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    So Rep. Dominicana is the winner, for the first time. Happy for them, they deserved. Anyone knows the individual awards or the best team?

    All-Star Team
    Setter: Misaki Shirai - Japan
    First Outside Spiker: Brayelin Martinez - Dominican Republic
    Second Outside Spiker: Bojana Milenkovic - Serbia
    First Middle Blocker: Maja Aleksic - Serbia
    Second Middle Blocker: Anna Danesi - Italy
    Opposite: Lorenne Geraldo - Brazil
    Libero: Zhana Todorova - Bulgaria
    Most Valuable Player: Brayelin Martinez - Dominican Republic

    According to Poltavskiy is still in Yaroslavich Yaroslav :wavy: on the other hand club's website doesn't confirm it :whistle: can someone explain it ?(

    He left Yaroslavich before the last season , he was supposed to go to Belogorie, but probably because of his injuries it didn't happen. I'm pretty sure he's retired now, he's not in any team's list.

    She explained in her facebook, she said the conditions for a good physical work in the club are not ideal, they only have physiotherapy twice a week and dont have the right equipments. And since she is already 35 years old, she felt she would not be able to keep a good physical shape.
    I think it was a fair decision from her. ;)

    Still I'm puzzled to know that's the right equipment is. Is it a common gym? Why couldn't she go to regular gym then, as players here in Russia do. Or she needed something special for her?

    What's up with steroid monster today, testosterone overdose? Why is she screaming like that? Is it considered a normal behaviour during the match?

    Halep is such a cheap actress. She will fake injury when she's about to face defeat trying to make her opponent lose concentration. And when it happens - all of the sudden a miracle Halep is healed and running all over.

    Japan is much weaker than China. Winning a set means that they are at least fighting. They will probably not win the match, but no one can say they lost on purpose.
    Btw, I'm hoping Japan wins so that everyone's theory goes down.

    And it's you here who knows all the truth. Japan isn't much weaker than China. They can be them, China only have Zhu.

    I love how people in this forum gets inside all the players and coaches' minds...and know the absolute truth all the time

    I clearly remember Japan playing the very friendly game with Serbia and losing it 2-3 in the last day of 2011 qualification tournament. that's the only reason I expect the same here. Would be happy to be wrong.

    No, did I say that?
    EVERYONE HERE said Japan would lose the match on purpose. And this is NOT happening. Anyone that is seeing the match cleary realizes that.

    Japan is playing equal game with China as they should, they are playing at home and China isn't too far in the level of the game. Another question is will Japan insist on winning the game, we'll see that later.

    what i am trying to say the schedule is relatively equal to every team, we cannot say it is 100% fair or reasonable. because we cannnot meet all the opponents on the same day. you should follow some order of play, and meet someone earlier and the others later. it is game, that is it.
    but i dont understand where you post the "a little bit luck", from the win against Russia, because they are so tired? from the unexpected loses from US? from the extremely perfect performance from Serbia? or what else ?
    good luck will not make the whole story, because it is what is happening as what it happened.
    sorry that you dont get what i mean earlier.

    I think we shouldn't pollute this thread anymore. I've tried to express my thoughts already. You have your opinion, I have mine, it's alright.

    they won against Russia anyways and I don't think it will be a 3:0/3:1 match if they play Russia on the last day
    they couldn't even win over Argentina with 3:0/3:1 today.. :gone:

    It wasn't his thought there. He was so Russia-friendly in that interview, I think he was referring that if Russia and Serbia played on the last today, they'd have an opprtunity to fix the result for both teams.

    so it is some thought from your private side, not even about Japan.
    if yes. it might be long term strategy thing about JVA, and there is nothing to do with China. what China will do is to win the World Cup.
    Please be pure of thinking something positive of sport spirit.
    You may feel balanced when you are peaceful and not always criticising the rules, the schedules and the others.
    i am not teaching but you should have felt ashamed to what you said.

    I have nothing to be ashamed of)) You've just misunderstand me or have another opinion and already trying to put shame, good on you!)) I've never said that Chinese have done anything wrong here. You have all the rights to celebrate the victory, it's deserved. It's just I think they were a little bit lucky in the process, but it's alright. And yes we're about to see a miracle victory for China over Japan, yes a miracle!

    Btw, Terzic gave an interview to Sport-express and said - Such a pitty we're not playing Russians on the last day of the tournament.
    I think this Round Robin system is really must go, coaches are not even ashamed to admit they're abusing it.

    hope China would win over Japan tonite and show the world that they are doing something really miracle.

    Miracle?)) Oh, let's think. What would be more profitable for Japan in the game that they have absolutely no interest in outcome. To win against China would mean have to face them again in the qualification tournament. Or to lose now and let them get that Rio ticket and make your road easier.
    Huuummm... Such a tough choise. And of course win for China would be a pure miracle and no luck (or good thought) has been put into scheduling process.

    I wonder to know what your opinion was when Serbia lost China but won USA in the next day, even what you are going to say if China beats Japan after against Russia.

    Hehe. Lose is just lose, which is not determined by the schedule directly.

    Playing the big teams on 1 and 2 day of the tournament isn't the same like playing them at the end of second week, I think it's obvious. It's Russian problem they are too dependable on Goncharova and she looked very tired. But China has absolutely the same problem - too dependable on Zhu Ting. And if Zhu isn't on fire, China got nothing to show in terms of game level, as we saw against Korea. So I think China was lucky with the schedule. You think whatever you like.