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    OK, nice topic...
    I started watching volleyball in the late 80s. The team of HSV played just around the corner of my place. These were glory days for Hamburg volleyball. The team dominated the league and won several national trophies. They played european league as well and i remember a match against the mighty panini modena in front of a 4000, enthusiastic crowd. As far as i remember, they lost that match by 2:3. There were great players like Braak, Voss and Mackerodt and I learned a lot for my own play by simply watching them.

    In the beginning of the 90s the volleyball section was kicked out of HSV and an endless struggle for money began. They tried as VC Hamburg, 1. VC Hamburg, SC Norderstedt, but all the clubs went bankrupt and since then no men´s volleyball team could establish in the first division.

    I concentrated then more on playing and coaching myself, but now with the internet becoming more and more popular i can watch great players like Zagumny, Grbic and Ball :cheesy:

    Welcome, Tim! I spent three years in Bremen (which you might not enjoy that much), so I am glad to say hello to someone from Hamburg :) A marvelous city without strong volleyball teams, unfortunately.

    Hello Yavor. I have no problems with Bremen. I will probably go there in june for the world league match against Bulgaria. The autobahn towards Bremen is said to be very nice :D .
    You are right with the sad level of professional volleyball here. Maybe Aurubis will do better next year. They really should, as their budget isn´t that bad by german standards.

    well, dresden-suhl was really fun to watch. a very emotional game. For the final i hope for a little bit more quality. After watching al lot of championsleague matches i really wonder, whether one of the teams could compete there? Does either Schwerin or Dresden want to play there at all?