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    i didn't think it was necessary to get into this, but one the reasons it is viewed as offensive is the sheer euro- (or white-) centrism of it. what european people are saying is, they are the normal/universal humans and all others, are marginal, not-normal, not the standard. it's like thinking white skin and straight hair are normal, and dark skin and frizzy hair as the other/marginal/abnormal. just imagine all the other implications of that kind of thinking.

    Yeah, I know that... and Conte is saying in the story that he understood it's wrong ("now we know it wasn't a great idea and we regret making you feel that way") . So, what else do you want him to do? Kill himself?

    are chinese and japanese all asians?????

    logic comprehension...

    No, but kuwaitis, iranians and qataris are also asian and they don't have slanted eyes. Better to just adress the two countries that could feel the most offended by this IMO.

    Or what do you want him to do, write a list of every country he might have offended with the slanted eye gesture? Lol that actually would have been even more racist in itself.

    In my opinion, his message is ok. He more or less explains he did it due to ignorance but doesn't justify it, he admits it was wrong.

    Argentinians don't decide what is offensive or not TO ASIANS lmao Idc about their culture because it's here not about their culture. You are pro volleyball players and travel around the world, so many similar situations happened by now, educate yourself! How dumb do you have to be to still use this I cant anymore...

    Geez, how hard it is for some people to not be racist is beyond me... And all of em have their excuses ready per direct.

    It's not an excuse, I'm not anyone's lawyer. I'm giving you an explanation of what may have gone through those 3 players' heads. I know what they did is wrong.

    As was posted before by someone, you may be overstimating how informed some people are about racism, despite being well-travelled professional players. It's not really a matter of "common sense", if it was common sense then things like KKK or those popular european xenophobic political leaders wouldn't exist. Education plays a big part in preventing this.

    As they should be. How anyone is this dumb in 2019 is beyond me. How hard is it just to not make a racist gesture.

    It's obviously because they don't think it's a racist gesture. There aren't many asians in Argentina, they probably haven't had contact with many of them or know very little about their culture and what would be considered offensive for them. It's different in countries like Canada, the US or western Europe where racism is a very sensitive issue due to the plurality of races/cultures living together. The average citizen in those countries is much more informed about the matter.

    And I know Conte played in China, but he could barely communicate with anyone while he was there, so I doubt he had the opportunity to learn anything about racism in asian culture.

    For the euroshits here: the only way the african and argentinian team will be in the same group is if BOTH Turkey/Germany and Thailand qualify.

    Even more, if Colombia or Peru qualifies they are 100% sure not going to be in the same group as the african team.

    By the way, this would be the OG pools assuming the highest ranked remaining teams qualify:

    A- Japan, Italy, Poland, Argentina, Iran, Venezuela (replace with Chile if you wish).

    B- Brazil, USA, Russia, Canada, France, Egypt.

    Only the World Cup could change the rankings. Some teams are close to each other but I don't see any major shifts happening unless some of the big teams go there with their "B" squad. The reason I don't see much change happening is because the teams participating in the world cup are pretty much the same as in 2015, except Brazil who are number 1 anyway, so they can't really climb in the ranking.

    We're (probably) going to Tokyo :drink: Lovely battle with the canadians, both teams are extremely close in level, reflecting what the ranking says.

    I don't know about Chile, Venezuela is difficult to gauge as they don't show up to almost any tournament and usually they are missing players for some reasons.

    NORCECA qualifiers could be tough for Canada seeing that the cuban kids are giving work to Iran + they will have Simon, Hierrezuelo and Sánchez Brozhulev. I feel Canada "needed" today's win more than us in a sense. Still think Canada will make it.

    Group A

    Serbia 3-0 Thailand

    Poland 3-0 Puerto Rico

    Serbia 3-0 Puerto Rico

    Thailand 1-3 Poland

    Puerto Rico 2-3 Thailand

    Serbia 3-0 Poland

    Group B

    China 3-0 Czech Republic

    Turkey 3-1 Germany

    Germany 3-1 Czech Republic

    China 3-1 Turkey

    Czech Republic 0-3 Turkey

    China 3-0 Germany

    Group C

    Argentina 2-3 Bulgaria

    USA 3-0 Kazakhstan

    USA 3-0 Bulgaria

    Kazakhstan 1-3 Argentina

    USA 3-0 Argentina

    Kazakhstan 0-3 Bulgaria

    Group D

    Brazil 3-0 Cameroon

    Dominican Republic 3-1 Azerbaijan

    Brazil 3-0 Azerbaijan

    Cameroon 0-3 Dominican Republic

    Brazil 3-1 Dominican Republic

    Azerbaijan 3-0 Cameroon

    Group E

    South Korea 3-1 Canada

    Russia 3-0 Mexico

    South Korea 3-1 Mexico

    Russia 3-0 Canada

    Mexico 2-3 Canada

    Russia 3-0 South Korea

    Group F

    Belgium 0-3 Netherlands

    Italy 3-0 Kenya

    Netherlands 3-0 Kenya

    Belgium 0-3 Italy

    Kenya 0-3 Belgium

    Netherlands 1-3 Italy

    Group A

    Brazil 3-0 Puerto Rico

    Egypt 0-3 Bulgaria

    Brazil 3-0 Egypt

    Puerto Rico 0-3 Bulgaria

    Egypt 3-1 Puerto Rico

    Bulgaria 1-3 Brazil

    Group B

    Netherlands 3-0 South Korea

    Belgium 0-3 USA

    Belgium 1-3 Netherlands

    USA 3-0 South Korea

    Netherlands 1-3 USA

    South Korea 0-3 Belgium

    Group C

    Australia 0-3 Serbia

    Italy 3-0 Cameroon

    Serbia 3-0 Cameroon

    Australia 0-3 Italy

    Cameroon 1-3 Australia

    Serbia 3-1 Italy

    Group D

    Poland 3-0 Tunisia

    France 3-2 Slovenia

    Poland 3-1 France

    Slovenia 3-0 Tunisia

    France 3-0 Tunisia

    Poland 3-1 Slovenia

    Group E

    Iran 3-0 Cuba

    Russia 3-0 Mexico

    Iran 3-0 Mexico

    Russia 3-0 Cuba

    Cuba 3-0 Mexico

    Russia 3-1 Iran

    Group F

    Canada 2-3 Argentina

    China 2-3 Finland

    Finland 0-3 Canada

    China 0-3 Argentina

    Argentina 3-0 Finland

    China 0-3 Canada

    Anyways....I just hope Serbia stays #1 or falls to #2 or #5, because that will put them in pool B at the OG and that is usually the group of death. I don`t want them in the pool with Japan, Argentina?, Kenya? and probably DOM? ... Hopefully Brazil goes to pool A since they love watching African and South American teams at the OG.....<3

    I want my favorite team to play against the best in pool play and not get a easy path to the finals.

    As of now, if all the highest ranked qualify...





    Not that uneven I guess?

    in the men's tournament, it seems both BRA & ARG and US & CAN are going to qualify, so there's a 3rd team from both n. and s. america... and europe is going to get only 3 spots at OG...

    If everything goes as predicted Europe should get 4 spots at the OG, not 3. The winner of FRA/POL/SLO, the winner of ITA/SRB , RUS (if they beat IRN at home) + the final european spot.

    Of course, there is also BUL (vs BRA), FIN (vs ARG/CAN) and BEL/NED (vs USA) but they are not favorites.

    So, basically it's the same scenario as the women.

    I am fine with this qualification system as long as it has a very minor effect on world ranking of teams. As I wrote before, 5th place and further on should get "0" points when the level of tournament is low.

    Just give less points, no need to be so extreme and give a 0.

    0 points is stupid because world ranking also gives some points for teams that failed in olympic qualification. So according to your criteria for example, the highest european team that failed to qualify would be getting more ranking points than whoever finishes 5th at the olympics, which is nonsense.

    Despite of the fact that, for many years, South American or African countries have been joining olympics undeservedly and there's still not any improvement going on:whistle:

    I can't speak for other countries, but in Argentina women's volleyball is improving. I do feel like playing in Rio increased their popularity here. Every year we have better and better results at U18/U20 level. I wouldn't be surprised if in let's say 5 years we have an stable VNL mid-table level team (like the men). Obviously now the team wouldn't be "deserving" of a place in the top 12, but from what I see they are getting there.

    In many sports, there's no representation of from several continents and it is just fine.

    Sports such as?

    but if they complain that women's volleyball is not popular therefore deserves few spots

    12 teams is the standard for every team sport at the olympics except men's football (who has 16 teams). They can't increase it because you can't have an infinite number of people living in the olympic village. Popularity doesn't matter, men's basketball is much more popular and they get 12 teams too.