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    Some speculate it’s cuz of signing with Vakif so early for the next season despite the need and disrespect that muratpasa’s chairman was offended by. But they realised that they needed her services rather quickly 😂

    At least Mazzanti was able to keep Egonu off the court for days but Muratpasa can't for at least a full hour. :lol:

    Would Markova be the first Russian to play for Vakif?

    Where is the news about Santarelli in Eczacibasi? I can't see it in voleybolmagazin

    Santarelli in Eczacibasi would be great for them. I've often wondered why they haven't tried to get him specially when they seem to have the money for it. The coach has been one of their biggest problems in the past years and Santarelli would be a huge upgrade over Ferhat.

    Arina , Voronkova, Parubets, Kadochkina, Kapustina, Kuznetsova, Markova and probably some others who we do not know . Russia NT is losing an amazing generation.

    There's also Akimova, Suvorova, and Kobzar. Russia has good players in every position it's almost mind-blowing. It sucks that just when they seem to be on the rise, the ban happened.

    I've seen a few minutes of Markova's game and I'm quite impressed! She could give Arina a serious competition in the OH spot. Russia's quite stacked with offensive OHs with Arina, Kadochkina, and now, Markova. Too bad Russia is still banned from competitions. Who knows what kind of trouble they could cause to the top teams.

    Even though Arina is not on her best Fenerbahce still is one of the strongest team in the world. Can not wait to see Ana Cristina and Vargas. Stysiak can replace Arina in her worst moments

    This is what I have in mind too in case Arina continues to play poorly. Stysiak has played as OH before and this is the best way for her to get some playing time when Vargas gets back.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    It was a very different time and Karpol's system would look very weird when compared to today's volleyball structure. There's a certain rotation where the Middle-Blocker, Belikova, would attack high balls in zone 4 like an Outside-Hitter, Sokolova as Opposite would attack quick sets in zone 3, and Godina would spike from zone 2 as an OH. Morozova as libero would be one of the tallest liberos ever. She's definitely one of the best receiving MBs.

    I wish😍 but I'm almost sure that she is done with NT. She is very occupied with her child and seems like she enjoys family time. She has been playing for NT since she was 15 and unfortunately she doesn't have the same passion like Eda has for NT unfortunately 😔

    I have a good feeling she'll be back. An olympic medal is every athlete's ultimate dream anyway. Many veterans came back when their teams have a realistic shot of making it (specially for Turkey who just recently became heavy favorites the gold in Paris next year). For example: Brakocevic in 2016, de Kruijf and Meijners in 2019, Artamonova in 2012, and Larson and Thaisa just recently. Maybe Naz can sacrifice just 1 year in NT then she can always go back to being full-time mom? Who knows?

    With Turkey's remarkable and historic success this year, I wouldn't be surprised if Naz would be interested in making a return to NT. Her experience would be a valuable addition to the team. Although this means one of Cansu and Elif would be out.

    Guidetti is partially to blame for that, but I’m sure he wanted to do his best.

    There is also a factor of many players underperforming compared to last season, especially crucial players like Drca, Stevanovic, Pusic and Lozo.

    Lozo and Drca are nowhere near their form from last year, Pusic and Stevanovic don’t have impact they had last season. And ofc Maja with her playstyle.. I don’t complitely blame Guidetti for putting Maja cause Drca wasn’t in good shape at all during VNL and even that game in ECH when sick Maja had to enter to close the game.

    But overall the only thing I really hated about Guidetti’s coaching is hoe much he rotated OHs and destroyed confidence of some players.
    Even last WCH wouldn’t had that result if Mihajlovic wasn’t there to step in when we needed her and she asked to not play this NT summer.. it’s many things combined and Guidetti isn’t all to blame for it, but sute he could’ve done a better job

    Agreed. I just hope Maja will learn to adjust her sets next year. She's one of the best setters ever and it would be unfortunate it she retires on a low note. If there's a team that can challenge Turkey, it's peak Serbia and Italy.