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    Just watched Italy x Russia semifinal and 2 sets of Turkey x Russia finals. I think this is the first to see a Russian team celebrating a point with too many high-pitched screams. Rather strange and funny. :lol:

    Just saw this video on Saori Kimura during the 2012 Olympic Quarterfinals against China. She decided in the first set after a line shot went out that she wasn’t hitting line the rest of the day. Only from the back row would she hit straight. Think about that she had 33 points (32 kills, 1 block) and the majority of those kills went cross court and China could not stop it. Ebata also had 31 kills too. Oddly China was out blocked 11-10.

    That was an intense match. London 2012 has quite the dramatic quarter finals. Japan with 2 players managing to score more than 33 points each; Russia losing an epic match against Brazil with Sokolova, Gamova, and Goncharova scoring more than 20 points each; and Italy shockingly lost to Korea.

    I see nothing wrong with Terzic getting Vargas into Serbian NT. There seems to be no proper replacement for Mihajlovic and if he's unable to develop one, it makes sense to look somewhere else. It may sound like a desperate move to some but in the end, Serbia would benefit from it. Italy has done it, Russia has done it, and even Croatia too. A player as good as Vargas would be in any coach's radar and if Terzic didn't get her, somebody else will. It wouldn't be surprising if Guidetti would get Haak into Turkey NT (specially if Ebrar fails to live up to her potential).

    I don't mind a bit of off-topic discussions so long as it's not about hateful discussions and doesn't take more than 10 pages. The topic about Adams was already there and people are just being spontaneous. And since she's brought up, people who have opinions about her took it as an opportunity to comment. After all, this is a discussion board where conversations can be free-flowing so I think there's no need to be too police-y against these kind of discussions (again, as long comments are not about hateful discussions).

    I only know a handful of Serbian players so I won't be able to complete 5 names for some positions.

    TOP 5


    1. Ognjenović

    2. Antonijević

    3. Živković

    4. Mirković


    1. Bošković

    2. Brakočević

    3. Malagurski
    4. Djerisilo

    5. Starović


    1. Mihajlović
    2. Nikolić

    3. Spasojević

    4. Buša

    5. Blagojević

    middle blockers:

    1. Rašić

    2. Stevanović
    3. Veljković

    4. Krsmanović


    1. Popović

    2. Ćebić

    remembering that was a pause of 20 years of japan aiming 5th place and nothing more than that and then 3 good years with a wch and olympic medal and 2 years later a gp silver medal

    Then japan don't achieve nothing at international stage but they love volleyball and continue organizing tournaments

    I hope they still do because I think they're very good hosts.

    So I guess we have to wish for Japan NT's success otherwise, we might not see them hosting competitions again. That might have an effect on World Cup and World Grand Champions Cup which are held exclusively there.

    Watched a few minutes from the games and the first thing I noticed was Busato mas clearly trying to strengthen the serves through Jump serving. At one point almost all the players were doing it (Kosheleva, Lazarenko, and Romanova). It was pretty strange and interesting to see it although I personally felt it still needs more work on it for it do damage on the opponent's reception.

    Hikki fan here too! ULTRA BLUE would have to be my favorite album from her. Some of my favorite songs: Sakura Nagashi, Can You Keep A Secret, Sakura Drops, Be My Last, and Colors. :)

    Let me know where I'm supposed to talk about a russian NT player if not here. The one off topic, here, it's you, talking about me: I just expressed my feelings after reading about Gocharova's rude interview. :whistle:

    I kinda get where Inc0nito's coming from. It's totally fine not to like a certain player. That's perfectly ok and normal. But to go to extra lengths to say something bad about a person, grabbing every opportunity to do it and repeatedly doing it; that's kinda irrational. I mean, we get it. You don't like Goncharova or Russia NT, you don't like Karch, you don't like Lo Bianco and Gioli and Italy NT. No need to keep on saying it every chance you get.

    Oh my god I can't believe you guys all this Goncha-hating still around here. I admit she doesn't have the best/warmest personality, but that is her nature she is an introvert. She has come a long way and mellowed down from the feisty Goncha on her younger years. And if she really was that terrible, she wouldn't have been close with Maja Poljak, and even she and Maja had a good working realtionship before the split with Moscow happened.

    I don't get the comparison at all to Kosheleva. Between Goncha and Koshe, let me remind you it was Goncha who was always there available for the NT, every summer. It's only recently she has skipped WGP/VNL for the past few years as he is not getting any younger. Without her, Russia wouldn't even be a competitive team in the recent years, she deserves all the credit even when some other people always dismiss her and judge anything about her BESIDES her game.

    Not everyone can be a Koshe personality-wise. I reckon even Parubets is more of an ice queen than her, but for some reason it's always Goncha that gets the hate and bashing. Being beautiful really has effect on some people :whistle:

    My thoughts exactly. Goncha may not smile much which may cause people to judge her as a snob and her straightforwardness in her statements could come off as being bitchy but it would quite unfair to dismiss her as a bad person when we hardly know what she's really like up close. Like her or not, she's undeniably the current star of Russia and without her, the team would have fared worse in international competitions. And to be fair to her, she's smiling more than often in games when Busato took over as coach.

    I think if ever Kosheleva and Goncharova have to play together in court again, Goncharova might have to take receiving duties as Opposite. She's much better at it than Kosheleva. At least that's the best scenario that can happen. Not too sure if this will sit well with Goncha though.

    And whoa, Kosheleva jump serving? I have to see that. :huh: It seems like Busato wants to strengthen Russia's serves (something that has been one of Russia's weakest points for many years) but won't jump serving put more strain on Koshe? She's not young anymore. Anyone got a link for the game? :)

    Top 5 setters:

    1. Ognjenovic

    2. Fofao

    3. Feng Kun

    4. Lo Bianco

    5. Fernanda Venturini

    Top 5 opposites:

    1. Gamova

    2. Egonu

    3. Jelic

    4. Boskovic

    5. Sheilla

    Top 5 outside hitters:

    1. KYK

    2. Sokolova

    3. Luis

    4. Zhu

    5. Artamonova

    Top 5 middle blockers:

    1. Regla Torres

    2. Thaisa

    3. Fabiana

    4. Tishchenko

    5. Rasic

    Top 5 libero:

    1. de Gennaro

    2. Castillo

    3. Fabi

    4. Cardullo

    5. Sykora

    Top 10:

    1. Gamova

    2. KYK
    3. Luis

    4. Zhu

    5. Regla Torres
    6. Sokolova
    7. Boskovic

    8. Ognjenovic

    9. Thaisa

    10. Fabiana