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    The way you look down on Chinese/Asain players make you look so silly.

    Chinese MB Xu yunli and YanNi have great blocking skills.
    They have shown in the World Cup and Rio.

    And Zhang Chang Ning would also have success in European Clubs

    Even not in very top clubs at least in some competitive Clubs

    remind me again who did beat brazils butt for years when gamova was around?u have certain generations which are better then others,none of the chinese players would have any succsses in europe exept zhu and that is a fact and reason why european clubs are not intrested in asian players in general exept if they are liberoes or setters somtimes team harmony means more then how many world class players u have just look to ecz this year in cl

    Can't believe RC Cannes performed poorly like that in front of the home crowd.
    I thought after the last victory they had over Vakifbank, they would have gain confidence.

    The receptions of RC were bad and the setter Apitz could not really create varieties to the spiking.

    On the other hand, Vakif did good job on blocking. Congrats to them.

    Saori cannot hit high and slow balls, she doesn't have the strong body and the height to hit.
    GS should have known for that.

    Similarly you cannot set fast short and low balls to Montano to hit.

    I hope the connection between Leo and Saori can improve.

    Let's face it, after many years that the same teams in Europe dominated (in no particular order: Italy, Russia, Poland, Serbia, Netherlands, Turkey and Germany), new teams catched them. The hierarchies are not the same anymore.
    Europe has at least 12 good teams, while other continents have few excellent or good teams (North America = 2, South America = 1, Asia = 4) and the rest are low level teams.

    At least 12 good teams in Europe??
    Are you kidding me? :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy:
    Right now only Russia, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, Germany and Bulgaria can fight against strong teams from other continents.

    Poland and Netherlands are flopping a lot. They can win the very weak team but cannot win other stronger teams.
    Even Germany quite often would lose to the strong teams and struggle against middle-level teams.

    You can win other European teams doesn't mean you can cope with styles from other continents.

    Some people here are just so arrogant
    Chinese main players already played five sets again Japan
    Especially Zhu Ting it was mainly her against Japan
    She is clearly tired

    Also Lang Ping obviously is testing the line up
    Even with the main players China is no way to beat Brazil 3:0 or 3:1
    Jenny already said that she aimed at winning the Asain Championship
    You can see now China and Japan already played five sets in the last three meetings
    Japan will be the most difficult one for China and there are also Korea and Thailand
    The last tim China won the Asain Championship was 2005 sure China want the championships back

    Its so hilarious and pathetic saying that Serbia keeping the main players is correct because of ECH
    Obviously only Russia and Italy can make trouble to Serbia and other teams no chance
    So Serbia is right coz it is European team and China is wrong coz it is Asain team??

    I found that some Turkish posters are quite sour grapes, talking about ECH is coming soon
    Its not good to be in the final,playing against team from other continents is not helpful bla bla bla

    I mean my god at the beginning you should request your team not to play in WGP dont waste the spot.
    Or ask your team withdraw even they can qualify to the final round.

    I mean Turkey doesnt have much advantages not only with European strong teams like Russia Serbia and Italy but also strong teams from other continents such as China Japan and Korea with Kim playing, USA as well as Brazil

    Some posters have mistakenly thinking that Turkey is top three in the world.

    I think the final 6 would be

    Japan (host)

    These four have a brighter road to the final

    The last spot is between Italy Russia and Turkey
    Russia has the highest chance

    Wei has a very good serve, she can destroy opponent's receive.
    she can also block well.

    Naz has many things to do to catch up with the top setters in the world.
    she is more dependent on the attackers

    For me, Naz hasn't proved anything yet. She has been lucky in playing at very good teams in last 2-3 years. If Nilay played as starter at Fener last year or at Vakif this year, Fener last year and Vakif this year could be still CEV champions. So, Naz hasn't really done any special thing yet. We had seen her at Olympic, with not a very good team, Turkey NT and she failed there. I'd say "get rid of Naz out of Vakif" if she were an old setter, but, she is only 22, so, she has credit. Other than her young age, of course, she has some other advantages such as tallness, block-ability and some smartness in front of net, but, she is like slow motion with predictable settings. She hasn't shown speed, variety, etc yet. She has best setter awards twice? Well, those awards don't mean much as usually some players from winner team are awarded and these awards given by CEV are usually about CEV politics (marketing, PR, etc.) Normally, Gozde should definitely have been awarded this year as her contribution of Gozde to Vakif success has been more than Naz. If Gozde was awarded, Naz wouldn't have got any award. Or, Brakocevic wouldn't have gotten any award if Gozde was awarded. So, it was an injustice to Gozde, but, she doesn't complain about that and that's why she is a good captain.

    Ya, when talking about top 5 setters in the world, it is really none of her business.
    She was lucky to have Kim and Sokolova last year. It was all about Kim and Sokolova last year, her sets didn't really matter.
    This year the same.

    You keep on saying Saori is bad, poor performances, bla bla bla.
    Have you considered what kind of player Saori is?
    She plays with speed, varieties, and you require her to play with high and power balls?
    Are you crazy?
    We all know that Saori isn't that type of player with power.
    Do you know why Saori is so successful in Japan NT?
    Do you see the differences of Takeshita and Naz?
    Saori really didn't have much chances to hit the balls. And this is her first season outside a fast and variety- system team.

    You should really make sure of the facts before you post stupid things.

    Kim will probably stay in FB next year, seems like she loves FB so much.
    FB would not keep Paula based on her performances this year.
    FB need a better hitter
    As a setter, Berg is doing ok since she isn't spending much time in the team so far.

    Besides, I really don't want Saori stay in VB if Naz is keeping setting the ball like that.
    VB doesn't suit Saori and Saori doesn't suit VB.

    Just replace Glinka by Polen. Not much difference anymore as Glinka is slowly retiring, leaving responsibility of scroring to Brako more and now, Polen too. This year, we didn't need her reception of Glinka, either we were hiding her or replacing by Saori. Guidetti has started to use the bench more and more this year, so, next year, I won't be surprised full rotations during the games. So, Polen or Brako won't be needed for any reception as they too will sit in the bench when rotating. Vakif/Guidetti showed some signs already that Vakif isn't a 6 player team anymore and we'll see more of this rotation next year, hence, I am saying Saori will definitely stay at Vakif next year as she fits Guidetti's future Vakif team which will rotate a lot during the games. And, there are youths like Kubra, etc too. It is not easy to keep all these good players including youths at a team without having them play, hence, continuous rotations. This year, Guidetti's main target is Turkey league as he never won it. Therefore, he isn't doing radical changes at this moment not to disturb the team. Once Vakif wins Turkey league too, Guidetti will focus a new game style, fast volley, more rotations, etc.

    But why are you so sure about Saori staying next year?

    VB is not playing fast and lack of variety. I think the volleyball's world knows Saori has to play with speed and variety. Guidetti obviously didn't think about that.

    When you watch VB's match, Naz is obviously wouldn't give the ball to her even when other attackers are in poor/wrong position for attacking, she even keep setting the ball to the same attackers for twice or three times when they were blocked. You think that's Guidetti tells Naz to do that?

    If Saori can't fit into this team, I cannot see her stay and Guidetti also wouldn't keep her.
    When Glinka retires, VB needs to find an attacker that can hit the ball from Naz's setting, maybe Skowronska.

    To be a great volleyball player, you have to have both a very good technique and strength....if you have only power you can still do a good job like (calderon) but if you have a very good technique and lacks power (like Saori)...its hard for you to be the leader of a team like VB in Europe.But Vb has Brako,Polen and Nikolic this allows Saori to stay in VB otherwise,its impossible!!

    It is unfair to say calderon only has power, she also has technique, she knows how to use her power, but just because her technique is overwhelmed by her power.