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    Not a nice feeling to see Italians defeated and sad, indeed, but that's just the way sport is. Someone has to be the winner, and this time it was Cuba. I'm not gonna say that I'm depressed because of this defeat of Berruto's boys, I'm a little bit sad, 'cause I like them, but of course I always put our guys first, so in such situation I obviously cheered for Cuba. If this match wouldn't affect us in any way I would be probably totally indifferent, I would be satisfied anyway.

    Bad day had to come. I'm sure they will get themselves together before facing us.

    oh girls!! today italian guys played bad.... i'm so angry and sad :/
    congrats to cuba, they played well, they were on every ball, and simply deserved to win

    and i'm happy for poland too!! :D

    thanks everyone for uploading for these matches!

    i'm working a lot lately and i'm not able to see matches "live" :/ ,

    so i'm really thankful :D :obey:

    France's 14 for the pre-qualification tournament in Tourcoing (FRA) 23/27 november

    setters: Pierre Pujol, Benjamin Toniutti.
    liberos: Jenia Grebennikov, Jean-François Exiga
    MBs: Gérald Hardy-Dessources, Romain Vadeleux, José Trèfle, Jean-Philippe Sol.
    OHs: Guillaume Samica, Samuele Tuia, Nicolas Maréchal, Earvin Ngapeth.
    Opposites: Antonin Rouzier, Marien Moreau.

    i'm really happy to see Horstink back in his NT :D

    but seriously this Fei thing... makes me go out of my mind... him??? in reception???

    exactly what i thought. he really has to help when he can but.... idk :/

    btw, argentina's 14 for the world cup:

    setters: Luciano De Cecco, Nicolás Uriarte
    opposites: Federico Pereyra, Iván Castellani
    middle-blockers: Pablo Crer, Sebastián Solé, Maximiliano Gauna
    spikers: Facundo Conte, Rodrigo Quiroga, Mariano Giustiniano, Nicolás Bruno, Cristian Poglajen
    liberos: Alexis González, Franco López

    Hi Elisa! Welcome to our little volleyball home (:

    thanks a lot!

    Winiarski is my hero, lately, 'cause he plays with broken finger. I hope everything we'll be alright with his finger on World Cup 'cause many people count on him to help the team. Tomorrow it's gonna be a big fight, I hope it will be big at least. Jastrzębski Węgiel vs Skra. It's worth to see it.

    Samik is playing better and better. Yesterday in match with Delecta Bydgoszcz he received the MVP award. Pierre is for me a pure essence on the court :roll: His team wins almost everything, lately. And Pierre, the same as Samik, won the MVP award yesterday :D So French guys are on fire. Antonin and Xavier too. Antonin sometimes plays unevenly, he has better and worse moments in one match. But he still scores more than 20 points in one match. So he is a big support for ZAKSA.

    You'll be welcome in Plusliga thread. But I must warn you that if we start to talk we can't end :D

    such a great player winiarski is..... hope he will be fine for the world cup! sadly i couldn't see the match today :/ i'm sure it has been great!

    glad to know that the french guys are doing good! and mostly, i'm glad for pierre, he deserves a nice season to try to get back on high levels and hopefully this will be the right one

    Oh, feel invited! That's ture, every match in Poland is like a spectacle, it's definitely worth to taste this amazing atmosphere! :drink:

    awww!! sure thanks, i probably will come one day, i'm too curious to taste all of that! :D and moreover, i promised to make a poland trip to many people living there haha, so probably one day i will :D (can i say i'm also curious to visit your country? it must be really amazing for what i've been told...)

    From what I know you also have nice audience making a nice atmosphere in Italy ;) Anyway, you're always welcome here, in Poland :drink:
    And about Winiarski... He came back to NT. You can watch him on WC. If only mister Jacek won't kill him earlier. As well as Kurek.
    Samik now plays pretty good in our league so if he keeps like that he could be again helpful for his team :roll:

    oh well, we have a nice audience mostly for big matches... usually, for what i've seen, in poland it's way better ;) or at least, it seems really better...

    winiarski... yes, i've seen his name on the list and i've been suprised to see him back, but nicely surprised i have to say... i don't know how is he playing in skra lately, but i'm curious to see him again in the nt.

    i'm really glad to hear that samik is playing better! what about rouzier and the other french guys? pujol? kapfer? i've seen a match between their two teams few weeks ago... as soon as i'll have more time next days, i'll read the plusliga's thread, i promise :D

    :D Yes, we're definitely from the same club :D High five again!

    that's too awesome, high five back!!! :drink:

    Welcome to the forum :wavy:
    It is always nice to have such great fan of the game in our forum family :win:
    Enjoy your time here!
    Greetings from Bulgaria, too! :flower:

    thanks to you as well! :D

    Don't be so shy, you can't be not good at talking. It's just impossible. You'll see what will happen soon, when World Cup starts. We unleash a little hell here :D

    Oh, so we have another admirer of Argentinians. Yep, these guys do a lot of buzz around and impress many of us, lately :P I enjoy watching them, too. As well as the French. Now French NT isn't the same for me, 'cause I'm a big fan of Antiga and Henno. But I still love this team.

    So as a Pole can I ask you if you enjoy some guy or girl from my country?

    i totally agree, antiga and henno are a big loss for the french nt, as well as not having samica at his best... i think he's a good player.

    and sure, i really like poland nt: i think kubiak, kurek and bartman are really good players (but i kind of missed seeing people like wlazly and winiarski lately); as for the girls, i have very good memories of skowronska in novara, for example....

    i have to say that one day i'd love to see a volleyball match in poland, it seems to be amazing 8o

    grazie! :D

    thanks a lot bella!i'm sure i will enjoy a lot staying here :D

    btw right now i support the asystel team and the female italian nt;

    but as i told before, i'm a little more into male volleyball, so.... i'd say obviously the italian nt, a little bit of france nt (because i have a thing for everything that comes from france :P ) and also, i'm really impressed by the argentina nt: they're so young and talented, i'm curious to see them in a few years! all my support goes also to trentino volley, they are an amazing team, with great players.

    aaaaand.... yes, everything started when i was a little baby: my father made me watch some matches with him (he likes volleyball too, he has been playing a little as well, but not at great levels, so don't worry ;) ) and so it came naturally for me to get "involved" in this sport.

    anyway, my childhood idols were samuele papi and andrea giani 8) but i remember i was a supporter of the alpitour cuneo at that time... and after that, i followed papi and started to support sisley treviso haha!

    btw i have to say that growing up i started to really love setters (maybe because i've been playing as a setter too).... and my greatest idol is grbic :obey:

    if anyone has other questions, please ask! i'm not so good at talking :rose:

    aww! ciao!
    thanks a lot for all the nice welcome messages, it's my pleasure to know you all! :wavy:

    Ciao Elisa! Always a pleasure to welcome a new Italian user here!
    I'm sure you will enjoy your stay here, it's a really great place for volleyball addicts! :)
    Do you prefer female volleyball more or male? Or maybe you're trying to follow both?

    Enjoy! Kisses from Poland :drink:

    i'm trying to follow both, but i must admit that i'm a little more fond of male volleyball... :D

    hi everybody, i'm elisa from italy! i'm 25, and i'm into volleyball since when i was born. i've been playing for a while too, but i had to stop because of a knee injury. now i'd love to start playing again, but i'm still trying to find out some time to do it... btw i watch all the matches i can, both of females (i'm from novara) and males, as i love this sport with all my heart.
    i've been knowing this site since some months (maybe a year), but i never really got the chance (the courage, maybe) to register and introduce myself... but now, here i am. hello again!
    see ya around here (: