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    What's the logic in keep Miljkovic and try to buy Zbig?

    Bartek, like always, has bad information - Bartman is going to sign contract with turkisch club, but it should be Halkbank Ankara, where he played in 07/08 season.

    So what with Fener? Oner will go there? :lol:

    Funny situation about Naz Aydemir - she's 22, and with next season in Vakif, she will play in third turkish team from "big three". She has four medals of Aroma League with Eczacibasi, and three with Fener, unbelieveble... Vakif, with her, Bahar, Kimura, Glinka, Brakocevic or Furst will have maybe a better team than Fener last year...

    I hope Kim will stay in Turkey.

    I don't think Seray will play instead of Selime in the absense of 4th foreigner. I am waiting for Del Core's transfer to Galatasaray

    Del Core? In her season in Eczacibasi, she played poor in offense, but very well in defensive elements, so it would be good deal for Galata, when they're having Neri and Rosir. And a half of starting six Italian national team in Galatasaray, with a coach :super:

    And Maggie.

    Mari probably will go to Fener or Eczacibasi - but Eczaci is looking to hire Kim. Fener has to sign top level player for a wing and Mari is one of the best options.

    Interesting info about Okuniewska. She's solid player, but if Fener will build their squad on this quality of players, they'll be fourth in the league.

    Any news about Besiktas?

    And I can't imagine Galata's wings with Neriman, Seray and Rosir Calderon. Maybe another foreign player will go there ?


    ok it was and I agree, but if reception is not so horrible, I mean only average, Atom is better on every position...better setter (Glass), better libero recently (Maj), better Opp-definitely !!!, better MBs, Bednarek is in super form now, but I dont think it will last whole year... :whistle:

    Better MBs? In my opinion Bednarek is better than Fernandez and Wensink is better than Ssuschke. And don't forget that Kozuch had never played as good in club as in national team, so you know... Her start in Poland was very average. And you didn't write anything about OH's :) Muszyna has better reception, better block, better service (but it's related to reception), they know a lot better each other and they won 5 of 6 games with Atom in last two years :) Sopot can end over Muszyna but I can't see too too many reasons for giving them NOW over Muszyna...

    and this regulation is stupid. it should be like in Poland, that a player can play in that status. i know some soccer players as wells who play as native status but for another national team

    But the difference between turkish and foreign players in Aroma League is a lot bigger than in Plus Liga Kobiet. Imagine situation when Fenerbahce can play with Fabiana, Logan and Sokolova - they will be powerful favourite to win a title. Atom with or without Kozuch is still second candidate to win the league - first is Muszyna.

    In my opinion it could be better, although she was best 2nd scorer in team. Kozuch with this efficiency should be substituted by Konieczna. If the number of errors in Dąbrowa was smaller, the result would have been other.

    Chiappini did not change Kozuch because, for first, Kozuch played so effective in serve, for second, Sopot was fully controlling the game and coach hadn't to change anything when his team was definitely better.

    Senna and Mirka ar far away their normal shape, but still Eczacibasi can beat Vakifbank :) Fortunately, they have Neslihan :thumbsup: For me start of the season is a bit dissapointing, only Fenerbahce play on a level of their potential... Yes, it was great idea to play all great matches on begining of season :hit:

    I hope Elif will play all season very solid like today :wavy:

    Oh, I don't like Muszyna too much, I'm a fan of Sopot, but Bednarek is awesome middle blocker! She should play in one of top teams in Europe and I hope that will happen in future:) Today we've got so interesting match between Sopot and Dabrowa Gornicza,but it's not transmitted anywhere, damn :(

    You're right about her reception - she's so average, but not terrible. But in attack - she's very weak, she has never been good in this but when she played in NT she was quite solid, now - Deniz is worthless in offensive.

    She's receiving like offensive player, she's attacking like defensive player...

    Well done refs :obey: :obey: Fei wanted to start a fight with Diaz and ref gave Vibo 2 yellow cards :obey: before that another decision for anthology giving point for Vibo and after few minutes changing decision :rolll: :obey: obviously federation made decision Sisley can't start championship with 3 defeats :obey:

    Let's be serious, in this situation one yellow card Valentia received, but second was given to Fei :D

    I think it was a mistake to put Penchev instead of Zlatanov on court vs Macheratta. Penchev was injured this summer and has 0 experience in Italy. Maybe they just gave up the match in the last set. Also Don't know why he hadn't change Nikolov who played very bad troughout the whole match. Piacenza reception was very weak too, compared to Maceratta.

    This substitution had to had some reasons, maybe Zlatanov had some healthy problems like in last game with Trento. And Vlado played very solid, I don't understand your negative opinion:)

    Check-out stats, Piacenza has similar stats in reception to Macerata.


    Well she can't recieve like Gozde,Esra or Guldeniz but she is better than Neriman,her stats are in average not very high and not very low but the fact is she is like closed box.One match she recieves well other match she is doing many mistakes :D not very stable but Busra is more stable than her she completed the matches mostly w/o mistake or 1 error max in eczaci and recieves quite good even she is a MB.Thats why i said Busra is better than selime but selime is only 23yo therefore she will improve a lot in reception,nothing to say to her powerful attacks :lol: She has very bright future :D

    As I remember, in last season she usually had 40% or better in perfect reception so - like for me - She's very good receiver. She isn't as good as Esra or Gozde, but she gives good reception. Do you disagree?:)