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    I expect Conegliano to react accordingly to their defeat last week so we 'll most likely see a stronger and determined Conegliano today. I hope Fener would prepare well too. I like both teams and it's too bad that only one of them could reach final 4.

    I hope there won't be an issue between them. I've seen too many times when great players cause tension when they don't get to be starters. Some would even choose not to play for the team if they don't get to be. Hopefully, Drca and Maja are professional enough to not get affected by it because they would be an amazing pair of setters other teams could only dream of.

    Maybe Ana Cristina can play as opposite? I remember Brazilian peeps have mentioned that the opposite position for Brazil is currently problematic. Ana C did well in the occasions she played as one.

    I didn't expect a win for Fener. Specially a 3-0 victory. I thought Conegliano was the more stable team but they were not able to exploit Fener's vulnerability at all.

    Ana Cristina deserves the MVP today. She's the revelation for Fener this season! We all have already said a lot about how great a server Arina is, but it's just absolutely insane how she comes up with the aces on a regular basis specially when it's against a team like Conegliano :white:

    It is not like there are many local outsides who can receive well to cover Arina. All other options, Şeyma Ercan and Ilkin Aydın renewed with their current clubs. Tuğba signed with THY. Saliha could be an alternative although she is not as stable as Meliha at reception and defense.

    I agree with this. So long as Meliha can receive well, she's good enough.

    And wow, Eda & Fetisova MB duo provides Fener a strong block! Lots of Russians going abroad lately. Good for them.

    Absolutely. And instincts of self-preservation will kick in faster once you start to notice your country is being isolated and becoming a threat to your self-preservation. That is the only way a third party can help you and your people with, other than being directly involved which is a disaster.

    It's a tricky and delicate situation. Like I said, it would be great if the people would be brave if they can stand up but we can't just easily impose our beliefs on them and judge them specially when we're not on the receiving end of the consequences. If I encouraged them to speak up and one of their family members got killed for it, I would terribly feel responsible for that. That's what I'm trying to say.

    I am terribly sorry for contributing to the offtopic conversation.

    Oh god stop it please! I am not questioning how hard it is or easy it is to criticise them. My point is: if you don't speak up, nothing will change, never ever. Although it is very hard, deadly and such, that is unfortunately how change happens in such dictatorships.

    And my point is, don't be too hasty to judge people who can't speak against their governments. It's admirable to be brave but self-preservation is a natural human instinct.

    You make it sound so easy. Try criticizing Kim Jong-Un as a North Korean.

    high ranking officials and billionaires mysteriously "falls to their deaths" in their apartments. And you think athletes are more powerfuk over those to make a statement? Not to mention they have roots and families back in Russia. People like you who are in a more democratic country tend to fail tp see that you have privileges most Russians don't. Especially in regards to "speaking up."

    And to be fair, lots of people protested in the streets of Russian cities... with a lot of them getting arrested for it.

    So you are talking from a point of privilege.

    I agree with this. I don't like Putin and I'm all for the bravery and speaking up against tyranny but we can't just easily judge people who chose to stay silent under such circumstances specially when their lives are on the line. That's why the Russians who spoke against invading Ukraine are so admirable. Imagine a North Korean speaking against Kim Jong-Un.

    That was a very enjoyable game! Good thing I decided not to skip it. Really liked Naz's game today. Great ball distribution and great digs! Gotta love those second balls she pulled off against the Queen of second balls, Maja. :lol: I think I never saw Bahar scored this much. On Eczacibasi's side, Boskovic was great of course but the introduction of Yasemin into the game turned the tide in their favor.