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    Neither does China. Opposite in China is a receiver but not an attacker.

    she is not a strong attacker, but has yet obtained many points/scores against italy. what a pity for chinese NT. italy play very well in this match. the same situation in WGP occured today....

    :( Jaque really seems to attract misfortune this year.
    In this case...congratulations to USA for winning the World Cup! I don't think anyone will beat them there. Even without Jaqueline Brazil will probably be 2nd. Anyone can take 3rd place...Serbia and Japan miss some of their best players, Italy played very bad in ECH, China played very bad earlier this year but has been constantly improving so maybe now they are the favourite for 3rd rank.

    USA is not still perfect now, but it's a good team, maybe the champion lol. the fist match USA vs Brazil will give us an answer for the WC's champion. ITALY wanna to occupe the third place, she must beat japan, however, in the last two or three years, italy was always defeated by japan. althought the abscence of NOKLIC, sebia is still strong for the 3rd rank. Gemany is amazing in ECH! maybe they will keep the same performance...

    for our chinese team, i dont know how to say lol, sometimes they play well, sometimes they play very bad, this team is not like the team of the year 2004, but still expecting some good news in WC!

    morning, i answer ur questions now lol

    although the volley is not popular in china, many guys play the volley in the universities or in the sport halls. and i tell u there is a postbar like this board " INSIDE-VOLLEY" where we can talk the chinese teams and other international teams and express our feelings. many chinese fans are eager to know some news of foreigner teams, i think that's why number of chinese users grow in strengh. we wanna the communication. :super:

    Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest/Olympic Stadium) still stand there after three years, it assume many famous sports events till now. in 2008, i saw a volley match china man-brasil man in 1/4 final, u can guess the result finally. there was miserable match for our team, we were too weak...that's the level of our team, still need to word hard. although we were defeated, i enjoyed the ambiance of the great stadium :)

    do u know Skowronska will play in china volley league ? the famous coach LANG Ping invited her and LANG received a positive answer. wanna to see her play in the chinese studium! and then i will tell u her situation lol

    hey everyone, my name is Yannis ZHANG. I love volleyball so much although in China volleyball is becoming not so popular. in this forum, i also wanna to make friends here and enjoy the feelings and ideas together. if one day u come to beijing, tell me then ! and i will bring u to a volleyball stade and play the volley with my friends lolll :drink: