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    I hate this new trend of treating NTs like they were clubs. This girl has ZERO connection to Serbia. It makes a mockery of everything.

    Thanks god Cuban federation is getting their shit together with professionalism in the last 2/3 years and this won't happen anymore with future players.

    Ezequiel Palacios moves from Italy to Montpellier.

    Also all the cubans from Argentina league will leave, mostly to France too!...

    Osniel Mergarejo and Jesus Herrera will go to Chaumont, Julio Cesar Cardenas to Tourcoing, Jose Carlos Romero to Ajaccio.

    Some cubans to other countries too: Miguel Lopez, as said before, will go to Brazil. Javier Concepción to Olsztyn.

    Basically there aren't any players left in Argentina except juniors. The league is a joke now.

    Argentina league still getting looted. The next season is basically a youth league because clubs can't pay experienced players anymore (currency devaluation + coronavirus).

    Uriarte (S) and Ramos (MB) to Narbonne, Alexis Gonzalez (L) to Montpellier. Also Matias Sanchez (S) moves from Brazil to Tourcoing.

    And there is still more exodus to come in following weeks...

    I personally believe De Cecco is a downgrade for Lube, I don’t think they will be able to have the chemistry they need with him.

    I thought Leal in Lube was done deal, where is he going?

    Anyone is a downgrade from the best setter in the world.

    Name an objectively all-around better setter they could have hired that isn't already in the top 4 italian clubs.

    Which team do you think will benefit the most and suffer the most due to the change in date?

    I guess Brazil since they won't have any starter under 32 years old except Lucarelli? They all still look in good shape though.

    All other teams have more or less have similar age average, don't think it would make much of a difference.

    no offense, but i wish, instead of CAN and VEN, it was SRB/BUL/SLO.

    You mention those 3 teams but not Germany who were actually the ones that just missed the ticket :D

    Anyway, don't think BUL or SLO would add something better than CAN to be honest. And SRB... they were simply pathetic in all qualifiers. They don't deserve to be in the games.

    No thread for this so I will just leave it here...

    Sada Cruzeiro wins the south american championship, again.

    Good fight from UPCN. I'm surprised they made it to the final defeating both Taubate and Bolivar since they aren't exactly having a good year in the league (they are not even top 4 in the table currently). On the other hand Bolivar who are still unbeaten in the league was pretty bad (they were also bad at the Libertadores, I think Weber's poor coach skills are exposed when he's outside his "league safe space").

    Taubate was also relatively poor, but their unpaid players probably lack motivation for anything...

    Hopefully FIVB will invite an argentinian team to club WCh this time... I was really pissed off with that shitty 4 team tournament last year.

    Pool B is tough, but not that bad for class-A teams. France only need to beat Argentina and Tunisia to advance to 1/4.

    It's extremely similar to their Rio group:

    Brazil = Brazil

    USA = USA

    France = France

    Russia = Italy

    Argentina = Canada

    Tunisia = Mexico

    IMO although they would be favorites over ARG I can see France and Russia flopping from this one. I think only Brazil and USA are sure bets to advance.

    Btw, Turkish volleyball did not start yesterday, it started in 2003 women's european championship which Turkey hosted and came 2nd. After that, women's volleyball has always been popular in Turkey which explains why new girls keep coming with potential and Turkish league became so popular in world.

    So yeah, yesterday...

    They didn't play any WCh before 2006 and this will be only their 2nd olympics. Not to talk about Men's team, which has done literally nothing.

    Compare that to Brazil, USA, Russia/USSR, Italy, China, Cuba, Japan, even Korea. Only Serbia has a similar short history like them but at least they have a strong men's team since a long time ago.

    I mean, no disrespect, it's good progress for such a little time. But they are in diapers still.