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    In Poland we've had like a decade wasted with Polish coaches, sometimes directly from male volleyball (Makowski, who was a coach of Plusliga's Bydgoszcz at that time, or Nawrocki with no prior experience with female vball), so going for an Italian coach with a great resume was more than expected choice. So far, it looks very mediocre at best, but perhaps Lavarini needs more time, we'll see.

    There are rumors that despite the interest of Italian teams, Men's Club World Championship again will be hosted by Sada Cruzeiro in Betim.

    This is FIVB at its finest, you can organize a tournament in country that hasn't hosted this tournament since early 90s? Naah, let's organize it in Brazil that has organized this event 6 times the past decade. Obviously, the same with Poland and other usual suspects.

    Wolosz once again shows that she is not the best setter in the world, not even top 3. A setter who can only play one system can't be best setter in the world as some claim before.

    I'm not going to defend Wolosz since I don't care that much, lol, but to be honest, Lavarini is pretty underwhelming so far, so is our NT in general, it's not that surprising that even individually our players don't play their best. Stysiak scored today like 3 points on -35% efficiency, so obviously we're screwed even in fundamentals, at least at this moment.

    the West claimed Russia held her as leverage which was completely wrong.

    Yeah, that's why she was sentenced for 9 years in penal colony for minor amount of cannabis oil, it has nothing in relation to current political situation from the past few years, lol.

    I personally would have refrained from going to Russia. But after all, Matt is a white, allegedly straight cis man so he won’t face the same discrimination and injustice.

    Sirci after last season said that Anderson is sooo expensive because he's used to Russian salaries, so if he wants to earn such a big salary he has to either play in Asia or in Russia, and from Paris perspective, it's much better for him to play in top3 European leagues like Superliga. So it's not like he has some choice if he wants to compete on a serious level, other than Zenit.


    Yes your right. I do not have seen many other games from him expept of this summer but I think that he never was so good with his club as he was now. Just that.

    Yeah, you are right in this sense that he had complicated season in Modena, for which he was heavily criticized, then he has blossomed in NT during ECH 2021, but in Trentino, he's played so far as a fake opposite, so he wasn't able to showcase all of his skills. And now, as a regular OH, he was again one of the very best outside hitters of another tournament (WCH) with national team. But Lavia will be 23 on November, he has a decade or so to prove himself in club career as well.

    After this amazing tournament from Lavia , really I do not want to see him as an opposite in Trentino. He prove that he can do great things and maybe in the future he will become a big star. But If he is not going to play in his position that will be bad for his carier and his development .

    Uhm, he's won ECH and WCH as one of the leaders of his team, he's already become a big star.

    And he said that playing as an opposite was actually great for his development since he was asked to do things he wouldn't have done otherwise, and perhaps this tournament is a pure evidence of that since he was by far the best player of Italy alongside Giannelli. Let's be honest, besides his serve, he has not that much to work on - even if I agree, generally, that he should play as an OH.

    Great result for Brazil all circumstances considered, they won a medal with injured Bruno, without Isac and Alan, with Lucarelli out of bronze medal game, with this mess around Mauricio and Douglas Souza retiring. Huge kudos to all the players and a coaching staff, nice thet these young guys like Darlan and Adriano got their chances throughout the season.

    Yes the ball was still in play, but unless the rule has been changed in the last few years, it says net touch is only a mistake during the action, and the attack is over as soon as the player has landed stably. Tumbling into the net while landing is a mistake, but Sliwka was simply walking on (and not being careful, that much is true...).

    The play is ended in a moment ball hits floor/audience/advertising band etc. - in this case the ball was still in air. That's why on a challenge you had double view on Śliwka/ball to judge what did happen first: he touched the net or ball hit the floor.

    IMO the decision was wrong. AFAIK net touch is only a mistake during the action, and when Sliwka touched the net the ball was already far away and his attack was over, so it shouldn't have been given as fault :what:

    The ball was still in play (as long as it didn't hit a floor), unless you discuss whether this rule makes sense or not.

    Folks, I was referring just more to the fact that 27yo Douglas retired and 34yo Leal thrives as a leader of this team now, than to some post-factum revisionism.

    Damn, this game against the United States was entertaining. We have had world-class middle blockers' lineup for quite some time now, and that's probably a first that important game that we won based on our superiority at the centre of the net: both Bieniek, although over-utilized in the latter part of the game, and Kochanowski, were fantastic and head and shoulders above their counterparts at the other side of the net. In terms of pressure and the attention that they've received, that was probably very difficult experience for these less experienced guys on the NT level (Janusz, Semeniuk, Śliwka), so that's my explanation of why Semeniuk flopped today (and resurged in tiebreak when we finally found some flow). From the American perspective, it may be the second-last chance for some major NT title for some players (since they've won only World League and World Cup in this lineup), and while they were quite unlucky draw-wise, it was also very mediocre performance from both DeFalco and the whole MBs group, and that's what made the difference, because this game was definitely winnable for the USA.

    I'm quite confident that we'll advance to the final, but the last thing I'd do is to disregard Brazil. The other semi seems to be like a 50/50 matchup despite the last year's success of one team against the other.

    However we also have to consider Brazil has an easy path to the SF. Their most difficult match in this WCH may be their first match against Cuba. Both their opponents in the knockout rounds, Iran & Argentina, showed they were far from their best shape before their matches against Brazil. So it isn’t really a surprise Brazil would make it to the semis after the matchups of elimination phase was known. Of course it isn’t Renan’s fault, but if they had drawn Poland/France/Italy/USA in the QF, it could be another story.

    I'm not saying this semi is a huge success or stuff like that, because you are right - but sometimes I get the feeling that Renan is criticized even though there are many structural or roster-wise limitations for this Brazilian team, and besides the Olympics (huge flop) - I think he runs his team at these target events (both WCHs) quite well.

    Renan can be criticized for many things, but Brazil again at WCH plays well under the circumstances. Injured Bruno, injured Isac, injured Lucarelli, Alan out, that's four starters, with Wallace taken back from a retirement - in 2018 they didn't have neither Mauricio, Lucarelli and Leal, and yet still exceeded the expectations. The reality isn't black and white.

    But I think that a bronze medal is a maximum for this team, because Poland should be a huge favorite in a semi if they advance, and even this bronze is not a given.