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    Probably not even Australia. AUS is not nobody that a strong team can easily walk through.

    Yeah, but the hope that I have vs Australia is that for some reason we always beat them very easily. They struggle with our style.

    Still, the problem with our squad here is not the talent (they are all very good young players) but the height. For example, we'll be playing with a 173cm setter and the two starting MBs that don't reach 200cm.

    Sadly, I think we will have our worst ever World Cup here. With this roster I don't see us beating anyone except Australia and the africans.

    Speaking of the future, however, does Slovenia have any young prospects? They had a good youth team a couple of years ago iirc, didn't they?

    I think that sadly they will dissapear when the current mains retire. It usually happens to minor European volleyball countries that their level drops or rises with generations. See Greece, Portugal, Spain, Czechia. Even the dutch disappeared for like 15 years after being olympic champions and are just now regaining some level.

    Yes, well....

    I think this title simply isn't as big as an incentive as it used to. Players just want to go home already and sometimes big stars opt out of it (I recall that Zaytsev didn't play it last time).

    I don't think Slovenia would stand any chance with Russia in a WCh or OG qualification match. You can easily notice that when a qualification for those 2 competitions is on the line, the results become way more consistent and upsets way more rare compared to ECh or VNL.

    So Russia just beat a strong USA team a few months ago to claim VNL gold and now they got defeated by Slovenia. And mind you Russia beat Slovenia in straight sets in Pool play. I'm not sure what is happening with them it seems they always under-perform whenever the veterans go back to the team.. Maybe a case of too many stars perhaps?

    Neither European Ch nor VNL are serious competitions. No one should worry or get too happy about performance in them. I mean, in last euro we saw Germany and Belgium in semis...

    The only relevant and 100% serious competitions in modern international volleyball are WCh, OG and their qualifiers. Unlike 20 years ago, nothing else matters anymore.

    Argentina will play the World cup with the same squad that went to south american championship. That is, a B team with only 4 guys that took part in OQT and honestly none of the most important players among those.

    Argentina and Brazil are playing a series of friendlies in Brazil this week.

    Today Brazil won 3:0 (-13, -19, -20). Brazil is using their full team, Argentina a B-ish without Conte, De Cecco, Solé, Crer, González, Poglajen, Pereyra. Despite these conditions I expected a better game as this is almost the same squad that won the pan american games but oh well...

    It seems ARG will send this team to the south american championship, so I guess Brazil will just collect the title again without much opposition.

    i didn't think it was necessary to get into this, but one the reasons it is viewed as offensive is the sheer euro- (or white-) centrism of it. what european people are saying is, they are the normal/universal humans and all others, are marginal, not-normal, not the standard. it's like thinking white skin and straight hair are normal, and dark skin and frizzy hair as the other/marginal/abnormal. just imagine all the other implications of that kind of thinking.

    Yeah, I know that... and Conte is saying in the story that he understood it's wrong ("now we know it wasn't a great idea and we regret making you feel that way") . So, what else do you want him to do? Kill himself?

    are chinese and japanese all asians?????

    logic comprehension...

    No, but kuwaitis, iranians and qataris are also asian and they don't have slanted eyes. Better to just adress the two countries that could feel the most offended by this IMO.

    Or what do you want him to do, write a list of every country he might have offended with the slanted eye gesture? Lol that actually would have been even more racist in itself.

    In my opinion, his message is ok. He more or less explains he did it due to ignorance but doesn't justify it, he admits it was wrong.

    Argentinians don't decide what is offensive or not TO ASIANS lmao Idc about their culture because it's here not about their culture. You are pro volleyball players and travel around the world, so many similar situations happened by now, educate yourself! How dumb do you have to be to still use this I cant anymore...

    Geez, how hard it is for some people to not be racist is beyond me... And all of em have their excuses ready per direct.

    It's not an excuse, I'm not anyone's lawyer. I'm giving you an explanation of what may have gone through those 3 players' heads. I know what they did is wrong.

    As was posted before by someone, you may be overstimating how informed some people are about racism, despite being well-travelled professional players. It's not really a matter of "common sense", if it was common sense then things like KKK or those popular european xenophobic political leaders wouldn't exist. Education plays a big part in preventing this.