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    I haven't seen the whole match because I was extremely tired so I only watched three sets, but really? People thought that Italy lost the set on purpose?Well you haven't seen many Italy or Macerata games I guess, they tend to get nervous and lose sets like this all the time, which is I think the main reason why Macerata didn't win anything this year... (but maybe I'm biased because I can't stand like, half the players in my nt, so yeah.)

    anyway, I won't ever understand Weber's choices... I've never liked Pereyra, at all, and when I saw that this year he was playing as OH I thought Weber wanted to test him during the qualification round since they were already qualified but sadly I was wrong :lol: poor Quiroga, he can't do everything by himself.
    But I'm glad I've got to see Uriarte playing in this match, he definitely did a good job! I'm looking forward to see him play in Poland next year. :)

    I think anyway that this team is lacking of the attitudine they had back in 2011, which is one of the main reason I started to support them - even thought they hadn't stronger players than the other teams they always seemed to fight and enjoy the matches... this is what they're mainly missing right now, and I don't know what happened.. I guess they definitely need a new coach (maybe one that won't let Pereyra play at all :lol: )

    Even De Cecco was terrible when he started lol, I remember how much I insulted him during Wch 2006 :lol: . Setters grow at a different rate than other players IMO, need experience, going so early to Italy was a mistake.

    yeah, totally. I think he did a good season the year before in A2 so Roma took him but it wasn't a great idea to make him start the matches because he definitely didn't have enough experience to play in a1. I think people forgot how young he was.

    Actually he was terrible in Roma, lack of experience, foreign country etc.

    you have no idea of what people wrote about him back then though, like he was Satan or something :lol: (I mean, on the facebook page of mRoma) I had the feeling that he could do so much better and, as I said, he lacked of confidence. Going back to Argentina was the right choice, I guess.
    I never said he was the best stter in the world but, believe me, Roma fans were all saying that he was the reason we were doing so bad, but the team sucked - except for Zaytsev who was the only reason we didn't go to A2 lol - and after they left most players did better (i.e., Yosifov), so I guess it was also a matter of lack of team spirit or something.

    I thought that with Argentina being already qualified and all they wouldn't have won a single match in the first part of the wl, but I guess I was wrong and I'm happy :cup: I only saw the first set because it was really late and I was tired but I noticed they definitely were in good shape :) (I'm still confused by Pereyra changing role, btw, but I'm happy Ivan gets to play more this way!)


    Also, for some reason Uriarte started and played most of the match instead of De Cecco and did it really well.

    I think, since they're already qualified for the final phase, Weber wants to try all his players.
    When Uriarte played here in Rome everyone said that he was terrible HAHAH, sure. I've always thought he only needed to gain some confidence and I guess that these couple of years back in Argentina helped him.

    (Hi, I haven't written here for a year or so :wavy: )

    congratulations to Piacenza! really good and determinate game...just one thing anyway...

    don't you think that Trento just gave up playing right from the beginning, it seems so strange to me that 4 days ago they played so well and today they couldn't even pass the ball on the other side of the net! Piacenza had great merits of course because they had to win to reach the last game, but Trento didn't fight at all..they didn't even try to do something! I don't know, but I think they've done it a bit on purpose in order to play the last game at home, win it and celebrate the League in their hall with all the fans...and of course make them ay another ticket, maybe it is also an economic reason...the club would earn a lot!

    I had the same feeling, especially now that italian volleyball is going through such an hard period, economically speaking, and lots of team are disappearing :(
    although now that Rapha is injuried I'm not sure they're going to win so easily...

    What about Fei?

    well I think that finally Berruto wants to make younger people play...

    I read people shocked that Mastrangelo wasn't there... well after what happened with Cuneo is not that weird since he hasn't played for months now (he's now busy making a career on television I suppose)


    I would be happy to see Ivan as a starting OPP. But Pereyra as OH? Hmmm.

    yeah I'll be so happy for Ivan.
    Pereyra as OH was a big surprise for me. At first I didn't see his name among the OPP so I thought that finally Weber stopped calling him, then I checked again and I was really suprised.. mmmh


    De Pandis again out of NT. I started hating Berruto.

    Poor Pandino! such a beautiful season and he's again out of NT.

    I'm glad he hasn't called Bari though. Rossini did great this season and so did Giovi. We have too many good liberos, I wish we had the same problem with setters :lol:


    They don't need him, some pleayers were against this idea. Moreover this season he's shadow of himself from last season.

    still better than Savani imho...
    anyway I hate the fact that some players made such negative comments about this idea, saying stuff like "he can't be in this nt because he's not italian", while in the women nt nobody ever made any mean comment about Aguero...

    here goes the official list for WL:

    S: Dragan Travica (1986. Lube Banca Marche Macerata), Michele Baranowicz (1989. Casa Modena), Marco Falaschi (1987. Bcc-Nep Castellana Grotte), Davide Saitta (1987. Exprivia Molfetta);
    MB: Emanuele Birarelli (1981. Vice capitano. Itas Diatec Trentino), Enrico Cester (1988. Bcc-Nep Castellana Grotte), Giorgio De Togni (1985. Altotevere San Giustino), Thomas Beretta (1990. Vero Volley Monza), Matteo Piano (1990. Gherardi SVI Città di Castello), Daniele Mazzone (1992. Globo Banca Popolare Del Frusinate Sora);
    OH: Cristian Savani (1982. Capitano. Lube Banca Marche Macerata), Ivan Zaytsev (1988. Lube Banca Marche Macerata), Simone Parodi (1986. Lube Banca Marche Macerata), Jiri Kovar (1989. Lube Banca Marche Macerata), Gabriele Maruotti (1988. Copra Elior Piacenza), Filippo Lanza (1991. Itas Diatec Trentino), Michele Fedrizzi (1991. Marmi Lanza Verona), Ludovico Dolfo (1989. Bcc-Nep Castellana Grotte);
    OPP: Luca Vettori (1991. Copra Elior Piacenza), Giulio Sabbi (1989. Bcc-Nep Castellana Grotte);
    L: Andrea Giovi (1983. Sir Safety Perugia), Salvatore Rossini (1986. Andreoli Latina).

    LOL yeah I'm really really curious to see how they'll play with this team.
    I know that De Cecco is De Cecco, but Uriarte is talented too and after I watched him play in Roma for a year I'm always really happy when he gets to play!
    Castellani, well. I think I've already said enough about the Pereyra-Castellani thing haha.
    Also, the libero: I don't really understand why Gonzalez is the 1st. I saw Lopez playing some times in WL last year and he wasn't that bad, I mean compared to Gonzalez probably even me would be better (I like him a lot, yeah), but I've never seen Santucci, though I know he played great this year at Boca so I hope I'll get to see him play now.
    For you who would be the ones that should be starters? :lol:

    I'm really missing a lot since I moved to Germany last week so I'm not really watching anything and I hope I'll be able to see something at least this weekend :/

    Luckily Weber took out Pereyra after that awful first set...
    they're not playing at their best but at least the 2nd set was a decent one, the first one was terrible.

    I arrived in Frankfurt a couple of hours ago, will give you some updates from the tournament in the next days ;)

    lucky you :) have fun there :)

    ...funny thing, btw, I'm moving to Germany in a couple of weeks, I wish I went there earlier so maybe I could have been in Frankfurt these days.


    aaaaggghhhh I'm so hyped, I want this to start now. Today is national holiday in Argentina so I can watch the match, I'm eager to see if the team has finally matured or not

    me too!

    After they reached the final in the qualification tournament sure thing Germany will feel stronger...Bulgaria is looking for revenge, that's for sure.
    I'm really looking forward for these matches, they will be really interesting :)

    Argentina's roster:

    setters: Luciano De Cecco, Nicolás Uriarte
    Opps: Federico Pereyra, Iván Castellani
    MBs: Pablo Crer, Sebastián Solé, Gabriel Arroyo & Martín Blanco Costa
    OHs: Rodrigo Quiroga, Facundo Conte, Cristian Poglajen, Nicolás Bruno
    Líberos: Alexis González, Franco López

    the Portugal one: (found here )

    Marco FERREIRA
    Alexandre FERREIRA
    Ivo CASAS
    Tiago VIOLAS
    Filipe PINTO
    Carlos FIDALGO
    Valdir SEQUEIRA
    Rui SANTOS
    André LOPES
    João COELHO
    Nuno PEREIRA
    Farina, Urnaut and Kalimberda at Vibo Valentia

    also, Rossini comes back to Latina
    and Semenzato goes to Perugia.

    it's crazy how the transfer news here in Italy are always about the same teams. I don't know what will happen to Roma for example, Bencz already left for France, and well, you all know about Zaytsev, will see what the others will do, I think even the players don't know if the team is going to exist or not, like the Belluno, Monza and S.Giustino players who are already going somewhere else.

    Btw, about Osmany: if he was leaving, because I guess Trento didn't have the money Kazan offered him, but for some reason they found the money now? It seemed like they had some problems because they lost one of their sponsor, so I was wondering where the hell did they find all of a sudden the money to pay Osmany?
    At least this whole story IS OVER :lol: (even though we thought it was over in March, LOL)

    congrats to Poland :) I know how good it feels hehe, great memories from the World Cup :lol: obviously I was wondering when I was watching Italy-Korea how can almost the same team beat Brazil and suffer this much against KOREA. I know it's not the same tournament or anything but, c'moooon, last year they beat them with no problems! I was ashamed of my team tbh :/
    I probably won't watch tonight as I prefer to watch football Champions League final then another terrible match by Italy... I know I'm a bad fan :lol: