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    hmmm, ok, I understand. but, do you think that being popular is as important element as reliable worth to show how player improved?

    You're right being popular doesn't mean that your good, but if you are good you probably will become popular :thumbup:

    so I can make a conclusion that this club helps players grow up "from zero to hero". How does it look with others?

    Yes if you are a 'zero', but Nikic and Rouzier are already a bit 'heroes', so I hope they will become 'super-heroes' :super:


    So back to the topic: anyone some other transfer-news (beside the fact that Depestele :win: is going to panathinakos)

    I do not know what you mean by: "so good/popular". could you explain?

    I just want to say that Lemay gained a lot of experience and is now a very good libero cause he has been playing in Roeselare . Before that he played in Torhout :huh: , which wasn't even a 'top' team in Belgium (and I don't know where he played before).
    The point being: almost every player that comes to Roeselare leaves the team as a better (more mature) player. That's why I mentioned before that players go to even better teams afterwards. So Roeselare is lucky to have new players as Nikic and Rouzier but these players are also lucky to have a good trainer (Baeyens) and a professional organized team. I'm sure that when they leave Roeselare in a couple of years, they will be ready for a 'top-team' :super: in a 'top-competition' (which I know the Belgian is not).

    unjust nationalist...

    Hearing that from someone with a signature like "Allez L'Equipe de France!" and "Forza Polonia!" is a bit strange, yet maybe true if we speak about volleyball. :D (Although I must say that a real nationalist is very rare in Belgium these days, especially in Brussels. But that's a whole other discussion :pinch: )

    secondly: i didn't wrote that it is "a stupid team", so do not lie!

    Ok, I'm sorry for that :heart: I give you a :rose:

    you don't understand what i'm saying

    Yes I do! You just want to see him play in a better national championship, so he will improve more than in the Belgian League. And I understand that opinion ;)

    by the way: I know who Julien Lemay is:

    I'm glad you know him! So you must also know that he wasn't so good/popular before he played in Roeselare and know he's a very good libero (in my opinion). So maybe the choice of Rouzier for going to Roeselare isn't so bad after all. I think Roeselare wasn't his only option, so maybe we should ask him why he has chosen Roeselare?
    And as I said before, I hope he will become an even better player and grow in his volleyball maturity.

    So let's :drink: and enjoy his good performances with the French team in the WL and hopefully also with Roeselare (and let's stop :box: )

    and by the way: Jastrzebski, not Jasztrebski :P

    Very nice Antoninette! Thank you for that spelling correction! Now I know that discussing with you is pointless!

    And I think you are right about the Belgium league, maybe he would be better in a 'Superior' League. But I forgive you cause you wrote that in a burst of anger :cursing: cause he's going to a stupid team in Belgium! I hope for him that Roeselare will play very good in the Champions League, so he can learn a lot there!

    P.S.: Do you know who Julien Lemay is?

    I know. I've seen them many times in champions league.
    but apart from Roeselare are many, and many, much better teams in french, italian, russian league... hm?
    I'm supportin' him soo much, so I think that he could choose more interesting and valuable team. :super:

    The only thing less valuable about Roeselare is that they don't have as much money as French, Italian, or Russian teams. Other than that they are one of the best professionally organized teams that play the Champions League. If you see where al the players of Roeselare go after they leave the team (Treviso, Jasztrebski, Tessaloniki, Tours, ...) you also must see that Roeselare is a very good step for Rouzier. :teach:

    Meanwhile, Roeselare has announced 2 incoming transfers as well:
    - Dragan Radovic: Slovenian Middle Blocker (2.06m, age 27) with powerful serve (played the past few years for another Belgian team - Lennik)
    - Guilherme Brito Santos: Brazilian setter (1.91m, age 27), coming from Brazilian team Bento Volei
    At least 1 opposite and 2 reception-wing attackers to go.

    Hendrik Tuerlinckx also to Roeselare!