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    Palleggiatori: Simone Giannelli, Riccardo Sbertoli.
    Schiacciatori: Mattia Bottolo, Oreste Cavuto, Daniele Lavia, Alessandro Michieletto.
    Centrali: Simone Anzani, Lorenzo Cortesia, Gianluca Galassi, Leandro Mosca.
    Opposti: Giulio Pinali, Yuri Romanò.
    Liberi: Fabio Balaso, Alessandro Piccinelli

    I guess that Zaytsev will join Italian team during the European stage of VNL. says that Lagumdzija may join Modena and Leal can go in the other direction.

    Then, Piacenza would be able to play either with three OHs (Recine-Lucarelli-Leal) or with Lucarelli-Leal as OHs and Romano.

    Rinaldi most probably will return to Modena, the question is if as a 2nd or 3rd OH.

    Asia is a huge potential growth for volleyball compared to Europe especially in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Philippines. You better be thankful to this kind of post that such league is getting traction outside Europe.

    Yup, but again, no ones denies that from marketing point of view this is correct strategy, the question (at least before the kitty fight) was if they deserve such hype, and, well, for ,,deserving the hype'' most people in sports mean being good enough sports-wise for such promotion. In reality, Ishikawa had really average season in Milano due to health issues, Nishida's team got relegated partly because he got injured at some point and Takahashi got some playing time only because Padova had the worst libero in the league, as an OH he was a backup of Eric Loeppky (who's like the 4th-best Canadian OH). That is why them being the face of the Italian league this year was ,,undeserved'', and this is what f.e. Umu11 meant.

    Your counter-argument is that they're simply popular and FIVB wants to earn money thanks to that, but thus we're using two difference currency systems. For me, it was both ridiculous and understandable (re: such promotion), both opinions doesn't contradict themselves.

    Uhm, everyone is aware why has Volleyball World promoted these Japanese players that much. Views and likes.

    However, if official FIVB twitter profile sometimes looks like a stan account promoting not-top players more than top players, it may be irritating for those focusing on sports level, not on reach on social media, especially if this is taken out of proportion and (sometimes) counterfactual.

    He had 20% positive reception and 38% in attack as a sub in that game :lol:, and the list of such examples goes and goes.

    Takahashi's stans would be ,,wow, what a nice picture of Ran'', neutral fans would be ,,wait, why does FIVB profile share his IG photos'' and the Volleyball World TV accountant would be ,,$M$O$R$E $S$U$B$S$C$R$I$P$T$I$O$N$S :heart:".

    But the discussion has started with saying that they (don't) deserve the hype they get, and I don't think anyone by ,,deserving'' in sports means quantification of likes on social media.

    Yeah, Japan has the greatest generation in their contemporary volleyball history - but the propaganda (considering Takahashi was a heavy backup in Padova, Ishikawa had average season in Mediolan and Vibo Valentia relegated because Nishida got injured) surrounding the team has been completely out of

    'completely out of proportion' for quite some time now.

    Iran was able to become a dangerous team with some frequent Final Six's appearances in VNL/regular wins over top teams for a while, let's wait first if Japan can repeat these results unless we call them kings of anything.

    Did you get it from VolleyNews? It's the only source I found that talks specifically about OH, I think it's partly because on the press release Verona announced him as "schiaccciatore" which is usually used for OH but it's also a blanket term for both OH/OPP. At the same time it doesn't make any sense for them to have 3 opposites, so it does make sense.…to-fino-al-2024-1.9461878

    But maybe these rumors about Sapozhkov (even though Bulgarian press was pretty sure he'll join Verona) are incorrect and everything will finish as it was rumored (Keita-Perrin-Mozic)? Or Verona has plans for some awkward roster construction (a little bit like this year), and play Keita as both OH/OPP if Perrin doesn't deliver/Sapozhkov surprises? I don't know.

    And I agree about setters, but I guess Spirito being a local gives some flexibility if Aguenier or Nikolic stay.

    how long do you think Anastasi will keep his position?

    A year would be my guess, although on paper Perugia will be the biggest favorite in their history. There was always Civitanova that had similar/bigger potential, but not this time.

    voulter yup, Keita played as an OH in Serbia and was spectacular (and wasn't a hole in reception, although that's based on average league level obv), and yup, Perrin-Mozic-Keita seems so natural that I have no idea where these rumors/doubts come from. According to the Veronese press, all of Keita/Mozic/Perrin/Sapozhkov/Jensen will play in Verona and that's some crazy depth for not a top team, but I'm also less enthusiastic if Keita ends up as an OH (even though he can be great). Sapozhkov was a big (literally and figuratively, lol) talent few years ago, but I don't think he's developed that much to justify such combinations.

    At least Verona plans to hire two decent local MBs (Mosca, Cortesia), so it will be easier to field Raphael limit-wise.

    Yup, Anastasi allegedly is a done deal.

    Giulia Gabana has become the president of Modena, and during a conference Sartoretti suggested that players on valid contracts alongside coaching staff will remain. He also confirmed Nimir in Turkey

    Keita has signed 2y contract with Verona, but he's rumored to play as an OH...

    It's a fair system. You play bad, you lose points. You play so bad and lose a game to the weakest team in the whole league, you feel lots of pain.

    The problem is that VNL isn't remotely close in importance to what the FIVB point system suggests.

    K – the match importance:

    • 10.0 – Other annual official events organized by Continental Confederations
    • 17.5 – Confederations' Championship qualifying
    • 20.0 – FIVB Challenger Cup
    • 35.0 – Olympic Games qualifying, FIVB World Cup and Confederations' Championship
    • 40.0 – FIVB Nations League
    • 45.0 – FIVB World Championship
    • 50.0 – Olympic Games

    That's why Brazil lost 20 points based on one game, the system suggests that VNL is almost as important as WCH, while in reality it's bs.

    I'm sure you are already, but you guys should be very proud of your volleyball program. Olympics aside, what you guys have been building is excellent.

    On the one hand, you're certainly right, but we're at the peak in terms of our volleyball's quality and we can thrive since Russia is banned, but there are negative signs (generations from '99 onwards are not that spectacular, there's a less interest in volleyball in Poland in general than in the past, it's hard to trust many of our officials, the mainstream environment is a mutual adoration circle etc). It's great, but I'm more in enjoying the moment mode aware it won't last forever.

    And I'd have a theory that in sports like volleyball (not mainstream, so not top financially, yet very selective due to height expectations, necessity of having perfect vball program etc) many countries, even those at the top, can have periods of peaking and periods of legit crisis. The same happened to Italy shortly after they dominated worldwide volleyball, and only recently they have developed a strong group of local players and have pretty great potential (top3 alongside Poland and Russia IMHO). And it may be a case with Brazil as well, cause I remember the talk about your 'institutional' problems. Italy has hired Velasco as a director of their youth program etc. so they made some legit institutional changes in reaction to this crisis some time ago.

    just curious, what do you think is unfair?

    The match importance for VNL/WCH/OG is a joke in this ratio system (I don't remember specific values, but VNL is very close to WCH), and that's simply not true. Obviously, it was made on purpose (to make teams play VNL more seriously), but no matter how harsh was this today's loss for Brazilian fans, it's irrelevant from the season's perspective, yet has made a huge ranking swing.

    But it's hard for me to say how it will work in long run, maybe it makes sense. And I'm not complaining since Poland took advantage of that.

    And Poland thanks to that took the lead in the world ranking for the first time (?), I believe. :heart:

    I don't think this new ranking system is fair, but it's certainly fun to follow, especially when you can lose 5% of your points in one match, lol.