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    Some of you guys need to chill with the U-20/18 girls, they are not gonna be called to the NT any time soon. It's kinda crazy how everyone's putting so much hope onto Júlia Bergmann when she's only like 16. She has big potential, sure, but there's still a long way to go until she makes it to the senior NT (if she does).

    I think the team is good as it is now. We'll have to see how Edinara and Lorenne perform in the next U23 championship and the next Superliga, imo they're the only ones that might join the adult NT this current cycle.

    ze roberto invited fabiana to the NT when she was just 17/18 yrs old though, same with thaisa. regla torres of cuba won her first olympic gold medal at the age of 17 as well. it all boils down w/c players would show up and step up next superliga.

    age is just one part of the equation.

    ahahah I was wondering the same!!!! :whistle:

    With Brazil might be getting stronger with this line-up next year you might be ready for some more heartbreak HAHAHAHA

    But do you think Gabi and Juciely will still have their sport in the NT?

    gabi - she's still young and brazil always have problems on who to put on the OH position so I think she's still going to be selected or at least one of the options.
    juciely - she's already too old BUT if she continues to play really well, why not?

    if there's one thing Brazil has in its arsenal, that's block-defense thanks to their middles. they may be struggling with their attacks lately compared from previous years, but that substitution from ze roberto to substitute roberta for Carol was "ballsy". having 2 solid blockers in front gave brazil set 1

    this is what I like about the olympics: you never know what will happen next. not only we'll have a new Olympic medalist for women's volleyball but all the heavy favorites failed to enter the gold medal match. Both teams may not be the most technical team compared to USA or Brazil but Serbia and China deserve to be in the final nonetheless. It's all about winning the game and win they did.

    Serbia rely too much on their power hitters but if Maja will be able to play using her usual level, the Chinese ladies will have the match of their lives. Aside from the wonderful wing spikers, they have power on the middles compared to China and I'm hoping Maja would be able to utilize them effectively. For China, it's not just about Zhu Ting. Lang Ping is a brilliant volleyball tactician. If Serbia wants to win the game, they have to do it quickly and in 3 sets. Lang Ping treats volleyball like a game of chess and the more she utilize her players, the more China becomes dangerous.

    To be honest, this isn't the most "technical" olympics. Reception, as always, has been the bane of many teams' existence and for some reason, every Olympics it continually worsen. Combination plays are considered rarity. The number of errors from players (not sure if the stats would show it but this is my observation) is sky high and I cringe every time a player commits so many errors considering this is THE Olympics.

    It's a bit early to reminisce but the best Olympics for me is still the 2004 Olympics. Most teams were on their peak: so many different types of teams (high balls for russia/cuba, balanced volleyball for brazil/usa, quick plays from China, and powerhouse European teams such as Italy) but everybody was just on top of their game and almost on equal level.

    I hope to see a 5 setter match in the gold medal though. that would be awesome! :box:

    P.S. I still don't like that Chinese girl with screeching voice. :lol: