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    Top 5 setters:

    1. Ognjenovic

    2. Fofao

    3. Feng Kun

    4. Lo Bianco

    5. Fernanda Venturini

    Top 5 opposites:

    1. Gamova

    2. Egonu

    3. Jelic

    4. Boskovic

    5. Sheilla

    Top 5 outside hitters:

    1. KYK

    2. Sokolova

    3. Luis

    4. Zhu

    5. Artamonova

    Top 5 middle blockers:

    1. Regla Torres

    2. Thaisa

    3. Fabiana

    4. Tishchenko

    5. Rasic

    Top 5 libero:

    1. de Gennaro

    2. Castillo

    3. Fabi

    4. Cardullo

    5. Sykora

    Top 10:

    1. Gamova

    2. KYK
    3. Luis

    4. Zhu

    5. Regla Torres
    6. Sokolova
    7. Boskovic

    8. Ognjenovic

    9. Thaisa

    10. Fabiana

    All time:

    Opp: Gamova
    OH: Sokolova, Kim YK
    MB: Thaisa, Tishchenko
    S: Ognjenovic
    L: De Gennaro

    (I know, this is a semi-Russian team, but this lineup would be strong in both attack and block :P8o)


    Opp: Egonu
    OH: Zhu, Parubets
    MB: Koroleva, Eda
    S: Ognjenovic
    L: De Gennaro

    Matthias leaving this forum would be a terrible loss. In my years of browsing this forum, I always look forward to his knowleadgeable comments and in-depth analysis of the game. I learn a great deal from them. For the most part, he's balanced and eloquent in his opinions which makes him one (if not the most) valuable contributor in this forum alongside marshemellow (where is he/she btw?) and JoanaBG. :)

    And your post is PERFECT. You have opinion with 0 rude comment.

    But I will always respond at provocation with provocation, I don't get it why are they surprised with respond.

    They attack I defend and fight back, Turkish users are literally the same but they are plural so for them it is okej.

    And thank you for accepting feedback. That requires humility on your part. (Which is good!)

    I don't think it's about Turkish users and clubs. I think people here mostly have an issue with your lack of objectivity and sensitivity regarding certain topics.

    Safety first over Volleyball. Even if the mortality percentage is low, why would you risk it? There's still that chance you could die from it. And even if you don't, you also risk infecting others. Why is this so hard to understand?

    Kosheleva is still a big question mark for me. Sure, she has some great moments at club world champs, but it was also shown there that she had troubles with big teams. This coming VNL will be a good opportunity to see if she still has it. Otherwise, Lazareva should be in the 12 players squad.

    Personally, i'd like to see Goncharova as OPP with Lazareva and Parubets as OHs. Maybe Lazareva could pull off what Goncha did in London 2012. Russia needs firepower among the OHs to support Goncha. I thought Voronkova would be that OH but from what I've seen from last tear, she was quite unreliable in attack.

    Congrats Scandicci!

    I thought Kaliningrad would win it. For the most part up until the early part of the fifth set, they were doing well. Steady reception, Zivkovic distributing balls to all attackers, and noteworthy counter-attacks. But alas, it takes but a little for fortune to swing in the opponent's favor. Kurilo deserves praise. I think this is the best I've seen her play.