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    wouldn't Fu-Kazan be first match of the day?

    B/c FU is quite possibly the only team in the world that does not want to take advantage of playing the first match! (Same thing last year too...)

    On another topic, is there any info regarding tickets yet?

    what? Are you sure? This is weird, I dont think Zé would take Paulo Coco out......are you sure he will be the assistent coach, maybe is more like he doing a stage with Brazil NT.... ;)

    I think it is more that he will be in Brazil to work with Ze and his team there. I don't think he will be a full time assistant or anything like that.

    Hey guys I am not gonna open a thread about it,just wanna say that even it is written on wikipedia it does not mean that you have to wite it on her transfer list.
    News has to be like this...Without any own commentaries. For me is not important what Sheila and Mari do out of court! But there are people who write about it thousand times. And believe me very person feels discomfort when his own life is discussed instead of his career or smth like that.
    Till this time I have not known about Erika that fact,but now I know it and can say that feel very bad for it!
    P. S Kadir,it is written in every news. And believe me not only me don`t like it,many of your friend sdon`t like that! This is my last post about it.

    You're the one who brings it up here and then say that you don't want to open a thread... Bring up Sheila and Mari when it is totally unnecessary. You're right it is not comfortable for this to be discussed so YOU should not have brought it up here in the first place!

    Why Rasna did not play this game against Ankaragucu?? Seda was the best (17 pts, 80% recption positive)..i really think that seda can be a good OH...and this team worked even without Rasna in reception

    Rasna is injured so she was left behind. I don't agree with you about Seda as any team with a halfway decent serve would hurt them. Ankaragucu did not push the serve at all, thus the reception stats.

    DISASTER... The only word I can use in this situantion.
    I can't imagine Final Four without Vakifbank and I can't imagine Asystel in the Final... :mad:

    Even though I must admit that Logan Tom played great match. She won it.

    Whoever wins this series will not be in the Final, only in the 3rd place game ;)

    Well, it is not how it is currently written on CEV's website. Your info may also be correct. But I just wanted to write about what is officially announced on CEV's website.

    It is specified in the regulations that the draw will be modified to avoid having two teams of the same flag meet in the final.

    Hey everyone....specially Turkish fans...could you help me with something...^^

    In first fase 12 teams...everyone against everyone right? Winner wins 3 points...looser 1? or is like in Italy, when has 3x2 winner takes 2 and looser 1?
    And how is the Playoffs? 8 quali for it?

    First phase is 12 teams as you say. It is played round-robin where everyone plays each other twice. One home and one away. It's like italy. 3 for 3-0 or 3-1 winner, 2 for 3-2 winner and 1 for 3-2 loser. Top 8 teams qualify for play-offs. It's best of 3 for quarter finals. Semi final and final are best of 5.


    And how is Turkish cup?

    Thank you in advance!! :flower:

    Turkish Cup has a preliminary phase where lower ranked teams and teams from lower leagues play. Then those teams are joined by the top teams from the year before. They play one home and one away to determine who goes to next round. Right now we're kind of stuck because there has not been time to play the 2nd match of Fenerbahce-Galatasaray series...

    Galatasaray's blocking was too weak so no needed higher balls for Gamova. She got most points without jumping. I think Eczacibasi games will be very hard test for Gamova and the rest of the team.

    If Fenerbahce serves the way they did in yesterday's match, Eczacibasi game could be easier then most think.

    Well, I don't wanna get into any personal debate with anyone. I am just talking about the facts and I wanna answer things that are only based on facts again so I won't answer this kind of a reply again.

    For someone who does not want to get into any personal debate with anyone, you sure don't refrain from posting comments that would spark such discussion :roll:

    Today matches on TV Free to Air :

    TURKEY FRANCE Dubai Sports 2
    ITALY GERMANY Rai Sport and Dubai Sports 2
    BULGARIA RUSSIA BNT Sat and Telekanal Sport

    Thanks! Which satellite is Dubai Sports 2 on?? I think they will show also Russia Bulgaria.