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    But in Münster there was an article clearly stating she got invited, and I don't think Waibl will un-invite players that Heynen invited. And then, who knows how long that whole coach change has been prepared behind the scenes?

    Kozuch last week had an Insta story saying something about training on Monday, so maybe not all players arrived on Friday yet. Of course DVV isn't any help as usual with providing information :aww:

    WN article from 26.3. said:


    Rückt Kömmling in der Nations League nach?

    Während ihre Nominierung ein Geschmäckle hat, ist die Auswahl von Frauen-Bundestrainer Vital Heynen in Münster auf uneingeschränkte Zustimmung getroffen. Mittelblockerin Luisa van Clewe (21) ist beim Lehrgang, der am 15. April in Kienbaum beginnt, von Beginn an dabei. Zudem steht Elena Kömmling auf der Longlist der DVV-Auswahl für die Nations League. Sie wäre in diesem Wettbewerb also dann einsatzberechtigt, wenn der Bundestrainer sie – zum Beispiel aufgrund von Verletzungen – nachnominieren wollte.

    Does anybody happen to know the content of the latest paywalled article from Münster's press? Does Fleck really say something that interesting or is it just clickbait?


    Auch Zoe Flecks Abschied ist bereits kommuniziert, die Libera zieht es zurück in die USA.

    Sie sagte nach ihrem letzten Spiel für den USC: „Es werden einige Dinge rauskommen, die erklären, warum diese Saison so schwierig war. Ich denke, der Club wird sich dazu äußern – vielleicht schon in der nächsten Woche.“

    Fleck, die das Kapitänsamt im Laufe der Saison von Korevaar übernommen hatte, sprach davon, dass das Team in dieser langen Saison einen guten Job gemacht habe. Sie richtete zudem „ein Lob an unsere beiden fantastischen Assistenztrainer, die uns die ganze Zeit über unterstützt haben, positiv waren und uns aufgemuntert haben – in guten und in schwierigen Zeiten“.

    Despite Münster's best efforts not to win it, Stuttgart manages to lose 2nd set :aww: Stuttgart with very weak reception and Rivers isn't delivering as usual, Münster does nothing special except for good serving and fighting. Still, Stuttgart on a normal day should win this easily!

    Yeah, we should reduce league to four teams. It's so boring! :wall:

    But that also implies a drop of level. How many young German players really have the level to play in 1st league these days? Even a player like Helena Dornheim spent most of the time on bench of a weak team, what's the point of having her on court only because she is German? Matches are important, but players have to work for achieving enough quality in training, and if they don't get there a local player quota won't solve any problems IMO.

    With a local player rule the German talents would not only be "side players" as in most teams of the league. They must be trained, because some of them have to play. In Italy it works. Lina Alsmeier wouldn't be "Lina Alsmeier of today" if she could not have played for USC Münster in the age of 16. Lina Alsmeier and Pia Timmer both have played for Emlichheim in the age of 15. If I remeber correctly Pia was perhaps a little bit better but both were on nearly the same level. And today?

    Yes, in the near future it would be a drop of level.

    But German league needs a drop of level. Stuttgart and Schwerin are financially to far away from the other teams. Only nine teams are left in Bundesliga. Many of them have financial issues. Dresden uses their very good talent work these years to compete (good for Germany but how long will it work?), Potsdam will drop level in the near future? And the others?

    Neuwied played with many German talents and they really got better. These talents were not the best in their age. These places in squad could have been used better. In the end Neuwied pays the price. Bye bye but many thanks to them!

    Has Helena Dornheim trained with first league team of Stuttgart in the age of 16 or 17? I cannot say anything about here way.

    And most likely her last one :( I don't see Münster beating any of the top teams in the playoffs. And I'm really unhappy about Fleck to LOVB :hit: German league is going to have a really hard time to keep its level with LOVB as new contender.

    Maybe it is the right moment to start with a local player rule. Most of the american players come to Germany in the age of 22 or 23 - diretly from university. But only few german players are still playing on profi level in this age - the players that could compete in first league in the age of 18 to 20. Ok some of the "little weaker" players go their way to american universities, but most of the talents change their plans for the future and stop playing volleyball on profi levels.

    I don't know the rules for 2nd league pro, perhaps it is a chance for still playing and training on a level not far away from profi level but ...

    Schwerin lost in Tie-Break in Potsdam, i.e. Stuttgart stays at top in intermediate round and can cement it with a three point win against Dresden at home today.

    The underdogs from Westphalia managed upsets in the bottom group: Aachen defeated Vilsbiburg in three sets as well as Münster against Wiesbaden.

    Aachen is not in Westphalia :P But thanks to use the correct region wording für Münster!

    I'm not happy, she really lost her spirit since this post :teach:

    Absolutely disappointing match today. Mutiri is weak since Maase has gone. Kirchhoff is on her maxmimum since two years. The match in Potsdam was so good. Obviously the team is not happy after Masse and Petit left. although both had not so much impact.

    I wouldn't necessarily sign it like that. It does mean that all teams definitely have three home games, but compared to Group A it means that you have one more game in the same period. You can interpret that as meaning that they have an even worse starting position for the playoffs due to the additional workload.

    You are thinking to much from the perspective to get champion.

    Although two more matches have to be played, every match between teams out of Wiesbaden, Vilsbiburg, Münster an Aachen are known for great fighting spirit and most likely these teams will play this round.

    I saw her on the beach and to be honest she has a great connection with Ludwig. In those matches she blocked a lot! Wish her to qualify for the Olympics.

    Hope so! Only Müller/Tillmann and Ludwig/Lippmann have the chance to compete against international top teams 2024! So hopefully both of these teams will qualify to olympics. I'm really impressed that Louisa Lippmann is more stable in all elements than Maggi Kozuch was in the last years! Nine more month are remaining to learn more for Olympics 2024. So sorry that they decided to train instead of playing German Championship at Timmendorfer Strand! Congrats to Müller/Tillmann for their title defense in Timmendorf!

    Using three backrow subs in one set must be a record :rolll: But I like Heynen's experiments, it can only get better than in the last matches.

    He should have used the three-MB tactic in the deciding matches against Sweden and Czech Republic.

    Alsmeier has zero nerves, as soon as she gets under pressure she fails in every element :white:

    Unfortunately this was the same way when she played for USC Münster. A great set was followed by a bad set. But ok, now she is the main attacking player for NT. This is even more hard. To much pressure for her!?

    Emonts has been very poor whenever she entered, she is far from her best shape after her knee problems.

    Where is Hölzig?
    Where ist self confidence of Rica Maase?
    She needs a season as starter in Bundesliga - but without self confidence she will not even play for USC Münster in the league because Mutiri is perhaps the better opposite. Wow, it was really bad to loose Louisa Lippmann. And then Hanna Orthmann in first match :-( I am sad.

    Heynen should just try one of the backup MBs as OPP at some point, it won't get worse than Stautz or Maase :aww:

    A team, that plays with Stautz as starter in all sets cannot join quarterfinals of EC. Where is Emonts?

    Press article from today confirms that Rica Maase is in NT training fighting for a spot in ECH, but it also says Anna Church and Tatiana Prosvirina were missing because they're still in their home countries. So Prosvirina will return after all? :what:

    The website of USC Münster seems to be actual. So Anna Church and Tatiana Prosvirina should be part of the team until there are news changing it.

    Looks like team of USC Münster starts training these days. Missing Zoe Fleck (USA team?), Elise Petit (Canadian team?), Luisa van Clewe (Universiade for Germany in China) and Rica Maase (German team for ECH?).

    On this picture I find…154&set=a.743680689928972

    Mutiri, Kömmling, Mogensen, Jorgensen, Korevaar, Jordan, Ewert and Kirchhof.

    And also Anna Chuch is missing, so I think she definitely will leave USC Münster.