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    I hope Sokolov will be a great player as Sokolov and not the second Kaziyski
    sNeige, u don`t need to answer on my queston in BG NT topic :D

    I saw NT of Great Britain in Poland last year - i have to admit they made a positiv imporession on me. Porter, Slitti, Pipes played a very good tournament. I heard something that Alex in injured now, is that true?!

    Oh are you sure that Torres is comming back to Mallorca or just leave France? and why if he has a contract he wants to come back?
    thanks for the info by the way!!

    "Той застава в заоната на началния удар. Поглед нагоре. Топката вече е там. крачки. Разгъване. Избухване. Взрив. Посрещане. Топката ляга в ръцете в центъра. Дъга. Той вече вибрира, скача, лети, нанася удар. Чува се глух звук. Топката изчезва. Поглед върху лицата в другата половина на полето. Усмивка. Триумф. 30 секунди...България - това е съвършенството в този свят. Отново."

    An article from an old french volleyball newspaper about Bulgaria.

    Except that in your opinion Bulgaria has the best team and players on the world you also think that everyone is obligated to know your language that you put here bulgarian quote without translation? :what:

    I know i was more joking about Cherno more... it`s my fav team that`s why i put them in my answer.

    but i think the topic o bulgarian league is not here :D

    Wow... So much nationalism and so many harsh words here... Bulgarian NT loses a lot of fans because of some guys who are a bit blind to see where exactly stays Bulgaria in volleyball. I'm Bulgarian too and I love my country and my team BUT I try to be realistic too.

    I already like you man! :thumbup:

    @ to all Bulgarians: Здравейте, пичаги. Според вас кой ще стане шампион тази година у нас?

    Az ne sam ot Bulgaria, no mogam li da otgovorq? :D Taka dano Cherno more hehehe, mislq 4e CSKA ima goliame shansove (sorry for all mistakes :whistle: )

    No, I don't know him but I see here that he is an amazing player: . That's him, right? Not a very tall player but a great jumper, if the figures are correct (360 cm spike!!!).

    Yes that`s him, ok i mixed something, nevermind :)

    Thanks Ann. Today Lokomotiv doesn't have chances. It's a pity that Resovia didn't win. :( :(
    By the way, I saw you many times on video from Poznan. Was you sitting with laptop next to Lozano???

    Geeeezz yes :whistle:
    Speaking of Lokomotiv i`m for Modena of course but Russians played really good games yesteerday so everyhing is possible inmy opinion.

    Besides Grbic also has this “only qualification to the OG” on his account.

    True but he qualified with Serbia in january 2008 not 2007 so it doesn`t count for being the best in 2007 :)