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    2nd final game

    Drac Portol Palma de Mallorca - Unicaja Arukasur Almeria 3:0
    25-21 29-27 25-20) :drink:

    Best player: Jose Luis Molto (13 points - 4 blocks and 90% uin attack!!!)

    Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo - Copra Nordmeccanica Piacenza 1-3
    (20-25, 22-25, 25-22, 16:25)
    Congratulations for Piacenza !!!!! We have 3 polish players in the final (Michał Winiarski, Jakub Bednaruk and Marcel Gromadowski) it`s a big succes for them:drink: :super:

    Bench- Soto, Dante, Abramov, Grbic, Mastrangelo

    Amazing bench :lol:

    For mine i put on the previous site i would change some names :D instead of Cisolla i would put Zlatanov, Grbić on the bench and first was Miguel Angel Falasca, and libero would be Sergio.

    So kinda:

    setter: Miguel Angel Falasca (Nikola Grbić the second)
    opposite: Ivan Miljković (Hector Soto as the second)
    middle blockers: Gigi Mastrangelo, Andrija Gerić (Stefan Hubner third one)
    receivers: Matey Kaziyski, Hristo Zlatanov (Alberto Cisolla and Giba)
    libero: Sergio

    My Piacenza still has a chance for the final :drink: again Zlati did a great job, this team wouldn`t exist without him...
    And two polish gus in the final - Michał and Jakub - very nice even if i was on Roma`s side :whistle:

    Justyna don`t forget about rumors and they say that to Częstochowa may come Bojović, Samica and Gruszka ;)

    ı think so... ı heard he will come back turkey

    Actually he came back to Turkey already, 2 days ago was present on tribunes at the semifinal game in Ankara :) I hope he will come back to Poland for the next season but everything depends of limits of foreigners...

    Sinan on 99% is leaving Mlepkol AZS..He have proposition from Mostostal Azoty (ZAKSA).

    Actually he doesn`t have. He said that no one contacted with him about it. He knows about this offer only from people around. He got some offers from turkish teams.

    not any clue ... :white:

    But maybe you know of a team looking for a middle blocker of his level ?

    Anyway, as I said, he has not take any decision right now.

    Well Skra has too many foreigners now and all of them will play in starting six and besides they have Heikkinen and Pliński . Olsztn hmmm they have Grzyb and they are interested of Kadziewicz. Jastrzębi has 3 middle blockers under contracts (Ivanov, Jurkiewicz, Czarnowski) and Czestochowa... that could be Czestochowa, they have one good middle blocker, one also good but young. American middle blocker who play there - Phil Eatherton is leaving... there is also Rzeszów - they will have big money for the next season.
    But i don`t know why i would say that it was Jastrzebie`s idea. There are rumours Treviso is going to rent Pujol to Jastrzebie for 2 years so he would have a friend :D anyway all i wrote - nothing sure.