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    Argentina for 1st weekend at home vs POR, BUL & CAN:

    S: Uriarte, Cavanna

    OPP: Pereyra, Lima

    OH: Conte, Poglajen, Palacios, Mendez, Martínez (one of these last two will be 2nd libero)

    MB: Crer, Loser, Ramos, Sole

    L: Danani

    Alexis Gonzalez (injured) and De Cecco will join later (probably around the 3rd weekend).

    Argentina played a couple of friendlies last few days with Chile and Portugal in preparation for the 1st weekend of VNL.

    Argentina 3-0 Chile (25-18, -22, -19)

    Argentina B 3-1 Chile (25-15, 22-25, 25-19, 25-20)

    Argentina 3-0 Portugal (25-23, -15, -21)

    Heavy rotation of players in all games, but it's noteworthy that Uriarte played for the NT after a 3 year absense. De Cecco still on vacation, won't play 1st weekend of VNL either.

    What is the difference between Copa Libertadores and the CSV club championship?

    The Club championship is the official club competition of CSV and awards one quota for Club WCh to the winners. It's usually played by two argentinian teams, two brazilian teams and bunch of clubs from the other countries (some years more, some years less, it's a bit inconsistent).

    The Copa Libertadores Voley is more like a private enterprise between argentinian and brazilian leagues that started this year (it has the approval of CSV though) and sees the top 4 clubs of Argentina facing the top 4 clubs of Brazil. As an interesting sidenote, both UPCN and Sada (who play the final of CSV championship today) played the Libertadores recently and both missed out of the top 4, finishing 5th and 6th respectively.

    As you may notice, the format makes it a much more competitive tournament compared to the south american club championship. Personally, I would scrap the south american championship entirely since it doesn't make any sense for argentinian and brazilian clubs to play clubs from the other countries (they always play them with the B team and still win easily) and I would establish Copa Libertadores as the main competition. And maybe, someday, allow clubs from other countries into it if their leagues get competitive enough.

    Sada survived a 0-2, 24-25 against Obras and will play the final of south american championship with UPCN, who easily disposed of Minas.

    Sada also won their group game with UPCN in the same fashion, reverting a 0-2 in sets. What will be the result tomorrow??

    PS. Obras has an extraordinary setter in Sanchez. Technically he is better than even De Cecco IMO. Sadly, he's 172cm tall and will probably never be world class player due to that alone :(

    It doesn't matter who hosts the south american championship. Sada is the current superleague champions (I think they won in the past 4 or 5 seasons), so as long as they keep winning the league, they will have a spot there. And I don't think home is a major factor here. South american clubs are not as good as Brazilians. Bolivar will not play, for example.

    The hosts this year is Minas Tênis Clube. I don't know if you are Brazilian or not, but Minas is a state. Minas Tenis Clube obviously plays in Minas but their home is the capital of the state, and that's where the south american championship will be held in later this month. Sada's home is in the state of Minas, but not in the capital.

    Damn, I forgot the 2nd qualified from Argentina is the champion of the dumb cup and not the runner up of the league. Without Bolívar, then no chance for ARG teams. Especially because UPCN sucks this season.

    As for Cruzeiro, hosting in the state is still an advantage, they barely have to travel and many of their fans can still attend even if it isn't their home ground.

    It was actually hosted by Taubate (which ended up in 4th place). Sada finished in 6th place.

    The South American championship will have Sada and Minas to fight for the WCH spot.

    I know that Taubate hosted this. I'm talking about the south american championship in a few weeks. The amount of international club tournaments hosted in MG last few years is a bit ridiculous. Sada is usually the best ofc but they always have that extra advantage too.

    There is no thread for it so I'll comment here: today is the Copa Libertadores voley final between Bolívar and SESC (the winner qualifies for Club WCh, maybe?).

    Bolívar has been very impressive beating several top brazilian clubs in their way to this final.

    This cup was a great idea and I hope it replaces for good the dumb south american championship which basically gifted the title to Sada almost every year.

    Szalpuk played well, but Leon can still strengthen the squad much further as Kubiak's opposite.

    I know he will be important eventually but I wouldn't touch this great chemistry right from the start just to add stars, they could end up like Italy...

    As an Argentina fan, the sooner we are out the better. The coach is awful and should have been fired like 2 years ago but somehow is still in the job because the federation doesn't really care about women's volleyball, so any donkey could coach them for all they care. The team has only 2 semi-decent players but the moron in charge dropped Nizetich cuz he didn't like genuine criticism from her.

    I hope Cameroon can beat our team, no will to watch all those 3-0s in the 2nd round.

    I`m not sure where the idea that Serbia would let Poland win tomorrow is coming from... This is what Brazil and Italy does.... Remember Italy let Canada win the final game in Rio of pool play and tomorrow they will do the same against NED if they can eliminate Russia that way....and Brazil is known for fixing results..... Serbia has never done that and will never do.... They can careless if either Poland or France moves on.. They will play to win.

    Italy is probably already crapping on their pants hopping they don`t have Brazil in the semis.

    Again, one thing is losing on purpose, another is playing the substitutes and losing as a consecuence. I do think Serbia will play 100% tomorrow, but it won't be the same if they reserve Atanasijevic, Podrascanin, Kovacevic, etc which they have all the right to do.

    Yes sure, but they still dont know if they qualify as one of the best two 2nd ranked teams. So, indeed, it is stil quite risky.

    Serbia will officially qualify if Brazil beats Slovenia and USA beats Bulgaria though, because that way the 2nd placed from those two pools will not be able to surpass them in any way.

    Poland is just throwing the match thinking that since Serbia is qualified they won't care about the match tomorrow.

    Heynen used to do this "play the subs if it's not worth it" strategy a lot when he coached Germany and Belgium.

    Bruno Lima is just pathetic.

    He's been easily Argentina's worst player in this WCh. Second worst is Conte (yeah, despite the 33 points v Japan). Poor Lima is having such low confidence that he's making float serves since a few matches ago despite he normally serves strong jump serve.

    However, to be fair, Lima is another OH being used as Opp. We have tried so many Opp. in the last 10 years and still can't find anyone half as reliable as Marcos Milinkovic!

    I have no idea how German Johansen (Opp, MVP of U23 Wch last year) didn't make this squad.

    About the match, not much to say, just another show of the "consistent inconsistency" of Argentina. Many people say the main problem of this NT is physicality but I actually think the biggest problem is mental. They just don't have the correct mentality for volleyball which is taking every point as the same... they are very emotional and have some streaks where they can defend and score anything, and then other streaks in which they can't receive a float serve correctly for like 6 consecutive points. Velasco has pointed out this weakness of the team many times but in 4 years of work he still can't improve this aspect.