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    I know this match isn't exactly the definitive proof of anything because both teams weren't with their best players and the game didn't decide anything, but it's another symptom of a recent trend: every year, little by little, the difference between Argentina and Brazil in volleyball is narrowing. First it was a couple of wins at youth/junior level in men's volleyball, then some argentinian clubs winning south american championship, then a few unprecedented youth/junior wins for Argentina in women's volleyball, now some consecutive argentinian victories in world league.

    I do not know however whether this is good work from FEVA or just a brazilian decline.

    I guess Tillie wants to give his bench as much playing time as possible...
    The starters were only there to put on a brief show for the audience I assume?

    Well, if they lose the audience is gonna be pissed lol. I don't get what' s the point in doing this, if you already won 2 sets with ngapeth and toniutti just let them close the match.

    I wasn't expecting this at all. Really great match from Tomy Lopez and Zanotti. Loser is shaping up great too, despite his not-great height for a MB he blocks a lot and his serve provides much more than Crer's.

    I get the feeling that Italy is the team that depends THE MOST on it's serve. In the days it's not working they can lose to many teams that are, in theory, weaker.

    I don't know why we're playing with this kid as libero when we have several more experienced options in the position... he improved a bit at the end of the set, but he's been a liability in many situations.

    Also, both yesterday and today we are having an insane amount of attack errors, it's impossible to win against any opponent like this. Even Conte is missing a lot.

    Argentina squad for next weekend (at home):

    S: Cavanna, Sánchez
    Opp: Ramos, Lima
    OH: Conte, Poglajen, Lopez, Zanotti, Martínez
    MB: Loser, Sole, Gallego
    L: Danani, Massimino

    Compared to last weekend: Crer, Palacios and Toro are out (for rest). Conte, Poglajen and Sole start playing.
    De Cecco... still on vacation.

    Again Velasco insisted with Ramos as starter opposite today (and again with low effectiveness %). And Crer/Palacios did not even play, just a bunch of inexperienced players.

    Does he not care about this competition at all??? next weekend better show a decent squad or the home crowd is going to be angry.

    I also have a question: Why is only one full-time OP, Bruno Lima, in the roster? Is the left-handed OP, Johansen injured?

    Johansen is playing the south american games at this moment,

    As left-handed opposite there is also Jose Luis Gonzalez, but the coach let him (and Alexis Gonzalez, the libero) skip the VNL due to their old age so they don't get too tired. Both will probably play the World Championship too.

    wow that was pathetic.

    I don't get why insist in using Ramos as opp, he was awful yesterday (something like 14 kills out of 40 attempt) and today was also below average. I don't get why you would start him over Lima who is much more used to play that.

    I'm sure they will show better with Bulgaria anyway.

    I didn't say they finished yesterday, I said they all finished competition after the argentina league, therefore they are been given more rest than the others.

    What Brazil or Serbia do is of no concern to Argentina. Maybe they take VNL super seriously, good for them then. Plus, as I told you, from a south american perspective, one thing is travelling to China, another is playing in Europe.

    And no, the objective maybe isn't "winning the WCh", but doing well in it. Because, you know, progression... different teams have different objectives...

    Argentina is not sending DeCecco, Conte, Poglajen,Sole...I understand playing against China and Korea is waste of time for Brazil...but Argentina is way far behind and for them playing against literally against anyone is a good thing so I don`t see why these "A" players are resting.

    a) Those players in particular just finished long seasons and this competition is 15 matches-long. Argentina league (where all players we'll use this weekend play) finished some weeks before italian, brazilian, chinese leagues.
    b) This weekend is in freaking China, which is insane travel from Argentina and exactly opposite time zone (12 hour difference).
    c) Next weekend we play at home, so we want to have the best players fresh for next weekend.
    d) Truth be told, Velasco doesn't care about nations league. For him all that matters is the world championship.

    What the hell at USA Volleyball not even caring about announcing the team they would take for the first week of VNL. They only have five days before the first match in China..:gone:

    So the first week it is China, Argentina and Bulgaria. Not the strongest pool for us but Argentina could be a threat depending on their setter. I would probably want some new personnel here. It could be great f time for experiments. I guess we have to bring the best team against Argentina though.

    Argentina isn't complete for first weekend, no Conte, De Cecco, Poglajen, Gonzalez or Sole. Don't think it can oppose USA too much unless they play a weak team.

    Wasn't 2013 the year Argentina hosted the world league? I mean I agree that was a bad year but being a host nation of world league is a curse. Even Uriarte was starting ahead of De Cecco but they still almost beat Brazil in South American Championship. :whistling:

    For Iran, it could be possible that they regressed...

    ...but with Kovac they almost medaled in the world championship and world league of 2014, with Lozano they made the olympics and with Kolakovic they made their best finish in a FIVB world stage last year in the World Grand Champions Cup with a bronze medal.

    I have the theory that Kovac only reaped the fruits of Velasco's tenure (he left just few months before the competition). The following year Iran was very bad under him.

    Making the olympics isn't that impressive, Iran was already far above other asian teams. Yes, I know they missed it in 2012, but that was just a massive accident of a loss against Australia.
    Point taken about the grand champions cup, I had forgotten about it. Maybe they are resurrecting now.

    I don't see your point. Bulgaria and Germany are weaker from the London Olympics. I never expected them to do better now. By the way Argentina in London defeated Bulgaria Team A.

    Argentina also got beaten in the South American Championship by Venezuela. :gone: I really cannot trust him with his results lately. He also has a terrible knaxk for underestimating opponents nowadays. If CSV decided with the South American Championship as the sole qualifier for the World Championship, they wouldn't even qualify for this year's biggest competition.

    You don't understand, Argentina had decent run in 2011/early 2012 but in 2013/14 they were regressing losing to Bulgaria B, Germany B, Canada B... Velasco arrived and the team started playing better little by little, year by year, defending better, attacking better, serving better. All this without any super stars.

    The Venezuela game doesn't really matter, it's just one bad game and Venezuela was beaten 3-0 after that, in the game that mattered. Also, Argentina played the whole season with basically Poglajen as the only natural attacking player.

    And we don't even have to talk about his job in Iran, he turned them from nobodies to world beaters. And since he left Iran has only regressed. I don't think that's a coincidence.