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    Spain is the greatest example of what TEAM Sports is about... individually the players are not world class, but as a team, they ARE WORLD CLASS, no question about it. They fight every game, and about the comment on Russians at the BEST MOMENT... Russia was at its BEST in Moscow, and still lost to Spain, because of its russian mentality and lack of team spirit, and all the high expectations..

    Spain cant play super all the matches, because it simply lack the manpower, and the one it has is old...

    The funny thing is: Spain isn't my favorite either, but as quoted above even 'Brazilian Guy' should show a lot of respect for this team. Cause being a team is what made the Brazilians, the women and afterwards the men, so good! (so that is why Brasil is my favourite team)

    Não importa o tamanho de seu talento se você é incapaz de fazer parte de um grupo, de uma comunidade, e se dá mais importância ao "eu" do que ao "nós".
    But anyway, like Nastja said, that's not the topic. Let's just see who will qualify for the Olympics. It's getting really exciting their in Iszmir!


    I don't want Spain to qualify. If they do they are just going to embarass themselves just like they did in the World Cup.

    The Olympics will be better off with Poland, Serbia and Italy. :win:

    Embarrass themselves? :cursing: Don't forget it was Poland and Italy who embarrassed themselves in the last European Championship, not Spain!

    And I don't think a 5th place isn't so embarrassing in the World Cup, especially when the teams before you are Brasil, Bulgaria, USA, and Russia :super:

    So the team that will qualify for the Olympics in this tournament will be the one who deserves it 8o

    5 - Party of Brazil in World Champioship 2002 and World League 2003
    6 - Final point of Gigio (ACE) on World Champioship 2002 (Brazil x Russia)
    7 - Hug Nalbert and Giba after victory against Italy in World League 2004
    10 - Ricarinho MEDALS Nalbert (that was INJURED) this video is RARE!

    after I white the others!! :D

    I think these are nice, cause you don't see a lot of off-court things:drink:. Can you upload these?

    I hope for Poland that Wlazly will be ok in time! Cause without him they are not as strong. I know he's only one player and that' he' s not :super: , but he often is an important player!

    It seems very very good! It's so nice that there are people that put a lot of time in creating this forum!! :thumbsup:

    Evangeline!!! What a brilliant explanation! One of the most important things is indeed: "thumbs up" (and fingers spread and hands over the net). Many players don't know this or forget it.

    Another important thing is the position of your head: try to keep it in flexion (banana-form) and not in extension. Cause an extension of the head (neck) will facilitate an extension in the rest of your body which will eventually put you to far from the net.

    Quote from "Richard"

    I managed to recuperate this footage by sticking a broken VHS tape together with a piece of sticky tape.

    Thanks for the hard work Richard!

    It's not because I'm Belgian, but keep an eye on Frank Depestele! He's the setter of Belgorod.

    So if someone is following the Russian superleaugue, please inform us how he is doing.

    thanks, Adri :P

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    everything is possible except draw :lol:
    I don't believe twice in miracle :wink2:

    It wasn't a miracle! Poland wasn't good and Belgium was, so it can happen again.

    If Lozano played in the Polish NT himself and would score 30 points, That would be a miracle!!

    Thanks for these games gottlib!!! Keep up the good work!!

    Do you have POL-BEL by any chance?