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    Geez, guys, this rumor says that Italy may receive 4 spots in Champions League, but it doesn't mean that only Italy will receive additional spot, it's just an info from Italian website, that's why this information is 'Italian-centric'.

    If you look on CEV ranking for female volleyball which is a basis of specific number of teams every volleyball association can submit for participation every year to the Champions League, Italy isn't even first in a ranking, for 2017/2018/2019 seasons (always three last seasons are basis of this point system) - the first country is Turkey with a huge lead, because Turkish clubs won 2017 and 2018 Champions League, 2018 CEV Cup and 2017 Challenge Cup - it may change this year because it looks like Italian clubs may get better results, but if those changes are planned right now, it's probably a reform that allow two or three best countries in a ranking (Italy, Turkey and Russia) to submit four teams instead of three. There's no way someone decides to give solely to Italy additional spot when they're not even first country in a ranking, haha.

    This year we had this change based on interrupted 2019/2020 season, but it's kinda obvious that number of good leagues and teams because of financial crisis is shrinking in both male and female volleyball, so to increase level of Champions League it's becoming a necessity to allow best leagues to submit more teams to participate in CL.

    Wow, Scandicci is so rich, shame it is Bia instead of Thaisa. I hope they will invest in a foreign setter.

    Keep in mind that Scandicci used to hire multiple foreign middle blockers and they are able to do so again this year limits-wise (Malinov, Pietrini, Merlo), if Thaisa received an offer from Italy, it is from Scandicci and Monza, and it seems that Monza wants to get Heyrman's replacement within a league, because this is generally a way they build its teams. The fact that Scandicci has already signed two Brazilian players, makes my hypothesis even more probable.

    It doesn't change a fact that hiring Bia is a risky move to say the least, but I wouldn't be so sure that Bia-Lubian will be a starting duo.

    Orthmann has a valid contract for next season, so I'd have some reserve to those rumors that she's gonna leave Monza for sure, although multiple sources suggest Mihajlovic is a done deal. Maybe she'll go to Turkey? I don't know. Maybe Monza wants to have three OHs on level of a starter? There were rumors that her and Begic will play in Scandicci, but with acquisition of Natalia, I don't think it's possible anymore.

    Zakchaiou would be a great move for Monza, she's been really a standout alongside Mazzaro this year, it's like there's always one or two young MBs in Italian league who show a promise to become world-class players, and this year those middles are Zakchaiou and Mazzaro.

    But on the other hand, it seems certain that Mihajlovic and Gennari will play in Monza, and that's such a mediocre move in general.

    Herbots: 13/30

    Bosetti: 16/36

    Smarzek: 10/36

    I don't want to bash my countrywoman, but it is incredible how good Novara is as a team with as bad opposite as Smarzek currently. It's not even about a fact that she's a last option on offense for Hancock - she can't even properly spike from good sets, not even mention out of system plays. And it's amazing how efficient are both Bosetti and Herbots considering a fact that they're 1a and 1b option on offense. It makes me feel sad both about her and a whole team: both sides are clearly aware that Malwina is holding them back from doing really nice things this season. I hope she'll figure it out next year in some middle class team, but let's be honest, with proper opposite it would be easy win for IG Novara. I'm so curious how it will look like next year with Ebrar as an opposite.

    There's no reason to criticize Vargas - the only player of Fenerbahce who played today well - but those errors at the end of a 4th set were so typical Vargas-like.

    On the other hand, unbelievable is a load that Cate has to carry this year, I wish she stays healthy because she has developed into a monster past few years, 2nd best Italian player for sure.

    I prefer Cambi and Bosio anytime than Malinov, who is killing MBs with trashy sets since a long time.

    Cambi isn't any better to be honest, Orro and Bosio are two best Italian setters at the moment.

    But I'm afraid Scandicci won't challenge Conegliano regardless of a setter, Conegliano has built this monstrous team in 2-3 seasons, De Gennaro is the only player left from a team that won scudetto in 2016, it takes time to add valuable puzzles to a team, Scandicci needs some time as well even if they manage their roster perfectly from now on. If any team is going to compete with Conegliano, that's Novara, with Karakurt they'll be much better than they are this year, where OPP is their only one glaring weakness.…tuzione-di-kimberly-hill/

    Is this a legit source or they are just repeating rumors from not-so-much-credible Brazilian website mentioned some time ago?

    Sorry but some of them (including Kosheleva, Vasileva, Rabadzhieva) are not better than Natalia right now.

    Neither are Adams, Pietrini, Orthmann or Sylla. Considering a fact that Chinese players are rather unavailable for European teams, and others have valid contracts with their teams (Cate Bosetti, Herbots, Bartsch, Robinson or apparently Gabi), I really don't think Scandicci (or any other team that wants to do the same) had many alternatives to acquire high-profile OH.

    In fact, the most interesting alternative would be: getting some good, but less expensive OH in order to get a better player playing on different positions, or better depth, but Scandicci in general lacks quality, not quantity. This year their roster is full of solid players, but barely any of them is really good this season.

    I think her boyfriend is rumored to go to Poland. She may follow him.

    According to a very reliable insider, Atanasijevic in Poland is a done deal, so she may follow him as well, but I haven't seen any info about her.

    The matter is not if a club can afford those amount but how use it! Scandicci has always been a rich team but completely uncapable to use their money. They are able only in buying big names.......unsuccessfully. Conegliano has to be beaten on court not in bank

    This season according to press the highest contract in Scandicci team was on a level of 200k euro, so it's a major development if they can hire Natalia for three times as much. That was also only one Scandicci's contract among top10 highest-paid players in a league according to La Gazzetta (Conegliano had five and Novara four). That's why it's kinda shocking if this information is true.

    But I'm not discussing with a fact that Scandicci has been pretty bad in roster management for a while, but at the end of a day I definitely wouldn't be so critical about getting a player as good as Natalia. They won't build a team able to realistically compete with Conegliano in a year, nor they are able to hire any player they want while being fourth/fifth team in Italian league, if they can get back on track and compete for a final of Italian league, that will be a good beginning. Natalia will be certainly helpful in doing so. I'd be way more critical of a move of getting Bia, it looks like a typical Scandicci-type of move and hiring a player based on well-known name, not her current shape.

    She is not worthy of this money. Yes She is very good OH but for this money they can sign any other top OH.

    I don't think they have had that many options, especially considering probable lack of Champions League next year. And I don't know if that's a good deal for this amount of money or not, maybe she's overpaid, but Scandicci has to become competitive again no matter what, and with Natalia they should be top3 team in Italy once again, she's still a great OH.

    What I found the most interesting in this information is a fact that Conegliano and Scandicci were able to keep/hire Egonu, Stysiak or Natalia despite a fact that Fenerbahce was interested in all of them. If Egonu and Natalia are really about to earn as much as it's been suggested, that's something new for Italian clubs to be able to compete with Turkish clubs financially. We can have all theories of players not willing to play in Fenerbahce recently or for Terzic, but if best Italian clubs can afford contracts on a level of 0,5-0,7 mln of euro for their best players, that's some interesting development.

    And it will be great for Italian league as well if another team is able to financially compete with Conegliano.…a-para-a-italia-1.2450123

    According to Bruno Voloch, Natalia will earn 550k euro in Scandicci next season, so she chose Italy over Dinamo Moscow (700k euro) and Fenerbahce (600k euro), because the latter club was indecisive in negotiations with a player and simultaneously was offering a spot in a club to other players, while Natalia wanted to go out of Russia. :o Furthermore, he claims that both Stysiak and Lucia Bosetti will stay in Scandicci, in addition of Pietrini.

    I wonder if that's even possible, we haven't seen contracts like those of Egonu or Natalia in past 15 years or so in Italy.

    Thaisa (MB, BRA), rumours:

    Brasil (Minas, Praia, Osasco?)

    Turquia (?)

    Itália (Scandicci, Novara?)…e-perder-thaisa-1.2450096

    If top Italian club wants Thaisa, that would be Monza or Scandicci, I don't think Novara nor Conegliano have a free spot to hire Thaisa. If Scandicci keeps Malinov and Pietrini as starting players, then they'll have a spot to hire two foreign middle blockers, Monza will look for replacement of Laura Heyrman if rumors about Belgian in Turkey are true.

    Big clubs what are you waiting for ? This girl is becoming new Egonu, how much She improved in one year it is crazy :white:

    I wouldn't go that far, haha, but yeah - her contract with Firenze is expiring this year, she should be a hot name in the market for every team but Conegliano, Scandicci and Novara (and apparently Monza).

    sorry my bad i read bad

    No worries. :)

    Nwakalor has improved rapidly this year, she's like much much better player than she was last year, I don't know if she's ready right now for NT spot (that's why Sorokaite may be Mazzanti's first choice this year regardless of her current form), because Nwakalor still has technical lapses in her game. On the other hand, Sylvia certainly looks more promising than other local players (Piani, Mingardi) to get a spot as a 2nd opposite in NT in a future and this is what I was referring to.

    Ultimately, Nwakalor scored 27 points and Firenze won a game against Trentino after tie-break. She looks like a clear favorite for vice-Egonu spot in next Olympic cycle in my eyes unless Antropova gets Italian citizenship.

    Busto and Chieri won their matches 3-1, while Scandicci got a victory after tiebreak.

    I'm not watching this game unfortunately, but Firenze is really a mess besides Nwakalor this season, once they lost 0-3 with Nwakalor scoring 28 points on 70% efficiency, today she has scored 20 points already, yet her team is 1-2 down against Trentino. I wish that she will get a chance to play for some actual good team next season, she's been doing nice things this season since December.