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    Hi, everyone! I've just discovered your great forum and what a pitty that I haven't done it earlier! My name is Slava, I'm from Krasnodar in South of Russia. I don't get a lot of opportunities to play the game but I surely have some experience in loving it as I recall myself watching and enjoying 1986 women world's and I was 6 y.o. back then) I mostly watch womens matches and you know the reason - volleygirls are so fantastic! Of course I support Russians but also appreciate Japanese, Italians and all the other beautiful ladies, there're so many colours in volleyball. It was such a pleasure to share a couple of words with Leo lo Bianco then Bergamo played here this winter - she's the greatest! I enjoy watching Italian league on tv especially with Consuelo Mangifesta as commentator) It's such a delight so find forum with so many devoted volley-fans from all over the world! Vsem privet!!!