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    About Bełcik. I don't know what she was thinking, but she isn't good player and I really don't like this style of game. Definitely I think that Makowski knew that she can't play fast volleyball and her setting is so slow and high. That's not style, which we should play. Bełcik is kind of setter, which should be born in Russia. Very good setting (even now Russian setters can't do this precisely) on left and right side, which would be ideal for Goncharova, Gamova, Kosheleva etc. additionally she is tall setter... so ideal for Russian NT! Atom won Championship with her, because her settting to Rourke was calm, precisely and ideal for player like Rourke is. That's why they won. With Skowrońska-Dolata it won't work, because Kasia is kind of opposite, which is great player from faster balls, not like high balls. That's why she isn't good setter for the leader, which it looks will be Kasia.

    About her character... she is really cool person, which is very sympathetic (I never heard any bad words from nobody about her character) and I think her personality isn't a problem... the problem is her skills, which are useless for this team.

    I would like to see Skorupa in the team, but yes, she is liar also. But here the reason is other. Problem for her is Milena Radecka. If won't be Radecka in the team, she will come back. They don't like each other. Similar situation is with Radecka. She won't go, if coach will decide to take Skorupa on first. Last time, when they were together it was in WGP 2010 and was definitely too much quareels in the team and maybe that's why form of Skorupa in this time was bad, because of atmosphere and for Matlak she with Skowrońska-Dolata (they are friends) in bad group, which made too much problems to create team spirit (he had to make a choice, because Radecka with Werblińska in opposite of them... played definitely better, that's why Skowrońska and Skorupa were out). Of course CUMSHOT is right about this.

    About Werblińska. She just choices the best competitions for her. She was first time seriously in Senior NT on Marco Bonitta times, where our NT was very strong, we had big chance to win something, and she believed in Bonitta's vision after a lot of years of quareels with Polish Federation (and of course it's true, what CUMSHOT wrote). And the best thing is that she wanted to go for Olympic Games, that's why she joined the team in 2008. Then WGP and quareels with Bonitta, but finally she stayed and after his time was time of Matlak. In 2009, yes, she played normally, because she was some kind of leader and then capitain (but she had quareels with inter alia Świeniewicz and it was one of reason that Dorota played really bad in 2009 and she finished her NT career). She wanted to play in European Championships next to polish audience and wins something. She did it (look that Skowrońska-Dolata wasn't in the team). Great! Then in 2010 she saw that she will have big rivalry, started to make quareels again (in this moment with Skowrońska-Dolata about #1 in NT, which she stolen from KSD) and then was too much quareels inside team and after WGP she psychically won again, in this time with Skowrońska-Dolata and Skorupa group and by Matlak's hands they were out. She had World Championships, that's why she choiced to play all NT season. Then they fired Matlak and Świderek came. Then she showed that she doesn't want to play, because is no important championships and she would play next to weak players (without Glinka, Skowrońska, Skorupa, Gajgał, Bednarek etc.), and she had pussy coach, that's why in 2011 she didn't play. In 2012 of course she had to play, because was Olympic's year and we had very important qualification tournament, that's why she decided to play. Then after lose Olympic Ticket, she said...sorry I'm injuried again and I can do nothing (yes, yes.. and you can cut my hand, because I can't believe she wouldn't play on Olympics also). Coincidence? I don't think so. This same situation is in this year. Coach just changed, she had good vacations, she won't play in "useless" WGP (yupii! next month without travels!) and now what? Oh my god she returns for European Championships! Great, lovely story, how's miracle that Mrs. Werblińska returned after injury, especially for polish fans. That's why for me is liar and very lazy person. She is with no ambitious. She had in her career a lot of great offers from foreign clubs to play on highest level, improve her game, skills etc... but she didn't choice it... because? Because she is fuckin' lazy. She prefers to play in Poland that everyone will pay her a lot of money just for the name and image, in Poland she can play for 50%, because nobody will say anything, because still she is the best (next to level of Orlen Liga, which is quite bad to compare with Azerbaijan, Turkey or Russia) and year by year for me she is weaker player, because she just focus on thining how great she is and not on improve her skills or go somewhere, where she could learn something from other volleyball school and improve her skills.

    About this, what people write in newspapers, tv, internet etc... hmm media are the biggest liars ever, so... I prefer don't focus on this, what people write because is no point of this.

    That's my opinion in this subject.

    I hope that she'll be ready :roll: last years she had probalems with injuries :S

    Werblińska is ready to play now. I don't believe in her injuries, because for me she is a liar. She just plays on competitions, which she choices to play and I don't like attitude like this.

    Better to put Binet on OH and Jeoselyna on OPP :)

    About middle blockers... i think Kwiek wanted to try Fersola on Yeltsin Cup and she definitelly pass this exam. She isn't worry about anything and she just focus on killing the ball. About Arias... her potential is awesome, but her problem is reaction, especially in block, because sometimes she is definitelly lost. I think he will try to play with Vargas and Arias in first weekend of World Grand Prix.

    Iza played awesome season in Trefl Sopot in season 09/10 in A2, when team played for advance to A1. She was very stable and had great digs (her reception wasn't bad, but her digs made big wow). Then she didn't play too much and i think this destroyed her and her self-confidence on the court. I hope that maybe in Germany she will improve, because she was very talented, but now she is a bit lost.

    Wańczyk is OH/OPP and Nowakowska is OH too, but she played on libero, because of injury of other liberos.

    Every season is this same system of schedule in OL, so you can create schedule after last match in previous season :) of course the only one thing, which is mystery are dates of matchdays :)

    I'm leaving this place on my own as of now

    Don't need to spend my valuable time sharing the same space with fools like bartol

    Thank you.

    Quote from Dominicanito

    It's a shame that you call yourself Dominican

    Keep liking ass to get attention here.

    I don't have to liking ass to nobody and I didn't, don't and I won't do this to nobody. I didn't say that I call myself like Dominican. I said I feel a bit like this and it doesn't mean that I call myself like Dominican, because I'm not and I'm proud of be Polish :) Keep my fingers crossed for DR NT and not for Polish NT doesn't mean that I call myself like Dominican.

    Rest in peace Dominicanito.

    + To don't make off topic in this post I want to write that congrats for Russian girls of win this match today. I think they should easy win Universiade in Kazan (this same like Serbia 4 years ago).

    Well Dominicanito....

    In 2011 it was Poland I (go by your thought about DR NT, which is A+B, but you said is C) without Skowrońska, Glinka, Gajgał, Bednarek, Skorupa, Zenik, Werblińska, Kaczor, so where is the point of you aggressive?

    Please people just ignore him, because he is nobody to focus attention on him :)

    But I think somebody should ban him, because his posts are aggressive and isn't good for this forum. Additionally you just destroy positive mood on DR NT, which I created here. So EDITED and go to your voleidominicano forum, where players hate this place (I mean DR NT players) :)

    + Congrats to Dominican girls for this win against Cuba. I think that Cuba lost this match, because of them mistake especially in attack. But it's nature of Cuban NT, if they make too much mistakes = they lose

    It's tough to say who will be out, because all except Erasma, Marifranchi and Celenia are good players and ready for be in 12 :)

    So you own the truth?

    Why don't you ban me, if you can or report me to someone?

    I know you're not happy because we defeated Poland, so you are a liar!

    Truth is just one... you have nice vision if it was DR NT C... so DR NT A looks: Castillo, Castillo, De La Cruz, De la Cruz, Rivera, Rivera?

    How do you know? maybe i reported you to sb? Unfortunately I don't have admin here. You write a lot of bullshit and you attack everybody just calm down.

    I'm not liar, because I kept my fingers crossed for DR NT in this match and you know a shit about me :)

    Dominican Republic C team defeated Poland 3x0

    Is it a surprise?

    Our Junior team can defeat Poland

    Dominican Republic A + B defeated Poland B + C 3:0. Don't change the truth. I think somebody should ban you.

    I'm happy of win DR NT today :) They played good, but Poland disappointed me today, because against Italy they played awesome, but against DR played really bad without fight. Poland and DR NT on this tournaments are really unstable. But of course I'm happy Dominican Republic is in semifinal, but I guess against Russia isn't possible to win.

    I'll turn off polish comment in Orange Sport, because they say a lot of bullshits about Dominican Republic National Team and I don't want to hear it...

    Who is next to Bała?

    Niverka Marte is daughter of Cristobal Marte... interesting... (this second guy said this and i got big :aww: )

    i watched the RD x italy match. so frustrating, not just the bad passing but even on free balls, some bad setting to the outside. i see however that the connection between marte and vargas is improving and she is getting more sets in the middle. not so much with arias, but she seems to be a better blocker than attacker. RD needs good MB (in addition to passing and setting) to improve its game. hopefully eve can come back from her injury.

    Well... Candida has very very very strong attack, but yesterday she was very useless and she didn't showed her potential on block and attack, that's why she was changed by Annerys. For me Candida can be second Foluke, but she is so crazy and think about the other things on the court, not just of this what she should do... so the one thing, what she needs to get more experience, because she has huge potential in attack (she can kill everybody) and her block is really impressive too, but she needs to be better block reader, but it always come with age.

    About Marte. She tries to play very fast volleyball and uses middle blocker whenever she can. If she has good reception she can set very fast balls wherever, but first she tries to use her MB, because they are strong. Annerys was really without form on Montreux, but her form improving, because she didn't touch the ball by all season 2012/2013 after Olympic Games so she needed a time. In Pan American Cup was better. She added serve with jump and her attack is stronger and day by day should be better and on World Grand Prix and NORCECA Championships she will show the best form I guess but now Annerys is in solid form, but still she is better blocker than attacker for me. To compare Marte with Karla, Nive uses middle blockers 10x times more than Karla and her settings are definitelly faster and I like it better. I think Karla was double change would be good with Gina, because if the team would have troubles, her high sets may give more calm to the team, but for me she can't be first setter, because team in this time expect Russia can't play from high balls by all the match. Don't worry about DR middle blocker. They have big potential on this position. They have Vargas (which showed in past years that can be good blocker and attacker), Fersola (which improve day by day), Arias (with big potential) and Eve (is big tallent, but she has a lot of injury and i hope she won't be second Anna Podolec, because last year wasn't so good for her).

    Thanks, I watched the game and later looking on the stats I was sure that wasn't Burgos :) Last time when I saw Marifranchi was in 2009 in Grand Prix, but she was mediocre MB, all in team are better than her. I agree also with connection S-OPP, it was visible today in few actions when Nunez got balls from Marte she spiked better.

    Well... Marifranchi played two or three years in USA in NCAA league (I don't remember exactly), that's why she missed a lot in DR NT, because if you study in USA it's impossible to be in DR NT. Unfortunately she didn't make a progress there and I think she is over player.