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    They should've done a better job with these highlights :S

    In male league there are highlights as well, but 3-minutes long, and there's a video from Piacenza-Ravenna game (won 3-1 by Piacenza), where basically half of a video is from first 7 actions of the game that weren't serve errors, so in a middle of the video we're at 6-3 score in a 1st set. Then, we have the other 6 actions to cover the rest of the game. :lol:

    People making those are LAZY... :hit:

    Ivan Zaytsev continue to play for the national team?

    Zaytsev said multiple times that he's willing to play for NT under De Giorgi, and recently he said that he talked to De Giorgi prior to the ECH. So he's not retiring from NT, but I think he won't be ever granted a special spot in NT like he was under Blengini when he played whenever he wanted, and his last appearances in NT (ECH and Tokyo) were horrible regardless of that. IMHO Zaytsev under De Giorgi would be ''one of many'', alongside much younger players, so he would have to prove he's worth a spot as a starter etc., I'm curious if this can work. Idealistically, Zaytsev in shape is much better than Pinali, and Romano won't play as a starter in Milano, so nevermind about him. But there's some risk that he may interrupt dynamics of a new group of new players, so we have to wait how De Giorgi will plan it, and more importantly, how his recovery will finish, because he won't play (at least) until late November/early December.

    I don't know if that's possible, but according to Pasini, Kazemi may play in Cisterna while Ran Takahashi in Padova this season. Padova for Ran would be kinda logical choice considering that in the past both Koshikawa and Ishikawa both played there, and Ran had already said about his willingness to play in Italy.

    If I'm not wrong male wasn't streamed by lehapallavolo but another platform

    maybe it's that

    Yeah, but Superliga was streamed besides Rai by Eleven Sports, and quality was so-so during that time, but during a weekend I saw 3 male games and basically the only thing that I could complain about was sound\commentary. Even app worked well for male games at least, my GF was watching movie and I watched volleyball on phone behind her back and everything was fine.😀

    But you are probably right that VB TV has more influence on male league production, but that's the part where I am disappointed: it looked a bit like a different product, and I guess it shouldn't.

    The most disappointing part so far is that male league has visibly better quality of broadcasting than a female league from what I saw, I don't know why: VB TV graphics, much better camera work and a better quality. I didn't have any troubles with an app, in fact it worked fluently.

    If someone is interested in some more specific tactical details in female volleyball, here is (IMHO very valuable) article (in Italian, but with graphics) about difference between regular system (two receiving OHs, normal opposite) and a system of Italy during this tournament (or other teams playing with receiving OPP and non-receiving OH; like we've discussed already, Ituma played as non-receiving OH and Visconti played as receiving OPP) in every setting (P1-P6).…a-posto-4-che-non-riceve/

    great move by Swiderski, I also think that Jagielo is really trustful as a person and very accepted by the players

    Yeah, she's a class act, and for a first time in maaaany years, it seems that girls will have a decisive word regarding their own future. Better veeeery late than never. It's about damn time.

    I wonder what can get wrong, because it's almost sure that we'll get a foreigner accepted by the players, and that's all we wanted past few years.

    Dream team:

    Best MB: Urbanowicz (POL), Cianciotta (ITA)

    Best OH: Armoa (ARG), Rinaldi (ITA)

    Best S: Porro (ITA)

    Best OPP: Murashko (RUS)

    Best libero: Catania (ITA)

    MVP: Michieletto (ITA)

    Armoa is in fact the most talented player of this Argentina's team, but daaamn, he's such a diva, he behaves like he's Osmany Juantorena with complaints towards his colleagues, and, well, he's not. Cianciotta was fine, but I believe that Crosato has much brighter future due to his height.

    It seems that final will be more open then I thought, but we'll see, maybe Italy will turn it around tomorrow.

    And they did, quite flawless performance for this level with all players contributing well after yesterday's chokefest. As Italy won double at ECH level earlier, they also did it at U21/U20 level as well.

    My dream team:




    Catania? (I don't know )

    Among top4 teams, I liked Strulak (Polish MB), Pawlun (Polish setter), Crosato and Canciotta (Italian MBs). Dineykin (Russian OH) was good until today. Obviously I liked Czerwiński and Gierżot (Polish OHs) as well, but they both got injured before medal phase games.

    MVP will go to Michieletto, I guess, he was decisive in past two games, even though he played in half of a tournament. Rinaldi would've been a fair candidate if he'd played slightly better than horrible in a semifinal.

    Congratulations to Russia as well, they were 4th -> 2nd -> 1st -> 2nd at U18-U21 competitions throughout a process.

    Italy played awful in 1st and 2nd set (and 5th set, lol), basically they couldn't have done anything worse than they actually did, but it's a great result to win these two sets for Poland considering circumstances, for some reason we didn't only play without Gierżot, but also 2nd starting OH (Czerwiński), so to win it 3-2 is a loss for Italy to be honest, they should've won easily.

    It seems that final will be more open then I thought, but we'll see, maybe Italy will turn it around tomorrow. I don't like these Italian coaches from Youth sector too much (besides Cresta), Fanizza was pushing badly his son to be in U19 team over a better player, Frigoni got clearly the most talented team in its age category, and yet Italy underperform. They're good results-wise tho.

    Literally no one never.

    Yeah, Courtney had ~mediocre season in Scandicci - to make a roster of much better team (Conegliano) where she's a core system player (due to her reception) with no alternative on the bench was very questionable choice from the beginning of Conegliano.

    But obviously we should wait a bit more until we jump to some valid conclusions.

    Plummer gets a fair share of area to receive despite having Courtney and De Gennaro alongside, I really wonder if it makes sense for Conegliano today, she's made two errors already in reception.

    Yes, Italy will easily defeat Poland without Gierżot (they'd be heavy favorites regardless to be honest) and Russia should outplay Argentina, which hasn't played any good so far (a bit lucky that the other half of a draw was probably better, so they narrowly defeated Czech Republic and advanced). I don't think Italy will choke in a final the way they did a year ago, but we will see. If there's any upset, maybe Argentina against Russia, but it'd be a bold prediction tbh.

    First and foremost, this tournament lacks any momentum, so I hope we'll get something to remember tomorrow and on Sunday. It's pretty weak level-wise for now and there were like 3-4 games that mattered only with some emotions so far.

    Do you think there's any chance that this league schedule will be adjusted (especially on Volleyball World TV platform) to show the highest possible number of games in different hours? Because for now most games of a female league are scheduled to be played at the same time, while in a male league (at least in first 3 legs) they gave some effort and organized this to play 4/5 among 6 games in a different time.

    Obviously, it's not that big problem with all replays (I suppose) available, but it's the same platform, so I don't get it. For now it looks like they put all female games at a time where there's no male game. :down:

    Congrats to Russia: it's obviously tricky, even more in a female volleyball, to make a direct link between successful junior career and professional success in volleyball, but indeed it may be a beginning of the golden generation of Russian volleyball, considering the level of technique and versatilty of this group of players that is rare in Russian vball. Like I said earlier, they can put another starting lineup with reserves and Arina that could've potentially won a whole event considering what a great player Arina has already become. I'm very neutral towards Russian volleyball, but it'd be great for a female volleyball in general to have another European team at the top, so good luck in coming back to this level in a future.

    MVP for Kobzar or Suvorova, it's a coin toss for me.

    Sorry, but Ituma is not like Egonu in the same age. Egonu was much more decisive player. I'm not saying that Ituma won't be good, but for sure she needs more improvement than Paola

    Egonu is one of very best, if not the best player of her generation, there are few players in past decade or so who can be even compared to Egonu.

    But this final performance, no matter which way this finale ends up, shouldn't negate how awesome tournament Ituma has had.

    Russia defeated Gierżot-less Poland 3-1, expectedly.


    Russia-Argentina/Czech Republic

    Argentina and Czech Republic will play for a last spot in the semifinals in two hours.

    Russia has won every game so far, but they're far away from being impressive. But that was a case as well a year ago, and they suprised Italy in the final, so let's wait for any conclusions.