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    Aleksandr Butko and Kit Harington (mostly because of the hair and the beard)

    Vesna Citakovic and Cara Delevingne

    Irina Koroleva and Mystica (Filipina "Split Queen." Apologies for being mean) :lol:

    Seyma Ercan and Ai-Ai Delas Alas (Actress/Comedienne from the Philippines. Again, apologies) :lol:

    Jordan Thompson and Moana

    Fedorovtseva is tireless! :white:I don't think she needs this tournament but if she really wants to play, I wish her all the best. Just hope she doesn't injure herself. :flower:

    I was just joking. Lol

    Larson talked about after the games they were just not prepared to face Russia (which is ironic, cause they’ve played a lot this quad) there was nothing they could do to find their way out of the deficit

    I was thinking you mean it as a jest but I don't want to assume so... Feel free to disregard my comment :lol:

    But yes, I find it odd that USA would struggle that much in that match. I thought that it would be easier to block Russia since they play slower. Then again, it doesn't matter now. There's nothing like a gold medal to undo all that :cup:

    Busato is so polarizing. One moment he's like god-sent to Russia with how he prepares the team then he's like a complete clown with in-game decisions on most occasions. I do acknowledge he has done something good with this team but tbh, Russia can do better than that. Like the others have already pointed out, I also can't help but think that when Russia wins, it's mostly due to the individual qualities of the players (which was the case with all the coaches after Karpol). When I saw the lineup for ECH, I knew the team wouldn't get too far and this tournament would mostly likely serve as a training ground for the younger players. Just hope they learned what they can. Now that it's over for them, I'm excited to see Fedorovtseva in Fenerbahce! Meanwhile, Lazareva would be spending her time in Turkey warming the bench. :roll:

    I dont mean to be rude but was the coach from London 2012 good?

    I don't mean to speak ill of the dead, but Ovchinnikov wasn't good either. Actually, all the coaches since Karpol stepped down just weren't good enough. I'm not sure but I think Caprara was the least bad among them. I guess It doesn't matter since he failed too at the olympics just like the others.

    I see Turkey as clear favorite against Serbia. Turkey has lots of options and has solid team play where as Serbia has only Boskovic (I bet Eda can't wait to block her).

    Haven't watched Italy vs Russia but I'm not surprised with the result. It's hard to expect anything from a Russian team this young and unstable.

    I think all top names had issues with him in the past at some point that resulted with their absence. Some made a come back some didn’t. Vasilevskaia quit volleyball for good, not just NT If I recall correct. Garacheva also quit but not sure if it was related to Karpol or her love affair.

    I can’t deny his success (duh) though his style is inhuman and I wouldn’t work well under such coach. I also understand circumstanses at those days and today are different yet I am sure shouting out to another human’s face contstantly was still unacceptable at those days.

    I would probably have a mental breakdown and a heart attack if I were one of the players. I'd quit NT too. :lol:

    Busato's calm, laid back, and gentle demeanor is the exact opposite to Karpol's tough and harsh approach. Karpol is Russia's greatest coach and under his guidance, Russia was a volleyball powerhouse and hasn't missed a semifinal at the olympics (Still amazed how he made a strong team out of Russia in 2004 and took them to the finals). Effective as his methods were, I can imagine that it must be a terrifying experience for players to play for a coach like him. Correct if I'm wrong but a number of players quit NT with him as coach (Vassilevskaia, Belikova, and Godina to name a few).

    Also can't forget this Karpol "coaching" Morozova: :lol::white:;(

    And also this Sokolova and Karpol moment :lol::white:;(

    You guys should get Lavarini I'm pretty sure he is leaving Korea and would be the perfect coach. Then Russia would be back to her glory days with the potential they have.

    Lavarini would work wonders with this team and I personally would love to see it although I have a feeling the Russian volleyball federation is not too keen on hiring a foreign coach who can't speak russian. It's a shame, though. A good coach is what's been missing for Russia for the longest time.

    It's an ugly game by Russia but enough to win against Belarus. Lazareva continues to be a non-factor in attack and Fedorovtseva struggled with the Belarussian block but at least, she put up insane numbers in aces again. I don't fancy their chances against Italy unless the Italian girls would have an epic meltdown. To be fair to Russia, reaching quarterfinals with this kind of squad would be considered a desirable result.

    I dream of having a volleyball game developed by EA Sports. I'd like it to have Club and NT tournaments and also have a sort of RPG mode where one could create, train, and develop players. That would be really exciting! But I'm also aware there's not enough interest in the game for it to be profitable. I hope I'm wrong though. For now, I content myself playing Spike Masters Tactical Volleyball and Volleyball Championships by Sirocco Mobile.