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    Hey !
    First of all, congratulation for putting your feet back to court after so many years not playing, this is definitely not an easy thing to do and I admire your determination :win:
    According to my experience, I can totally understand that it is difficult to train with a team with more experience than you (volleyball is definitly not a sport you can learn in one year !) The best thing to do IMO is keeping your motivation as high as it can be, This way you can keep high concentration and progress, regardless of how big your teammates' motivation is. If they are kind enough you can ask them to give you advices when needeed, this will make you also more confident in your team

    And if they are not so serious and train just to play the ball, maybe your coach does not have so much work to do on them. If he has the time, maybe he should focus on you and do special exercises to improve your weaknesses and strenghten your qualities, especially if he estimates that you have high potential ! And why not doing special sessions with limited players that are eager to improve their game just like you ? This way you can work with your technique having tons and tons of balls, this is the best way to improve fast (and IMO every player should go through that kind of exercises). I encourage you to ask him !
    However, playing as amateur should not make you fell "depressed" as you say. Remember that volleyball is after all an incredible sport that improves physical capacities as well as teambuilding as well ! If the environnement does not suit your goals, maybe you should also think about changing the club/team next year ! But please do not quit the sport :drink:

    Watching videos on youtube can also make you improve faster, I remember myself doing that A LOT when i was younger and I learn shots/technical skills that I wouldn't even imagine if I would just wtih 'playing for fun'.

    I hope you will find solutions to that problem. Please don't ever forget that what you feel is totally OK, and that the path is quite long, but with determination there is not way you won't make up for the gap between the other players (and who knows playing for stronger teams :super: )

    Just by curiosity : how old are you ? And what is your country ?

    Well that was a weird transfer anyway... I don't even know what both parts were thinking. Zeng could have fit the european style had she sign with a team that would suit her better (I mean a team with strong OH looking for an all around OPP...)
    Hope it won't affect her level of play, because she came back strong in NT this summer during de WGCC... I still hope to see my Chunlei in China's uniform :heart:

    At least based on the 2 WCC games against USA and BRA she`s doing good as OH. Against Brazil 11/24 - against USA 10/25.

    She played both of those matches as OPP
    Honestly she plays very rarely on position 4, she often use combination play when she is on that side. The few times I saw her spiking on left wing she seemed very unconfortable...
    Very weird from Pomi if they plan to use her as OH... But she can still be a very useful OPP ! She is complete, technically good and smart

    Mari-Paula-Sheila was indeed an incredible triangle, but saying the 2008 gold was only thanks to them is unfair to the other players. Every single starting players of this team were absolute beasts, all of them in the top of their shape, way above the level of the competition. I cannot think of any weakness in this team (maybe Fofao's block height ?). Brazil would still have easily get the gold without one player of this triangle, maybe even two of them.

    About the topic, I can quickly also think of :
    Gamova-Sokolova-Godina (WCH 06)
    Kim-Sokolova-Tom (Fener 2012)
    Ravva-Rasic-Centoni (Cannes)
    Piccinini-Gioli-Aguero (Italy)
    Ana Moser-Marcia Fu-Hilma (Brazil 90s)
    Ruiz-Calderon-Carillo (Cuba 08)

    And I can't remember the golden times of italian league, but there must have been fantastic trios as well ^^

    I'm getting used to watch polish teams collapsing in important matches, but this time I wonder if Chemik even wanted to win the match... They look so unprepared and unmotivated :mad:

    I stopped following beach volley for the last few years. However, I watched the SF and final games, and I don't remember Alison was such a poor player technically speaking. He just can't score with a cut, and I wonder if by times the brazilian tactic was to give the ball to the opponents and bet on a block or a dig by the magnificient Bruno. Anyway big congrats to them :flower:

    By the way, do Bruno and Alison like each other outside the court ? On the last two matches they don't even celebrate the victory together !