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    So the Superliga will be 8 teams not 6 :) good for me to know case "my team" at least can play - Cherno more :D
    I have a question to some bulgarian friend, i`m searching a logo of Cherno more, can somebody help me?

    I liked it. Ball holds nothing back. His replies are very candid and detailed and looooooong. :D Are these your interview questions or from a news article?

    So maybe i will explain that "long answers" :lol: The author asked him many questions during that meeting and all them composed in this "monolog" ;)
    Justyna great job, this translation is awesome!

    Oh, and finally Spain won something

    3rd game Konrad :P :P

    I watched this game with Bulgaria and it was totally amazing. In the first 2 sets Rodriguez wasn`t so good but lately he achived most points and was really unstopable. I`m so happy for Spain, they deserved to win. Molto and Perez had a great serves.

    I can`t say anything because i haven`t seen this game. Yesterday polish tv showed replay of the game between Bulgaria and Spain. Bulgaria played really good and it was seen that Spain misses Rodriguez and Falasca.

    The difference between BG and ESP is that BG has great substitutions and when Plamen, Evgeni or Vlado don`t play oter can play at the same level and Spain doesn`t have good bench.

    Today Poland is playing against China the first game and Spain against Finland. I hope "my teams" will win :)

    No, sorry. :huh:
    He is not in the group for the WL this year but I think he's training with the others in Varna.

    I know he is not in the group, but i thought u maybe saw him in the hall somewhere :) on FIVB is one pic and i`m not sure if it is him there

    Group A: China, USA, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Italy, Japan.
    Group B: Brazil, Russia, Poland, Serbia, Germany and Egypt.

    Not bad better to start from stronger pool and qualifiy to 8 cause then u will pl ay with team from weaker pool. Seems lik 8 will be

    A USA, Bulgaria, Italy and i would say Japan
    B Brazil, Russia, Serbia and i hope Poland

    If you've seen all teams what do you think about Iranian team? Is it possible for them to beat Japan tomorrow? Japan from the result they reached against Italy seem to be really hot in front of home crowd. I can't see much chance for Iran.

    As someoe answer instead of me.. yes games are in polish tv POLSAT SPORT.

    And speaking of Iran i watched yesterday they game with Algeria. They were so close to win 3:0 but they lost 2:3. I think they have a potentntial but seems like in the most important moments they lose. I think it will be hard to beat Japan by them, but i will support them hehehe. I`m going to watch this game :D