18 kill blocks for Brazil. It seems Brasil did their homework with regard to their blocking. On the other hand it is also bad risk management on the french side, a team usuallly famed for smart hitting and their defensive ability....

    A week before the WCH starts, let's discuss broadcasting and streaming in advance. How can we watch the matches online? As far as I read, the new FIVB TV will broadcast the matches. The question is - are there other options, e.g. Sportdeutschland, or will we have to pay FIVB for that?

    On TV, BNT should show some/a lot/I don't know how many matches, those of Bulgaria for sure. Which means that those on BNT might be available for streaming somewhere. What about the rest?

    Just heard that sportdeutschland will stream all matches of WCH.

    Right now, Germany is playing vs. Brazil:…-deutschland-vs-brasilien

    Tonight (Friday), 19 CET:

    Germany vs. Brazil

    Livestream: (german IP needed)

    Sunday, 9th September, 16 CET:

    Germany vs. Brazil


    The german team will take these matches quite seriously. They had weeks of preparation with the full squad, including Grozer and Kaliberda


    Not a good start for me in the "new" forum. Thought i was in the "friendly matches" thread. But i leave it here anyway....8)

    Quite a messy game, i have to say. Not the russians fault though....
    After two easy games, russian team will have to make a jump start tomorrow in order to beat a motivated France/Brasil. May not be that easy after you played two matches in a rather relaxed mode.

    Errm, yes? Bruno's serve was regular. Serbia choked and Bruno took advantage of their mess. He didn't disrespect the team in any moment whatsoever. If you're grasping at straws just to disprove my point and protect a player you like from criticism, perhaps you should try harder.

    Relax kids..... 8)

    As a player, i would have done exactly the same as bruno. If the ref signals your serve, you serve. i am not sure though, whether the ref handled this situation correctly. Imo, if a team is not ready to play you can not call the serve. A warning for delayance would have been approbiate.....