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    Actually it would be great if I had the opportunity to just have Eurosport and Eurosport2 and maybe a few other channels. The stupid 'Coditel' monopoly in Brussels doesn't give us a choice like that. Telenet isn't even available in Brussels.

    So let's hope Gottlib is in a good mood :D

    I think The game on friday was one of their best games with Van Walle again on opposite. Anyway we should try to get all games from the EC in september. As it is in Russia, Gottlib will again be a very important uploader, I think.

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    Is anybody willing to record this game? (friday 19h - Eurosport 1 live)
    I don't have Eurosport on cable.

    I don't think we had some luck this time Richard (no Eurosport in Brussels neither) :cry2:

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    hey adri could you upload belgium matches in this forum?
    it's nice to know that an international player like you is actually in this forum. :wink2:

    I'm not the player :) I'm the physiotherapist 8)

    The only Belgium games I have are the ones thet are already on the forum!

    Thanks for this great game Gottlib! :)

    And yes Richard, we have already a lot, but I know that there is someone in the world who has the games that are missing on the list! Go and spread the word about this wonderfull forum!


    Wow Nastja :shock: you look great in your Tennis outfit :!:

    But then again :roll: , "The inside is more important than the outside" :wink2:

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    Pic from match Belgium - Poland on Junior European Championships 2006 in Kazań, right? :D

    :wink2: You're so right Justyna! 8)

    Thanks for the upload Richard!

    I saw Van Walle play last year with the-21 selection on the EC and he might become very good. He will be playing for Maaseik next year!

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    Oh and have a couple of matches from Belgian league back from when Wijsmans was playing at Maaseik.

    That sounds interesting seeing him play when he was young :bb: ! Yes please upload that game! Thanks!

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    U c, that's not nice. Suit urself mais le jour ou tu decideras de descendre de ta sphere celeste, tu sauras ou me trouver pour un quicky 101 sur comment encoder un evenement sportif.

    I understand this, but I don't think Gottlib does.

    But you are right about the quality! I thought It was my computer. :?

    On the other hand the quality is better than my uploads, cause I don't have any. So I still thank Gottlib for his uploads! :wink2:

    So Dark if you can do better, excellent. And Gottlib: be open minded and learn from other uploaders. Than evrybody will be happy and the world will be a better volleyballwatching place :good:

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    I do have that set in mpeg-format. Unfortunately, it fails to convert properly to divx. The mpeg-file is way too large to post (about 1 GB). Sorry.

    Maybe you can split the file in 3 files (if it's not a lot of work I mean). Annyway, thanks again for all the good uploads Richard.

    Do you knwo if there are games of the ongoing European Leaugue of Belgium?