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    I don’t get it - it’s not like she is forced to play in Italy or the NT.

    Not really though. In Poland, Mariusz Wlazły (best male Polish player) due to injuries and health problems basically retired from NT since 2010 with an exception of 2014, and was heavily criticized for being lazy and not patriotic, and putting a club over NT, until he came back and won WCH with MVP title. The same with a club career, if you go to Asia while not being a top player, you risk with decreasing of your level of play because of lower league level.

    The reality is that FIVB has been really awful in giving more and more intense schedule for players, with unnecessary competitions like World Cups or Grand Champions Cups, just to get more money from sponsorship/national associations like Japanese. It's recently changed with different Olympic qualification rules what will be really helpful for countries like US.

    But it's not only a trend related to volleyball, but also to football, tennis or basketball, with giving players more and more games to play. It's not correct that only volleyball schedule is that intense, considering that Davis Cup Finals ended on December, and players will have a month of preparation for next season immediately, and in football with international tournaments in a specific year it is similarly ugly. The main problem is that it's really hard for players to complain because when Thibault Courtois (one of best goalkeepers in the world) criticized UEFA (European Football Association) for inventing Nations League in place of friendly games (so formal competition in place of irrelevant friendly games), people were reacting like 'you're a millionaire, shut up and play', so players as privileged social group have no leverage to complain even if they're correct in doing so.

    IIRC he wrote that she declined the renewal offer as for now and there will be talks ongoing after WCCH, and there are big chances she'll move to Turkey, and if she goes to Vakifbank then Haak will go in exchange. It's not definitive decline (according to GLP), this is correct.

    I guess today marks the day as the first time I have a disagreement with you :)

    One might say, "Playing in Europe is too demanding, I am old, tired, and unmotivated. I need to find a new adventure where I will be able to refocus, and spend more time with my family." Yet Juantorena said, "I am tired and unmotivated. I might play in Asia." according to your interpretation, which, by the way, I make my observation on.

    I guess every top player plays in Asia because he can earn there more money with less demanding season, and because they won enough in their careers not to focus on club achievements, so it's not like Juantorena said anything new or original. He said in the other interview that he has some friends playing in China like Marouf, so it may be a nice to play with them there. But he didn't say that he'll play in Asia for sure, he just said he's tired and it's hard for him to find motivation to play, and in Italy he won't play for any other team than Civitanova, so Asia is a serious option.

    I remember when Giba was going to play in Odintsovo in 2007, he was saying in every place that's a new adventure for him and that's why he moved there etc. - and Lloy Ball publicly said that he's lying and it's a b.....t, because every foreigner playing Russia does it for money. His point was it's a great league, but basically no foreigner would choose living in Russia over eg. Italy and all these long-distance travels for the same money. So I don't have any troubles in players saying it straight about their motivations, my problem is when players are not playing their best in Asia despite huge salary they get. Ball was playing amazingly 'for cash' in Dinamo Kazan, Muserski and Kurek are killing it as well in Japan, Kaziyski was coasting in JTEKT from time to time leaving it all on Nishida's shoulders.

    “I am tired and unmotivated so I am going to Asia”. that’s insulting.

    Not really though, I think Asian (male) clubs are completely fine with having past of their prime stars with popular names. And Juantorena has all rights as a player to go for a 'retirement' like this. He said in this interview that MAYBE he'll play in Japan or China, and he's a diva, so maybe he'll change his mind and wait a year longer until his contract expires, and leave Italy in 2023.

    Juantorena said in an interview that, despite valid contract with Civitanova to 2023, it is possible that he'll leave a club (and Italy) after this season ends because he's tired and unmotivated, and this week's CWCH may be his last. He mentions Asia again as his possible destination.

    Sounds like the end of an era.

    Not specifically in this last game, but Sokolov is playing so-so while last year he was the best opposite in Europe, that's Dinamo's main problem, none of middles is any impactful, that's the other.

    Lazareva has been doing wonders for Fener. Even Vargas would be downgrade atm. For Fener it should be Haak and above if they really replace lazareva. Fener should target only Danesi and Egounu from Italian talent pool.

    I'm not that much into crovolley hype train of Italian players, but I don't think Lazareva has been that big of a standout for Fenerbahce, considering Arina is a 1st option for them offensively what should've increased her efficiency.

    But I don't think with resources of Fener either Lazareva and (as for now) Nwakalor are good options for them, I wrote something positive about consistency of Nwakalor this year and then she had the worst game I've seen-type of performance next. :gone:

    Guys what do you think about the rumored offers from Turkey to Paola? 1.5 million per year. She won everything with Imoco so, besides the money factor, she might want to have a new experience, a new beginning. But it would be painful for the Italian league to lose Egonu. Wherever she plays, the hall gets almost full. I think Novara is the only Italian team who can hire her, but they have Ebrar for two seasons… However, any team is fine, I just hope she won’t leave Italy…

    If Egonu leaves, that's Turkey, both financially and sports-wise it wouldn't make sense for Egonu to come back to Novara or play for any other team in Italy. It is possible that the best-realistic scenario for Imoco is to grab Haak if Egonu decides to leave Conegliano for Vakif, and this is what is discussed on Pasini blog recently, but we'll see, because there's Fener as well with similar budget. The last year I thought that her chance for staying in Imoco are 50/50, right now it's 75% for me that she'll move abroad finally.

    I'm waiting for rumors that Monza wants to hire her and Sylla for a 3rd year in a row. :lol:

    Nothing against but he already wrote that three remaining candidates are Barbolini, Lavarini and Santarelli 😅

    Pasini has maaaaany good info and many trash info, it's still a good sign if he says that something will happen, because there's some probability this is correct. :lol:

    But jokes aside, Santarelli is an obvious candidate considering his chemistry with Wolosz and overall hype, he was eager to work for Croatia, so I don't think his financial expectations are high either. We'll see, it's very likely tho.

    Vissotto was decisive at early stage of his NT career, he was amazing both in WL final in 2009 against Serbia and in medal phase games at WCH a year after, but then has had many health issues after 2010, not only related to these heart problems, but in general (eg. got injured in London in QF), ad I think that is a main reason why he didn't succeed as much as he could've on NT level, IIRC at some point Rezende even took Evandro as a backup of Wallace over LV because he was more stable. But yeah, it is really impressive how good he still is after all these years.

    Santarelli and Lavarini are obviously really great choices, and Chiappini obviously has a really great agent to be alongside them. Antiga is like between, he would be an upgrade, but IMHO still pretty disappointing choice.

    Btw. it looks like Nwakalor has finally found some proper consistency, she had one awful game, but her 2nd-worst performance this season statistically is 24 points on 38% spike% in 5 sets against Conegliano, the only problem of her is that she has pretty weak serve for a player on her position but everything other than that seems to be on point. Mingardi is playing suprisingly great as well.

    It's great for everyone but cro that Conegliano lost a game, it's even fine for Imoco because maybe Egonu finally gets a break at some point when Conegliano doesn't need to fight for a victory in every game possible, it's odd to see her padding 25-30 points in these meaningless games regularly after that exhausting period that she's had past 12 months.

    I think he meant making that amount just out of personal sponsorship, not as a salary from the club

    Yeah. Perhaps I'm wrong, because those Turkish players like Ebrar or Zehra have solid amount of social media followers and maybe Midwesternvb was implying that they can make some serious money from individual sponsorship, but I believe there's an equivalent of a scale effect in those type of deals, and if you're a big star, you can earn more money from outside of sport cooperation than from your base salary, but if not, then these sponsorships are just add-ons to your club earnings. And, again, maybe I'm just wrong, but while Egonu is a big star in comparison to her peers, I don't think she's that big of a star in general, neither she gets that big financial support to mention it as a serious argument in favor of her staying in IT.

    In Poland we're pretty obsessed with volleyball because, uhm, we're not too good in sports in general, and yet we can't afford to have best Polish players in a local league (although Plusliga is pretty great, we just can't pay top-tier salary to best players), so I don't believe it works this way. Not to mention that this logic suggests that Egonu's personal sponsorships are correlated with her playing at home, and it also seems to me to be an oversimplification.

    I don't think any volleyball player in Europe can make a significant money (let's say over 150-200k, what's probably still too high estimation) from sponsorship agreements and donors outside of volleyball, Egonu has like 250k followers on instagram, it's a fine number for volleyball, but it's not being a big star in general. Zaytsev has like 800k followers on instagram and is very popular as well in Italy, and it was much more affordable for him to play in Russia instead of Italy.

    So if that's a case and Egonu will be oferred twice as big contract as she has in Conegliano currently, then I don't think there are big chances she'll stay in Italy. Keep in mind that last year only Fenerbahce in crisis was bidding for Egonu with Eczaci/Vakif having Boskovic and Haak, this time not only Fener have rebuilt themselves very well, but it looks like Vakif is willing to bid for her as well. But who knows, maybe Conegliano finds some extra funds.

    Seeing Bosko/Haak/Egonu in Turkish top3 would be quite fascinating tbh.

    Aaaaaaaaaand Pasini says that Fenerbahce's offer would be 6 mln euro for 4 years (I guess 1,5 a year), while Vakifbank is a serious option as well. The talks will be allegedly conducted after CWCH.…rio-turco-per-paola-egonu

    And yeah, it's a poor situation from Haak's standpoint if that's true, imagine a situation that in January everyone will write that deal with Egonu to Vakif is done, and what Haak could think while still having all major trophies in Europe to be played to the end of the season. But I remember last year that in male Polish league in December we've already known that best players of Zaksa Kędzierzyn Koźle (Toniutti, Kochanowski, Zatorski) in the next season will play in different clubs (Resovia, Jastrzębski), what was btw insane that the transfer market started like in November :lol:, and yet they won a CL title, so maybe these players are just professionals knowing this business well.

    I don't think Haak will leave Turkey regardless of Egonu's decision tho.

    Pasini says that the next coach will be from Italy (Barbolini, Lavarini, Santarelli).…la-polonia-sara-italiano/

    I think that Barbolini from from perspective of people who make this decision may be much more interesting choice than from geeks-perspective: he has won everything in a club volleyball, has ton of experience and has won a lot with NT as well, so if someone isn't that much into tracking international volleyball on regular basis, for those people Barbolini may turn out to be a better option than Santarelli and Lavarini. And he's not a bad choice, esp in comparison to our Polish wizards, but you can't get better than Lavarini or Santarelli realistically not having top resources/top NT.

    I read on Pasini's blog that Piacenza refused to give them Stern

    Yeah, to be honest, unless there's some buyout clause in Stern's contract, I don't think Piacenza will allow him to leave until they receive some golden offer from Russia. Firstly, Piacenza has a really big budget, and these buyouts in volleyball in most cases aren't too high (150k-200k at best, only Giannelli and Voronkov from a recent memory are contrary examples), and secondly - Lagumdzija is still very inconsistent as an opposite, he has had some from-hero-to-zero streak of performances this season, and Stern has played regularly as a sub past few games, and he even received an MVP award against Cisterna, so it's not like he doesn't get a chance to play at all.

    Regardless, Vibo Valentia with an absence of Nishida is in really difficult spot, they're 2-6 as for now, and in next four games they'll play against Monza, Perugia, Padova and Piacenza to finish the 1st phase of regular season, until they find a decent replacement, only this game against Padova would be winnable, and Padova so far has played much better this season than VV with Nishida.