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    Lol! No she didn't steal my bf! I look quite better than her I hope! But she stole my dreams! For the other comment that I hate Rabadzhieva: I don't hate her but she didn't give a single small contribution to GsD whole season. I feel sorry for her because this is probably the worst season of her career. And I'm not ignorant enough to claim that it's all Dobi's fault. It's primarily Barbolinis fault and then the rest:)

    If you look better than her you cant be male, i'm confused... However, good luck to chim-bom, really without Montano it was a different story. :win:

    Meatballs, you sound like Dobi had stolen your boyfriend :lol: I think her bad condition after the injury is a secondary problem for Gs. When she starts playing jump-serve, i'll know she is 100% OK. On the other side you can admit that there is a great team with great coach, traditions and full of experienced star players and some young future stars... Yes, they Cannes :super:

    Good performance for the Bulgaria team, it is different when there is Rabadjieva on court... It is sad when the first volleyball federation in the world (The Czechoslovakian) wont have participation on the WC. The refferee mistake was really ambarrasing, i was in the hall and it was just awful. I dont know if that rules are reasonable. Maybe they should make it like in WGP - only the first 10 Euro teams in the world ranking should play for the tickets, next 18 only for sport...

    P.S. personally sorry for Havlickova and the other czechs - they should be at the WChamp!!

    Well, I was at the Black sea coast last week and didn't watch the games, but your posts here helped me a lot to get a view about them. Thank you!
    First, congrats for BUL, we manage to show some TOTAL VOLLEYBALL :lol: We only couldn't learn to play merengue :) Just a few first steps in the heartbreaking bacha :drink: Another key obstacle that we couldn't prevail with 3pts were the czechs - traditional, strong team, hard opponent. And yes - i like Mljenkova too! :lol: However, maybe its really better for us to prepare for the ECH and continue growing up step by step. Even if the reception stats are not reliable Dobi must be proud of her performance, at the other hand i think Lora should be in top 10 of the setters in a "proper" ranking.
    Great team China! :super:
    Great team Serbia! Pride for all the Balkans! 10 years on the top of the World! Wish them the title! :thumbup:
    Hope we will watch great games in Saporo!

    I've always believe in the good times for BUL and it was a great pleasure to me watching them playing so strong vs Brazil yesterday. Of course Brazil was not focused on max, but what can we do, these are the chances of the smaller teams. Rabadjieva is a monster, always reliable on counterattack, hiting so powerful and serving as we all know her. And if you see the stats of the recievers in the WGP Rabadjieva is 2nd and Vasileva is 4th(maybe here is the key fo the good results)!! Ruseva is improving, NIkolova is back. I told you about Kitipova 2 years ago when she was still in CSKA. No words about Strashi, we are godblessed to have her!

    However, Brazil game would count only if we win today vs Dominicana.

    P.S. Someone here was comparising Bulgaria to Kazahstan - hahahahahaha, sorry mafrendo!

    Hello, friends! Could you be so kind to tell me how many points for the world ranklist Bulgaria can won by finishing around 10th place in WGP. I mean now we are 43rd, could we move up by winning some games in that tournament. Are we going to lose them if we don't participate in the next year WGP or that points stay for longer period?

    I'm living for PUR-BUL, Saturday, 2:00 CET, On the next day we are playing vs Brazil! I hope that game will be broadcasted somewhere too. I will enjoy to every point there! :lol:

    It was not Toni Zetova (she gave an interview btw 1 and 2 set), it was another legend - Tsvetana Bojurina :)
    Congratulations to Germany, wish them the cup! We missed our chances in the fisrt set with easy mistakes in crucial moments - sad, because our attack and block were more than ok.

    :aww: The hall is empty, there are no combined tickets! This 1/2 final is 4 hours before Bulgaria-Poland male game, when there will be 5000 people. So there will be no 7 player for us thanks to our great great federation... This is a crime! BVF is killing the game! They are MAFIA and must be in the jail!!!

    Lets see if the home crowd will give us extra power. The hall will be full as there is Bulgaria-Poland match after Bulgaria-Germany. I hope we will not make so much mistakes. The team really look awful this year, but in the perspective of the ECH there is a lot of time. However, if we lost to Germany there will be no GP next year for us. I believe we have other weapons, not only Elitsa. I think Strashi and Dobriana will show much more in Saturday.

    POOL A 1st Leg in TUR


    POOL B 1st Leg in BEL


    Bulgaria squad for EL tournament in Bursa, Turkey: S: Nenova, Kitipova OH: Rabadjieva, Vasileva, Karakasheva, Desislava Nikolova, Slavina Koleva MB: Koeva, S.Filipova, Ruseva, Zarkova L: M. Filipova