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    What about Belgium and Croatia ??:)

    Sorry I made a mistake, No.13 is Belgium not Bulgaria. And Korea is No.9 if WCh qualificaiton scores is added, Germany No.10.

    Since some countries (ranking ahead of Netherland, Croatia and Bulgaria) participated in WCh qualificaiton but didn't got through, and I'm not sure what scores they will get, I don't know the exact rankings for NED, CRO and BUL. But I think the following rankings and scores will be:

    No.14 ARG 77
    No.15 PUR 71
    No.16 CAN 63
    No.17 KEN 57 (not sure) NED 57 CRO 57, they are all 57
    No.20 PER 53 KAZ 53
    No.22 BUL 52, Bulgaria has rising a lot in rankings

    Poland, Azerbaijan and Czech are ranking around No.25-30

    Lang Ping knows so much about Costagrande from Italy club to China club, but I think Costagrande is dropping her level due to ages, pity.

    Very nice stats. The figure for Japan is very convincing, as they are the best receiving team. But still many credits should go to the new Mikasa ball though...

    Mikasa ball benefits Japan indeed, as women's reception level drops so much while Japan still keeps good reception ability :whistle: And Mikasa is also good for float serve than jump serve, which also increase Japan's serving ability. Anyway technology do make a difference.

    New World Ranking has changed a lot due to the 2 semifinals (new WCh scores according to Men's although No.5-6 score is different and unknown):

    No.1 USA 335-345 going back to No.1 again
    No.2 BRA 300-310
    No.3 CHN 276-286 surpassing Japan and Italy
    No.4 JPN 271
    No.5 ITA 258-268
    No.6 DOM 183 surpassing Russia, Korea, Serbia and Germany (assuming No.5 score is 60, while Men's No.5 is 62, Men's No.6 is 56)
    No.7 RUS 182
    No.8 SRB 150
    No.9 KOR 141 dropping due to no participation in WCh (sorry I forgot to add qualification scores)
    No.9 GER 139
    No.11 TUR 120
    No.12 THA 87
    No.13 BEL 82 rising high (sorry that's Belgium not Bulgaria)

    This is definitely the first time I saw a USA team so determined to win. I hope this time USA Women will be world champion after so many years as top team.