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    I think it's time for Sheilla to let go of NT. Yes, she's proven to be Brazil's best opposite ever but let's face it, she's no longer in peak physical condition to rack up points for NT. Lorenne and Rosamaria may flop hard in Tokyo but if they'll never get the chance to play in such an important tournament, they'll never be ready for future tournaments if Sheilla is always there to take up one of very limited slots in a 12-woman team.

    Which IMO proves that her time in the NT was already up. I know it's different than Sheilla's case.

    I think she still has it that time. She was still playing well during 2015-2016 seasons. It's just that she came too late to train with NT in 2014 so she didn't get to be in good shape and in sync with the team hence, the disappointing performance in WCH. sorry for offtopic.

    Boskovic is not delivering what she is paid for.

    I feel for poor Boskovic. She is carrying the scoring duties all on her own and still gets called out for not "delivering what she's paid for." Despite suffering from the effects of covid and bad team management, she still delivers. I don't think anyone would do better or come close to what she's currently doing in Eczacimessy.

    I like her determination but I'm not sure it's a good idea to rush her recovery. She could risk getting herself injured again. I guess this just shows how athletes value the Olympics. It's everything for them and every risk is worth it. I wish her the best though, and hopefully, she makes a successful and speedy recovery.

    Yesterday I received my first dose of vaccine(Moderna) I will get my second dose in 4weeks. Finally one step closer to my normal life. Can’t wait to care less about any rule anymore :drink:

    Same symptoms as my mom Who got vaccine in Jan.(Pfizer) Small pain in the arm. With her first dose She couldn’t sleep because of pain in her arm but next day She was like new.

    congrats to you! Hopefully no adverse side effects. Cheers! :drink:

    Now who beats her? :gone::dance6:;)

    Kirillova kinda looks like Malinov, doesn't she? And even some of the moves I've seen from Malinov, it seems like she got it from Kirillova. A bit sad Russia no longer produces such setters. I think the ones that came close to her were Vassilevskaia and Babeshina.

    Kosheleva is doing good at the moment with her club in Turkey, I think she can still be helpful in NT. If Parubets can have a good recovery, she can be used as a purely defensive OH/second libero in Tokyo due to her good reception. Voronkova and Fedorovtseva should play as starters and Koshe as sub. I think this will have more payoff than bringing one of Schcerban, Yezak, etc who are average players at best.

    With the way Kosheleva is currently playing, it wouldn't be a surprise if she'll be a starter again. And I think it wouldn't be a bad thing. IMO, Kosheleva's current season at Turkey is the best display of reception I've seen from her.

    No no, only Dürr ^^ I added the "(ex)" just because of her!

    Thanks for clarifying! For a second there, I thought they had already retired. :D That would be a shock since they are so young and would be a waste of talent for German NT.

    Starting 7 are 4 (ex) German NT players Dürr, Geerties, Stigrot, Weitzel; 2 American talents Gray and Gates plus Swiss OPP Storck. No outstanding names but all good quality players and they work out well as team.

    Geerties, Stigrot, and Weitzel are already ex-NT players? :huh:

    Kosheleva: After Parubets' injury, she has realistic chances to be part of the team or even a starter, specially with how she's currently playing in Galatasaray. I have almost written her off so her performance in Turkey is a pleasant surprise. Of course, it won't change things much for Russia but her current form is still better than Shcherban and Kurilo.

    Voronkova: I don't know what's going on with her, but her attacking has dropped in the past few years but on a positive note, she has improved in reception so she and Fedorovtseva are ideal as starting as OHs.

    Fedorovtseva: Like how many of us has already pointed out a number of times, she's a very promising player and currently performing well in Russian League but we'll have to see how she'll do under more intense pressure at the Olympics. OH options for Russia are very limited at the moment, so regardless if she's inexperienced or not, she's the best choice since the other OHs won't do better than her. Like I said before, Russia has very low chances to earn a medal or even make it to QF so I guess it's best to give Arina playing time to prepare her well for Paris. This, of course, depends largely if Busato will call her in NT. I also got a feeling that a lot of Russia NT followers project a lot of hope and expectation on her. The past 4 years has been the least successful for Russia so I can imagine fans are searching for success and they see a shining beacon of hope in Fedorovtseva. Hope she handles the pressure well

    Goncharova: Struggling lately but the starting OPP position is hers, regardless. Hope she can improve her form in Tokyo. It'll most probably be her last hurrah before she finally retires from NT so I hope she can give her best performance ever.

    Lazareva: I've watched a number of her games in Korean League. She's powerful but can be quite inconsistent. At this point, she's good as backupp OPP or backup OH. She'll add more firepower to Russia.

    Parubets: It's sad how she's been robbed twice of the chance to participate in the olympics. Being excluded at Rio was understandable but this time, it's harder because she has definitely earned her spot.

    All in all, Russia is a big question mark. A dark horse at best. I hope Busato can work some magic on the players. I can see he has a positive effect on the girls under his guidance.

    I think Italy has big chances to earn a medal (finally!) at the olympics next year and getting a gold doesn't sound too far fetched. Specially if Malinov will drastically improve her sets to the Middles. She's been the weakest link in this possibly the strongest Italian lineup ever.