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    In my opinion, there's a big difference between the naturalization say a Cuban to a Pole, than a Belarussian to Russian. For the latter, I think practcally they are the same people and I have heard there is an ongoing talk between the Presidents of both countries to have unification.. But I do get your point.

    Well, the difference is Leon couldn't play for his NT because he got banned by a communist regime due to sick governmental policies, he would've never switched his NT eligibility if Cuba could have played with their A team on NT level (because they would've won every trophy possible). And if you ask me about my opinion, Cuba should've been excluded from international volleyball for as long as they don't change their rules 20 years ago, so I'm not a fan of a situation that as a consequence of lack of action, Brazil, Poland or Italy took the best Cuban players and visibly strenghten their teams.

    But Butko or Pavlov could have played, and had played, for their NTs, but then decided to play for Russia because it was just more beneficial to them. I don't have anything against cases of Khtey or Musersky, who were born in Ukraine during Soviet Union period and then very early due to dual citizenship decided to represent Russia, because there your argument is correct, but when someone decided to represent Ukraine/Belarus on senior NT level, it should be a final decision.

    Both cases are nothing less than exploiting week rules and actions of FIVB, but that's undermining of what NT competition should be about.

    7-11th of December 2021

    Betim, Brazil

    Brazil Sada Cruzeiro

    Poland Zaksa Kędzierzyn-Koźle

    Italy Trentino Volley

    Argentina UPCN Voley Club

    Iran Foolad Sirjan

    Brazil Funvic Natal

    Due to circumstances, we have:

    - Sada that was eliminated in QF of Superliga last season, but got a chance to play there due to victory in continental South American Championship in ... 2019/20 season (and obviously because they paid a fee to FIVB)

    - Zaksa as a Champions League winner that got weakened a lot before this season (Toniutti, Kochanowski and Zatorski out) on paper

    - Trentino as a vice-champion of Champions League that got weakened a lot before this season (Lucarelli, Giannelli, Nimir out) on paper

    - UPCN Voley Club that got a chance to play there due to 2nd place in South American Championship in ... 2019/20 season, but since then got a looooot worse (basically they can't even afford to hire Argentinian NTs players.

    - Foolad Sirjan: they're fine, I guess, I have nothing on them :lol:

    - Funvic that almost went to the bankruptcy and barely remained on any level (although - obviously - as much weaker club)

    I don't think this formula and this tournament in general has any future, and I believe that it may be the weakest lineup we've seen since the return to CWCH. Even Trentino and Zaksa are like 3rd-4th best teams on paper in their respective leagues right now, and Sada is fine, but even they theoretically regressed with Conte, Mendez and Alan all moving abroad.

    Trentino with what they've showed so far looks like an early favorite here IMHO, but we'll see.

    He has already debuted in senior Belarusian NT, I hope he'll stay loyal and Belarus creates some decent NT with him and Davyskiba in a future, because those 'bought' naturalizations are joke in a volleyball. It's not suprising that Babkevich and Davyskiba both started this season playing that well: Belarus was 4th at last Junior ECH with both of them being leaders of that team.

    Sorry for a dumb question, but is Brazil that politicized as a country so your sportspeople have so much audacity to share their twisted to say the least views publicly? Because we as Poland are very divided due to political reasons internally, to the level that there's a group of people that believes that our former president was killed in an assassination orchestrated by Russia and Poland back in 2010, not in an accident :gone:- but yet I don't think any NTs player is that noisy about their feelings in a political matter. Obviously, there are some examples from other disciplines, there's also Kubiak (although his xenophobic rant was an effect of on-court events), but I read regularly all of yours posts and you're well-aware of players' political views like Mauricio or William, I also see some supportive comments on Mauricio's Instagram regarding his rant from Sidao: I know a whole context of Bolsonaro's rise etc. but I really wonder if this is just some exception due to some volleyball players engaged politically with far-right, or this is how you discuss things nationally with people so much engaged in general.

    Btw. there's almost nothing better than a concept of a free speech, and yet there's almost nothing worse than people that justify their/others hateful comments by the cover of a right to express a free opinion.

    Regarding a volleyball, there are finally some stats (Renata-Sesi) and it's pity that Lucao didn't want to move abroad due to personal reasons, because it's such a waste to see him playing in a team like that (they'll be fine, but he's still at the top).

    Interesting to see where Antropova will end up. I think she is just what Russian NT needs. If she would play for Russia they really would have a deadly generation with her and Arina.

    Russia can have a deadly generation regardless of Antropova, if Arina was present during U20 WCH they'd have most probably swept U20/U18 WCHs/U16 ECH this year.

    But that's why, unless Antropova somehow gets eligible to play for Italy very soon, it is hard to imagine her playing for Italy at the end of a day. Like voulter already said, once her position at international level in a club volleyball will be established in next 2-3 years, she'll think of what's the best for her career, and for several reason I believe it will be Russia.

    I honestly think she would have played maybe a couple more years as italian just to get more chances to play here but eventually go back to play for Russia. If i understand correctly she came to Italy in 2018, meaning she will be able to ask for citizenship only in 2028,that's skipping two full Olympics cycles for nothing.

    Just for curiosity: is there any chance to get a citizenship fast-tracked (besides being a citizen due to marriage etc.) for a volleyball player (in Italy)? I mean some special presidential decree or stuff like that? It's very popular way to obtain a citizenship in basketball in several countries. I checked these basic regulations on the internet for EU/non-EU citizens and from what you said it seems I got it right, these 10 years for a non-EU citizen would be decisive here. But maybe she'll get married to Italian or Russia will access to EU, who knows. :lol:

    omg that’s great news that she and her family refused to play for Russian nt. I think it’s not easy saying no to such an opportunity.e

    If that's a final decision, then you're right, but keep in mind that maybe she just wanted to have all options to remain open while being so young, and it wasn't a definitive 'no', especially considering that (if I googled correctly) for non-EU person it's way harder to get a citizenship in Italy, at least within a normal procedure. I wouldn't be suprised at all if it's still possible that a year or two from now she'll start to calculate that there are several areas that make it more beneficial to play for Russia.

    Trentino easily defeated Monza 3-1 (11, 21, -31, 14).

    MVP: Kaziyski


    Not a good game by Monza's current standards: Grozer was playing out of this world in 2nd-3rd sets (20 points in those I think), but every other player didn't play as well as against Civitanova, so it was very one-sided once Grozer got deservedly exhausted.

    Trentino is just sensational at this point of the season, I have no idea how long Kaziyski will play that well, how long they'll be healthy, how long Lavia plays as efficiently as past 3 games in this twisted system, but they look like a complete team with classy player on every position. It's even more impressive considering that besides Kazyski and Zenger they all played in medal phase at the ECH, and then they trained without Michieletto who was absent till the week when the season has started - and yet they're so good while playing within a completely new system and new team. Lisinac had very weak past year by his standards, but he looks like the best MB in the world at the start of this season, even Zenger played really well against Perugia and Monza. Next week they'll play against Civitanova, so we will know whether that's their true self right now, I guess.

    It's too early to say whether they'll be able to compete against big 3 (CIV, PER, MOD) in 6 months from now, but Club World Championship is 6 weeks from now and considering how messy Zaksa has looked so far, they may give themselves another trophy soon.

    Bosetti was injured not that long time ago, keep that in mind.

    It just amazes me that nowadays most of the younger setters don't know how to set their middles (maybe except Poulter).

    Orro is very good on most occasions in using her middles, Washington, Bonifacio, Heyrman or Danesi past seasons all have very efficient seasons while playing with Alessia.

    Monza just looks very messy as a whole team at the start of a season, but there's no top team playing well besides Prosecco Doc Imoco Volley Conegliano (I enjoy their full name for some reason, lol) at this point.

    Have you guys watched the semifinals? How was the matches? I see Monza won 3-1 against Lube and Trentino 3-0 vs Perugia.

    Monza played really great, as they did against Modena in a 1st leg: Grozer is in a fine shape as for now (let's wait for how long he'll be healthy), Davyskiba is an early revelation of the season, Dzavoronok is very fine player as well, Orduna is experienced and creative setter and these middles (Galassi, Grozdanov) are both really talented, and in a near future they can develop into top European MBs IMHO. Federici (libero) was also considered to be a huge talent as a junior, and even though he didn't play that well last season, he was great yesterday against Civitanova: long story short, Monza played all-around game with every player contributing and deservedly defeated Civitanova. Civitanova, that seems to be out of shape as for now: they definitely miss Zaytsev because Gabi ain't good enough to play as a starter in such team as for now, suprisingly they struggle a lot in reception despite replacing Leal with Lucarelli, and De Cecco-Simon-Juantorena core plays okay-ish, but that's not enough. They were defeated in a league by Piacenza earlier and these loses are very representative of their actual level.

    Trentino played fantastic game to be honest: their only weakness as for now in this 3 OHs lineups is an attack from zone 1, but due to Sbertoli's creativity and tendency to exploit his middles as much as it's possible, their game is still pretty unpredictable for opponents. Lavia plays as a fake OPP, because throughout a game in different positions, I counted that and on 12 different positions (P1-P6 and positions with their serve), they all were attempting to spike from 2nd/1st zone the same number of times (4). Sbertoli is one of the best young setters in the world (and only partially due to the fact that he has almost no competition), so it's not a suprise that he has started this season playing really well. Perugia, on the other hand, as much as Civitanova and Modena, has struggled a lot so far: Rychlicki has been awful, Giannelli was good in first two games, but was non-factor yesterday, and even Leon hasn't played on his normal level at the beginning of a season. Anderson was great in friendlies and against Verona and Cisterna, but yesterday was average, even when he was switched to OPP position in a 3rd set. There's a lot to work on from Grbic's perspective.

    The final today will be really interesting, I think Monza can challenge this Trentino's system more than Perugia (and Vibo Valentia last week), because their service game as for now is much more consistent, these positions where Dzavoronok, Davyskiba and Grozer serve were deadly to both Modena and Civitanova, and we may see how much Trentino can cover their lack of a regular 1st zone attack with fast and versatile setting.

    Yup, at this point it has become really boring, it seems that Novara will struggle at major positions (setter, OPP, OHs) no matter what Conegliano put against them. It's interesting that the only one player that played well in both matches on Novara's side was Daalderop.

    The other thing is that Vuchkova is crazy good for Conegliano at the start, Caravello played great as well, the depth of Conegliano is crazy good while after all these injuries before season started it looked like a question mark. So as long as Egonu is playing well they'll do their job. Omoruyi isn't too good tho as for now.

    I had no idea where I should post this, and if it was posted already over there, but it is good to share a remembrance about this poor girl, so I'll do it here: it seems to be confirmed that Afghani volleyball player, Mahjabeen Hakimi was beheaded by the Taliban government on early October, allegedly due to not wearing a hijab.

    Monsters. It is so bad and sad that the West screwed up so badly in Afghanistan that as a consequence we're seeing things like that in 2021.

    Btw the suspension is from April 5 to January 4 but he played 6 VNL matches during this time ?(

    Yup, you may wonder how seriously FIVB is fighting doping giving fake suspension to one of its biggest stars 8 years after the conduct just to allow him to play in a league season, even if period is contrfactual, because he played on early June in Russian NT, so if his suspension runs from June for 9 months, he basically wouldn't be allow to play in a league till March. Some serious bs.

    ^Had amazing game against league's newcomers (Taranto) with MVP award and weak game against Trentino, not that much to talk about for now. It looked like overall he may be a leader of his team, but whether they can achieve anything more than 7th/8th spot is a question.

    The most interesting part of first two legs, in terms of a general shape of the league this season, is (IMHO) Trentino playing a game against Douglas Souza's Vibo Valentia in a system of three OHs (Lavia-Michieletto-Kaziyski), with Lavia playing as a nominal opposite with all OHs taking a fair share of duties in spiking from a 2nd/1st zone. It will be really interesting if they improve within this system or whether it was just an experiment of Lorenzetti, they were really weak in terms of 1st zone spiking with this lineup, but maybe they need all some more training. It's a logical choice considering that's a waste to have Lavia or Kaziyski on a bench, with Pinali not being that good of an opposite to make such sacrifice, but there was a moment when they struggled against Vibo Valentia due to this system.

    All top teams seem to have some issues, so the next weekend's SuperCup mini-tournament with four-best teams of last season (Civitanova-Monza and Perugia-Trentino) can be interesting.

    Maybe it is not important for “new” players but for Wolosz,Egonu, De Gennaro, Robin and Folie is big deal. It is literally history.

    Like I pointed out in another thread, Wołosz said in an interview recently that they're not that much focused about this record, it's like 2nd/3rd tier of a news for them before every next game, she didn't even know what the record actually is.

    There's only one choice:


    Yeah, I'd be afraid that Barbolini would have his bad days with Polish NT and convince people that foreign coaches are baaaaad for female team, so the next 12 years we would waste on Wagners of all people again.

    Interesting interview with Wołosz:

    - about Conegliano's winning streak, she said that the public is more interested in this than players, although the pressure is high, they don't focus on this record that much, it seems she doesn't know what the record is because she said that Vakifbank won 69-70 games (while it's 73 actually), so I guess she was telling the truth;

    - said that the pandemic allowed them to build a special chemistry in Conegliano due to circumstances, because they lived in the same place and basically spent time together, and it's something new to her to be so close to every member of a team;

    - said that she didn't miss volleyball during her break from NT this summer, watched stuff only from time to time and spent her time very well not thinking that much about vball, what was actually quite scary to her and a coach [I guess she meant Santarelli], but once she got back she found a rhytm in training;

    - said she was hurt by the stance of Polish Volleyball Association after the letter of every player but Stysiak and Stenzel (IIRC) regarding their unwillingness to work with Nawrocki again from 2019 (there was narrative that the letter was only Wolosz's initiative and she faked other girls signatures), and after OQT and the whole atmosphere she started to think about not playing in NT to represent people like Kasprzak [former PZPS president], although her decision not to participate this summer was based on personal reasons;

    - said that Nawrocki is a person very dedicated to volleyball, so the aforementioned letter wasn't directly against him, but also towards general atmosphere around female volleyball and players wanting a change; she wants the new PZPS board to be more focused on female team, not financially, but from interpersonal perspective, because the vibe that girls received was that it's impossible to achieve anything;

    - said she talked to Ola Jagieło already, and it was a cool conversation, both of them shared similar thoughts about what female NT was lacking in past few years, she also said that it was great from Świderski to admit he's not an expert about female volleyball and to engage with ''female'' environment regarding NT;

    - said that the NT has lacked experienced coach with positive energy that would be able to share positive vibe within a very young team like ours;

    - said that Santarelli is in top3 of coaches that could coach Polish NT, although she didn't talk with him about that and she doesn't want to ''choose'' a coach publicly; Asia also said she's in shock that she has still a great contact with him after all this time, and what's impressive is that he still learns a lot despite him being at the top already, she also mentioned that the culture of work of him and De Gennaro despite being a couple is impressive, some girls playing in a team were to some point unaware that they're together;

    - said she's not tracking every day new information about a process of new coach's selection, but she didn't retire from NT and she'll react to what will happen in a near future [I guess it will all be fine if PZPS doesn't screw up]

    - she's happy with her life, she got a rest she needed and she's in a good place;.…e-w-tej-kadrze-nie-bedzie