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    Who is this Douglas Duarte from Innsbruck? I've never heard about him before.

    According to Wikipedia, he left Brazil a while ago and, by volleyball standards, is already a long time now with the austrians. Don't think is too impressive as a player but being team captain probably shows that he is an established and important figure for the team off the court too.

    Also it's surreal to see a team led by Danilo Gelinski leading the German league. He's never been really any good here in Brazil before. Good for him I guess.

    He is truly getting a lot of praise at the moment by coach and media. Tbh i haven't seen them playing too often in last two years to make a proper judgement. Maybe he is a kind of late bloomer. Happens at times in volleyball, especially with setters......

    With todays victory over Friedrichshafen , Alpenvolleys Unterhaching/Innsbruck is now 8/8 in the league and they impressively confirmed their top spot in the ranking. After years of complete dominance of Berlin/Friedrichshafen the league finally looks more competitive and i really like it.

    Berlin and Friedrichshafen might have lost some strength but in the same way, teams like Alpenvolleys, Lüneburg, Frankfurt and Düren did a good job over the summer.

    No surprises in the german cup semis 8)

    Friedrichshafen vs Düren 3:1 (25:20, 22:25, 25:19, 25:22)


    Lüneburg vs. Berlin 3:2 (18:25, 22:25, 26:24, 25:19, 15:13) :super::dance4:



    Meanwhile, the 6th defeat in 7 matches for Berlin in Lüneburg/Hamburg. It was a great and emotional match which could have easily ended in 3 sets for Berlin. But Lüneburg resisted and waited for their chance which came late in the third. Tragic hero for Berlin was newly recruited libero Nicolas Rossard who overall had a decent match, but tragically shanked the last two receptions in the fifth set to end the match.

    Final will be played on 24th february in Mannheim.

    United Volleys Frankfurt are winning 3:0 in Berlin:white::super:

    They had a pretty decent week, while Berlin is grounded again and obviously still is work in progress. Credit to Moritz Karlitzek, who was bombarded big time from the service line but stood his ground and still was effictive on attack. If he can hold his form he will surely receive decent offers from other leagues for next season.


    So it really looks like Laola is out of CL business. We will have Eurovolley TV instead.

    It is going to be 7,99 Euro/30 days "only" for CL. I wonder why CEV cup isn't included?! While thats probably the way it has to go, coming up with such a major change only a couple of days before the competition starts doesn't seem to be overly professional. Anyway, i will think about subscribing but rather wait for experience reports coming in. Will miss Laola for sure.......

    i could only watch the first two sets, which were a bit wild and not of very high level. So thanks to Yavor for your observations...

    I will confess this was the first longer period in which I watch Kyle Russell. I will need more time to make some impression about his game, he was fine tonight. He is very athletic, though, and I think he should be able to reach higher given that athleticism. But I may get the chance to watch Russell more as Patch again had to taken out.

    Russell can be spectacular when he is on a run. Imo he lacks of technique and ball control, which makes him a bit of a black and white player on which, at least last year, Berlin couldn't always rely to 100%. As far as i can judge, Patch in this regard is a bit similar to him, so we will see how this will turn out for Berlin. In their place i would have made a bit for Jochen Schöps :teach:

    yestrdays stats:

    From the woman's thread

    According to polish federation it is decided that to the new rankings following tournaments will be counted: World Cup 2015, Olympic Games 2016, World Grand Prix 2017 and WCH 2018.

    In the men's ranking it will be World League 2017.

    So no VNL but World Grand Prix and World League 2017, where the number of teams was higher.

    Without doing all the math, imo it is still safe to say that, under these rules, Germany would fall out of Top24. Who would have thought that opting out of World League in 2015 would still have an impact today.:wavy:

    So lets see then, what kind of tournament CEV will organise......

    Congrats to Frankfurt and Chaumont for advancing to pool stage. :thumbup:

    Paok was very weak today. They lacked of almost everything, from organization to individual class. Djuric played a bit better than in the first match, but there was no way he could lift his team to a win.

    Three teams in CL is a nice achievement for Bundesliga but I dont think Frankfurt can have much of an impact in their group. They have a decent first 7 but there is a lack of individual class behind. Maybe they can sneek a point or a home win here or there but the fight for place 2 will probebly between Halkbank and Roeselare. For players like Karlitzek, Kocian, Henning and Zenger this will of course be a good experience which should help them grow.

    It also may help the club to attract new attention.. So far, they are still dependant on one investor and if they can't add new financial sources soon, their story could have an early end.

    Stumbled on this:

    "La grande pallavolo europea sbarca su DAZN. Per le prossime due stagioni, infatti, la piattaforma di streaming trasmetterà in esclusiva, in diretta e on demand, la CEV Volleyball Champions League maschile e femminile. ..... "


    Does that mean Laola is out, or will this be limited to the italian market only? Haven't found any helpful infos on CEV, Laola or DAZN yet...

    Have heard from people in Poland and Australia that VNL will not award points in the next FIVB rankings. In my mind, it is wrong to not do that as it is the biggest tournament every year. If they do not use VNL, I would hope that they bring back continental championship points.

    I see your point but how to explain this to nations like Belgium and Slovenia which, by pretty randomly standards, were stripped of their chance to participate in this competition to which they qualified by "the old" rules?!

    So right now it appears that Olympics, World Championships and World Cup would be the only points given at the beginning of 2019.

    I sincerly hope this won't happen. Germany would fall out of "top24".......:whistle:

    Just for the sake of comparison, Bulgaria's schedule doesn't look much more appealing. Argentina -> China -> Bulgaria -> Brazil -> Bulgaria. I can already predict that the B team will be flying to Brazil in the 4th week during the summer :)

    I haven't checked other teams schedules but Bulgarias' surely does look ambitious too.

    But whatever, we should all be happy to participate in the greatest tournament of all times under the guidance of the most wonderful federation and her dear leader, grab some ranking points and maybe money and for the rest, just stfu.....

    There is one thing I disagree with. If you say these are the ugliest jerseys you've ever seen, then you are clearly unaware of Herrsching's jerseys for a few years now in the German Bundesliga. Check them out. There is NOTHING that beats them in this anticategory :)


    I do agree, while i wonder a bit about your harsh statement. Not assimilated enougfh yet?;)

    Actually Herrsching has new, less thrashy, kits for this year but we are getting:offtopic:


    This time, unlike the 2018 edition, all teams will have to travel to other continents during the preliminary stage. Some more, some less, of course.

    For the german team that means travelling Germany -> China -> North America -> Europe -> South America -> Europe within 30 days. I guess its no hyperbole to say that they will spend more time in planes and waiting rooms than on the volleyball court....:white:

    How good is this Frankfurt team? Their manhandling of Soligorsk strikes out as impressive purely by looking at the numbers at least.

    In the last two years they had been, more or less unchallenged, the runner up behind Friedrichshafen and Berlin. So with all due respect, they should be expected to beat the belorussian and austrian champion. Zenger (L), Karlitzek (OH), Krick (MB), Kocian (S) are NT players, or at least spent time with the team during summer. Steuerwald (S, injured) and Schwarz (OH) and van Berkel (MB) are players who can add experience to the rather young team.

    So how good are they? Hard to say for me. Setter and opposite are new to the team, so it may depend on how this axis does work. Personally, i have no clue about the new opposite Mrdak but his numbers so far look decent. But as i said, not reaching next round imho would be a massive disappointment.....

    Berlin losing at home to Düren is the first surprise of the season. Berlin surely had to pay tribute to their short preparation time and to the injuries of Patch and Reichert but still a lot of credit to Düren. They have assembled a pretty decent and experienced squad which may be able to make a good run in this season. Very cool to see Sebastian Gevert back in the league....



    Also, will the continental championships earn any FIVB ranking point? As of now they don't.

    As of now, Fivb hasn't updated world ranking since July 2017. So I guess, they still don't know what to do exactly. Giving world ranking points for an invitational tournament like VNL sounds a bit shady to me, so i could see a reentry of continental championships. But as its the FIVB, it will most probably stay like this.

    A projection on the world ranking after WCH, compiled by our fellow user Brahmin, can be found on Volleymob site.

    Do you have a link for the game statistics / box scores ?

    Here you are: stats

    You have to navigate between rounds in the tabs on top or just select "Alle Spiele" if you want to see the full list.

    Yes. :thumbup:

    Additionally you can also check overall season's individual and team stats here. But so far, there are only last seasons stats available. Hope they will keep on with that service......

    I edited the entry post accordingly.


    Lüneburg started the season with their first ever victory over United Volleys. Now thats what i call a good start.:super:

    Before it ends up under "Other European Leagues", i decided, for the sake of tradition, to open a new thread for the new season. The party will start tomorrow.

    From a consumers perspective, we will have a major change, as the streaming service changed from sportdeutschland to Lets see how this will work out.

    Compared to other seasons i am rather unprepared this year. So for the moment you won't read very elaborated stuff from me. Some thoughts which came to my mind anyway:

    • Berlin, in every perspective, looks very strong this year. They are surely "the team to beat".
    • Not so sure about Friedrichshafen. I like Janouch as a setter but he has big shoes to fill. All other guys played very well last year and i am not sure, whether this is repeatable. Also Heynen might have difficulties to return from the big stage to daily bundesliga business. I wouldn't be surprised, if their road will be a bit more rocky this year.
    • I hope Lüneburg will do better than last year. Guys and coaching stuff are very ambitious and apart from the new setter (Schriemer, CAN), they will work with almost the same team, which could be an advantage, especially early in the season.
    • Herrsching is going to have a difficult year, after they lost all their key players, apart from Tille.
    • VCO Berlin probably won't be a punching bag this year. With Linus Weber and Anton Brehme two very highly rated talents will play there.