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    The match was interesting, to say the least lol. Looking at the stats, the game was pretty much balanced, only 2-3 pts difference between all the scoring skills. Argentina committed way more errors though, 38 vs 23. Looking to see how they'll bounce back in their remaining games for this week.

    Argentina making lots of errors is deadly because it's the ONE thing they can't afford against any top team. Since the team doesn't have enough power and blocking capacity they need low errors to compete with the best.

    I would like to believe this "low energy" performances are partially due to the long trip to Asia but if it's not I fear about the future without Conte carrying the attack.

    Volleyball world just hypes everything that gives them likes and views. That is, east asian teams and their legion of followers: Japan men (riding on otakus who watch that one anime), Thai women, China women... even Philippines (!) gets shout outs from them occasionally despite their level is very low.

    I think Japan-USA tomorrow could be a really good one. Both have played pretty low-level teams so it'll be interesting to see who can raise their own standard of play.

    USA crushed Slovenia, that's not a low level team. In fact, it was an unexpected result for me (at least in the score).

    USA will most likely beat Japan handily.

    Argentina so soft in attack...

    If no big attacking talent emerges soon to replace Conte this team will be Japan 2.0

    Palacios, Lazo, Lima and many others that make the larger squad are all basically the same player. Nobody that makes a difference.

    Too lazy to write or post a link.. Argentina's roster for the first week is everyone important except De Cecco and Conte, as usual in first few VNL games.

    Surprisingly Mendez excluded his son from this roster (good news). The main young player I'm looking forward to watch is Manuel Armoa (OH), he looked great yesterday in a friendly with Netherlands in what was his international debut.

    This is the wide squad to play this year in VNL and WCh...

    Setters: Luciano De Cecco, Matias Giraudo, Matias Sánchez, Pablo Urchevich.

    Opposites: Bruno Lima, Juan Barrera, Manuel Balague.

    Outside hitters: Facundo Conte, Nicolás Lazo, Jan Martinez, Nicolás Mendez, Ezequiel Palacios, Luciano Palonsky, Manuel Armoa, Luciano Vicentin.

    Middle Blockers: Joaquín Gallego, Agustín Loser, Martín Ramos, Nicolás Zerba, Franco Medina, Flavio Rajczakowski.

    Liberos: Santiago Danani, Franco Massimino.

    Pereyra, Poglajen and Sole have not been called to the team which would suggest all 3 are retiring but the press release from FEVA only said that "they will not be part of this stage" and that they "thank them for their service during all these years".

    I think it's an implied retirement but they are waiting for the players themselves to confirm that on their own social media channels.

    As Argentina fan, I'm perfectly fine with this change of system even if it's bad for our women's team.

    -Nobody watched their games at the olympics (I think I watched one set of them and nothing else, and I'm a volleyball fan, not a "casual").

    -It won't lead to any improvement in their level. Not even in sponsorship.

    -It's a waste of public money in preparations, travel costs, etc.

    Why don't they just hire more personnel and rotate them? Surely fivb have plenty money for that given the fortunes they rack up from the bids to host their shitty qualification tournaments.