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    Small update on season 2013/2014 based on recent Bartek's update and some work on extenting coach lists
    Changes in comparison with database VM_dbase_2013-14-v1
    - about 150 players changed their clubs
    - end of career of about 50 players (most of them become coaches)
    - circa 50 new players
    -circa 400 real coaches

    Unpack this to folder Data of VM 2013

    I would like to know which new options and improvements our foreign players want to see in next versions of our game.
    You probably know game author is not a professional game maker so one thing is what we want and second what we can rationally expect from him but you can let your imagination run away with you a little :wink: Maybe you would like to see something known from Championship Manager series or other management simulation games? Let us know in this topic or below my post !!!

    We publish new edition of our modest game version 1.37 for season 2013/2014:

    What's new in VM 2013?

    Link to download:

    Copy this adress and paste in a IE/Moziila adress windows

    We work on new version which will include major changes but it will take some time so don't ask about realease date.
    New features are: trainer & assistant module, improved scouting & sponsorship, optimized database structure, added Czech language (thx to Repick), developed XML database editing (player contract lengths, competition history, trainers etc.), fixed some reported bugs. Should you have any questions, please write in this topic.
    Once more it will take some time so do not ask about release date especially on our official forum. I wrote it only because to inform people that VM Team still exists.

    Article from polish biggest newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza written by Rafał Stec
    It tell us what many people think about Skra's achievements in Europe and they are right

    Well I know from well informed russian source that Dante earned only about 400-500 k $ in Dinamo Moscow not more than 1 milllion. Even Cleyton Stanley and Lloy Ball earned 750.000 and 1 milion $ per year during season 2007/2008 when they won CL. I mean $ because in Russia they pay in dollars not in euros. Russian players earn more because native players always earn more especiall with this limit. In mean time there was a financial crisis when clubs budgets drop about 10 to 15 % so rather no extra money was avalaible.
    I must remind you that some years ago Dante was closed to AZS Olsztyn and that was a matter of about 50.000 dollars to join that team. And Olsztyn was a recheast club in Poland but wages in Poland were much lower than now when best polish players earn more than 250.000 euro per year which means about 350.000 dollars.
    So no offence but most of you overrate wages in Russia a lot.


    For our modest game Volleyball Manager about which some of you may hear we need to rate coaches of clubs and national teams also unemployed coaches and what is the hardest task their assistants. For the time being we need information about
    -date of birth (at least a year if it is hard to find)
    -managed club/national team
    -general skill so we rate them from 1 to 20

    We do not need an information about Plusliga's coaches and russian Superligue's coaches. From Poland only 1 liga and lower divisions especially lower divisions.
    What is more important we do not need spam so or you have concrete information or you do not write a post. The more concrete information you have and league is less popular the more your help will be useful.

    Everybody is welcome to help but please be rational and write only about coaches you know

    Of course we talk about male competitions. But we are interested in female coaches that can work or worked with male teams like Alojzy Swiderek Hugh McCutcheon or Marco Bonitta.
    We do not plann female Volleyball Manager

    Oh, come on... It is in 3 years. Are you clairvoyant? This F8 doesn't mean that WCH in Poland will be the same...

    If in such not important competitions polish referees on the line make such "mistakes" for little points in ranking and FIVB gives Poland a "group of death" I think Poland exceed the level of Italian World Cjhampionships. Remember my words


    Think Skra 2 bought place in final

    JW showed nothing in FF

    In CEV polish team played good but there was no russian team for example
    and only very good team was Sisley which defeated polish team quite

    ..Did we watch the same match in Kedzierzyn Kozle won 4-1 without any problem?

    so the level of the volley is weak but the Polish clubs almost every year they play in a tournament final Champions League CEV Cup, teams ever in the European Championships, World Cup, Olympic Games ? and at such tournaments is not the wild card.

    Think Skra 2 bought place in final
    JW showed nothing in FF
    In CEV polish team played good but there was no russian team for example and only very good team was Sisley which defeated polish team quite easy

    I'm also affraid this F8 is only preludium for polish World Championships in 2014. I want to have clear championship not replace of 2010 or I am affraid even bigger swidel

    Do you think this is still volleyball?
    So you do not know what sense of sport mean