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    What is weird is that when the second team of Russia played, the scores of the opponents are 14-14. But with the main team, the scores are 20-23-17.

    I think, for the 12 slots in the Olympics, it will be a battle between Makno and Estes, Ulanova and Kryschukova, Akulova and Matienko. The rest are guaranteed.

    agree. Perhaps they shouId play with second team in London (Kidding)

    I think Merkulova could also be out. I prefer Moroz over her. I also like Ulanova over Kryuchkova and akulova over Matienko (I'd rather have Babeshina though). However, it's a tough decision between Makhno and Estes. If Estes is in top shape, then my vote goes to her. ^^

    Gamova in Fenerbace? Don't they already have Kim? Interesting to know Ognjenovic will be playing in Russian League. I hope she makes a big difference and make the russian volleyball federation interested on investing and developing an excellent setter. :)

    Sad to hear about Morozova missing the coming olympics. She could have a substantial contribution to russia's blocking. I even like her to be the main MB together with Borisenko. With her absence, Perepelkina and Borisenko should be main MBs and Moroz as reserve.

    For me, starting seven should be:
    S: Startseva
    OH: Kosheleva, Sokolova
    OPP: Gamova
    MB: Borisenko, Perepelkina
    L: Ulanova

    Estes (OH), Goncharova (OPP), Makhno (OH), Moroz (MB), Babeshina (S) ^^

    Yeah that was her position in NT. She attacked very seldom but was main reception player together with libero. I think she was an important player for RUS NT from 2002-2004 even though most people didn't even notice her because only Gamova and Sokolova scored ;)

    If I remembered correctly, Plotnikova was among the best blockers and receivers during the 2004 Olympics.

    Not sure if somebody already created this thread so I'll just start one.

    Now, onto the Question:

    If you're playing volleyball, what's your position in the game? Or what would your dream position be?

    I'm not gifted with height so the best position for me would be a libero (I'm only 5'5" :rolll: ). But I dream of being an outside hitter. Love to hit the ball hard and do some reception as well. Being a setter wouldn't be so bad. :D

    I play volleyball, but not good enough for competitions. I play just for fun. :)

    How about you guys? :D


    I finally got to watch the full match too now...until the middle of 2nd set I thought what is everyone talking about?? But then all of a sudden Goncharova started shouting towards Kazan players after every point she scored, I didn't see anything happen but there must have been a reason for her to do it all of a sudden. Actually I admired how Kazan players managed not to be provoked by her behavior for a long time but then Gamova and Larson started doing the same. I can't understand that the referee never even warned any player during the whole match :what: I have to say I like matches with some fire, but in this match it was just stupid...

    I agree. Was a bit shocked with Larson's participation in this petty game of provoking. Especially that she's playing on foreign soil on a foreign league. But she's doing a great job for Kazan.

    Saw the match between kazan and Moscow. Goncharova was just unstoppable! Read from the earlier posts from this thread about this feud between Gamova and Goncharova on court. Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed with this behavior from them. Ok, the games are highly competitive but I wish that they don’t have to be hostile to each other. It could affect their teamplay when they play in NT. But that’s just my opinion. On the other hand, Grün was ineffective with her attacks but I think she make up for it with defense. I admire her presence and leadership on court. She seems good at motivating her team mates and she never forget to compliment the player who scored or who helped her make the score. :thumbsup:

    With Estes, Kosheleva, Goncharova, and Startseva joining the NT, I think this roster is stronger than their 2008 lineup for the olympics. I really wish russia would get the gold at London this time :D :olympia: