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    Most of those matches triglav_kran has mentioned above aren't directly knock-out (besides maybe the WL2013, but Poland had other chances to qualify, so to me they weren't win-or-go home matches) and I'm not sure we could talk about mental advantage. The really important matches - WL2012 and a few years back like ECh2009 and WCh2006 - have been won by Poland, so I'm not optimistic about Bulgaria's chances tomorrow. Poland is always tricky to play against, they have quite good defence that usually frustrates Bulgaria and I'd attribute our recent wins to our great serving, unless we replicate such performance tomorrow, it'd be very hard to win.

    I'm curious about that Italy-Holland match, it'll be interesting what the Netherlands can bring to the table as they seems to be a bit up and down. I watched their match versus Serbia from the 3rd set, wasn't overly impressed and wrote them off, but they proved me wrong and beat Slovenia. Does anyone know what Savani's condition is, when did he get injured and if there's a chance for him to play in this tournament?

    I'm also baffled by the result of Italy-Belgium. If Italy were really throwing the match off, why didn't they lose 0-3 instead of 2-3 and conserve some energy?

    First of Italy waited for Russia in order to be sure they will avoid them in a possible Semifinal this is the reason the lost 2-3. 2ndly where exactly Savani got injured? Will he play now?

    turkey needs just awin if you see points. They + 18 from bulg so if they wi they will have for sure more wins than italyand more points than bulgary. ONLY if usa loses3-0 they will beout

    1st place in the preliminaries has no meaning right? So china Serbia is totally indifferent game Am i wrong?

    Fonteles could be a real good diagonal as his problem is reception. He is great in offence and especially Service. Imo weird that Rexende changed him when he should serve even if Bruno took two points - the first really with referee's help