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    Robin will stay almost 100%. She is with Conegliano even though She will not play. Conegliano didn't broke contract with her as they did with Hodge.

    I repeat when you have attack MB duo as Folie and Robin. Don't forget that Robin was sometimes best scorer or second best. Folie had the same role as her. Why do you need attacking OH then ? You need stabile reception you all saw how is Conegliano lost when Bricio had bad passing. I still think that Grothues and Rabadzhieva would be perfect for them because of their reception.

    Ok, but then - if your scenario is correct - I'd look for an OH who's not only a good passer but also an Italian good passer... So why not thinking about Cate Bosetti? It would be a bit of a gamble, giving the injury she's dealing with, but her profile would fit the need.

    I think Sylla for the startig six because they can play with De Kruijf and Fabris (if Robin stays)

    I know that Sylla as a starter would solve our foreigners' issue, yet I'm not convinced. A couple of weeks ago Pasini explicitly wrote, both on his blog and on Gazzetta's website, that she's supposed to be a substitute, and - leave aside Bricio, who's already headed to FB - I'm not sure that all of the other foreigners will stay. And anyway between:
    a) keeping De Krujif along with Hill, Wolosz and Fabris + having Sylla as a starter
    b) seeing De Krujif leave + keeping Folie and Danesi as starting MBs + getting a foreign offensive OH (one stronger than Sylla),
    my heart would choose option a), but my mind would probably choose option b)

    Grothues would be very good deal for Conegliano next to Sylla. She is very good reciver and defence player. When you have setter who is playing fast and MB duo as Folie-Robin(?) you don't need killer OH next to Hill and Fabris and MBs. And She can be back up for Sylla in Seria A so if She become shaky at reception they can replace her with her.

    I beg to differ. The way I see it, they won't be looking for an OH to be a back-up for Sylla, but rather the other way around: a starter OH to be backed-up, if need be, by Sylla. Moving from Bricio (/Easy) to Sylla in the starting six would be quite a downgrade for a team as ambitious as Conegliano.

    Kim Hill will be a panther for one more season:
    "I fell in love with Italy and it feels like home to me: I will remain in Conegliano next year too."

    Source: this article on today issue of La Repubblica (Italian newspaper):

    I think Bruno was playing too fast for the opposites. He could've slowed it down for Sabbi or Argenta and let themselves get around the block instead.

    scarpetta what season did Macerata win that fake scudetto? :gone:

    I would be pleased if there's a video of that point? :dance6:

    Macerata's "fake scudetto" (as you call it) season was 2011/12: they faced Trento in a single match final held in Milan and they won 3-2, 22-20 at the 5th. Last point was an attack by Kaziyski wrongly called out by the referees. You can see it here (eventual slow motions included) at 30:50.

    Then here is tonight's point.

    I can add something here. When Pavan played for Nebraska in the college league, NCAA, she was in deep water for some personal conflicts too. Following was written in the newspaper Daily Nebraskan in 2008: "Pavan told the magazine that conflict existed within the Husker volleyball team, that she felt enormous pressure under the Nebraska volleyball spotlight and that jealousy (other girls being jealous of her) and confusion about her identity strained relationships with teammates and coaches". And then "as a result of the story, Coach John Cook told Pavan she could no longer participate in post-season practices" followed by "after the Redwire story's publication, Cook told Pavan she could resume practicing with the team if she complied with several stipulations, including an apology. She declined to comply. "…32-b50d-aaf29eab0350.html

    Sorry for bringing up a one-month-old topic (that's because I check here only once in a while), but as you were on the Conegliano-Pavan affair, I can't help adding some more memories from the infamous blog. Like when she complained about the alleged ugliness of the team's jerseys compared to Liu-Jo's (that's what happens when your main sponsor is in the appliances' business rather than in the fashion's, was her point). Or when, on a summer day by the seaside, she got shocked by seeing little children running naked on the beach (a quite infrequent sight on the Great Lakes' shores, I guess). :aww:
    Then, when it all came out, I was among those who wished the club would kick her *** all the way back to Canada, but in the end they decided to let her get away with just a public apology and a "demotion", passing the stripe to Jovana. Because yes, it's worth remembering that back then Pavan was even the team's captain!... :wall:

    I have mixed feelings about this change, but mostly I wonder how they'd deal with the standings' points in RS or round robin's... a 4-3 victory would mean 2 pts for the winning side and 1 for the losing one, all other cases (4-2. 4-1, 4-0) meaning a 3-0 split?

    Congrats to Novara, they really deserved it!! :cup: :drink:
    I'm glad that, after losing 5 final series, Novara finally gets the monkey off its back.

    And I'm also happy for veteran 1st timers such as the two ex-Imoco Barcellini (at her 10th season in Novara) and Donà. Most of all, anyway, I'm happy for Katarina Barun: it would have been unfair for her not to win at least one "scudetto" in her career! ( QueenPiccininiLover: Fenoglio's memory failed him, as Katarina joined him in Bergamo the year after the title).
    On the other side, I'm sorry for Gaspari and Brakocevic: hope they'll have further chances in the future... (Well, Marco sure will. As for Jovana: honey, come back to Conegliano! :rose: )

    Santarelli new coach of Imoco.
    He was Mazzanti's second and Davide sponsorized him.
    Curious to notice that he will soon marry De Gennaro so Conegliano will have again a marriage between the head coach and a player ;)

    We're sooooo romantic... :lol:
    At least, in their case it will be hard to say that she plays just because she's the coach's wife... :whistle:

    I honestly don't understand why Conegliano would let Robinson go... Even for Easy and Hill.

    :wall: :wall: :wall:

    I wonder what's the logic behind this move... and, more generally, I wonder if our next coach is really gonna be Santarelli (Mazzanti's assistant, this season, and Moky's soon-to-be husband) and, in case, how much of a say he might have on these operations...

    Well, how funny is it to go in 48 hours from the idea of a season ending in late May to the reality of it ending in late April? :gone: ;(

    All jokes aside, kudos to Modena, the living proof of the theory that regular season and playoffs may be two completely different matters. While over the season we slowly worn out, they built a team, and tons of credit must be given to Marco Gaspari: this is the 2nd time he makes it to the final after finishing the RS in the 5th place. I'm just a bit sorry for this time he's on the other bench and not on ours... And I believe - and I wish him - that this will be the last season he begins as coach of a 3rd division team.

    As for us, we were already out of fuel and I'm also afraid the girls (some of them) might have been a little distracted by the transfer rumours. Speaking of which, I agree once more with KK15 and I hope the club will try to extend Robinson's contract, before thinking about Egonu, Kosheleva, Hill, the Virgin Mary, etc.
    Meanwhile, we'll have to be content with the national cup and a spot in the next CL (yes, we'll be there, although most likely starting from the qualification phase).

    oh there is a thing called karma or what ever conegliano was basicly given a spot in the finals this year so i m very very happy they didnt give them a wildcard

    Don't worry, after all I don't think Conegliano players are crying for not being there ;) I mean, Ortolani almost fainted after the last match...

    I do think that they felt the treatment was unfair, though.

    Not that it's gonna mean much or change anything in concrete terms, but according to several Italian media (see here or here) Conegliano actually was presented the chance of a wild card by the organizers, after Vakif decided to give back theirs and participate "for free" as CL champions. So it's been Imoco's choice not to accept it. And, again, IMHO they did well.