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    Lots of things must change in Eczacibasi otherwise they will suck again next year.My list with priority

    1)Micelli must go for sure (They need a system coach like Karpol,Ping or Yang Fang)
    2) Luba and Nesli in one team sucks there are too much ego and they can't decide who is leader
    3)A foreign setter whom can use midddles very often
    4)A very good digger libero,Gulden sucks in defence a lot
    5)A reliable scorer next to Nesli or Luba but not a person with much egos :D

    I want Jenny Lang Ping to coach Turkey's team.
    Her contact with Guangdong Evergrande seems end soon.
    She visited Turkey lately to probably find players and she watched the match VB vs FB. :) :)

    Was there any disappointing player at Vakif? No. Star of the game was Vakif team, again. Gizem saved many balls from the floor, Furst blocked many important attacks which killed their confidence of Ezc hitters, Brakocevic did what a good hitter does and she did that perfectly today, Gozde the captain is the team spiritualist, etc. Bench didn't play much this time, so, no comment. Saori, given more chance, showed her position is fixed for next year as starter after Glinka is retired. On the other side, Ecz? Poljak is Poljak, she just needs fighting spirit in the team and Ecz lacks this. Senna too played good, also Ozge, especially in last set.

    I don't think Saori will play in VB again next year. She doesn't have many chances to play.
    If she stay in Europe, I hope she join FB with Kim, Berg, Paula, Eda or Gala(like to see what happen with the set from Lo Bianco) :) :)

    VB's coach made a wrong decision to get Saori in the team.
    The playing style of VB actually doesn't suit Saori at all.
    Saori can't attack the ball Naz gives and Naz cannot set the balls Saori needs.
    So waste the talent of Saori at all this year in VB.

    I rather want Saori to play with Kim in FB with the setting of Berg.

    Powerful spikes aren't so important these days. We have seen Neslihan this week twice, blocked often, especially by Vakif and Ezc lost. Even most powerful Calderon spikes were blocked many times yesterday and she gave up powerful spikes. I am not counting Esra who is often blocked. Saori is being forced to hit powerful and this is absurd. She is smartly killing balls and this is enough. She is very active in the field, doing defensive works, good serves, etc. Also, Naz is not passing enough to Saori and yes, Naz is slow and lack of variety.

    Ya, Naz even doesn't give many balls to Saori.
    I think Naz doesn't have much confidence on Saori.
    But is understandable as she wants powerful spiker to kill balls.

    If you play as opposite ,its a must to have power for that position.Today even for some kind of blok-outs,spikers have to have enough strength.Todays high level teams are very active at defence ,so being smart is needed but not enough,you need also power.thats my opinion.

    Players like Kim and Sokolova are the best choice coz they are very all-round, they have power, they play fast, and they have various skills, they receive well, defense well, block well.

    It seems that many people here discussed Saori's performances.

    Saori is known as spiking with speed and various skills with good defense.
    She doesn't have powerful spike as Glinka and Brakocevic but she can have different skills to get points.
    I think the main problem is when Saori doesn't have the fast ball to spike, she would have problem to kill the ball as she isn't strong enough.
    That's why Takeshita and Saori are so important to Japan as they match up so well.

    If VB want Saori to spike more points, either Saori get herself used to the high and slow set from Naz or
    Naz set the ball fast and flat for Saori to spike.

    This VB to me plays quite slow and lack of variety.

    It extends to 20 teams in order to get more teams to play in international stage.
    Grand Prix is more about money and gaining experiences of playing each other than the winning the honor.

    I have feeling that many top players from different teams will not play.

    Kim is so lovely!!
    Good documentary!!

    And first time to hear Mari's voice, so nice.
    Seems that Kim and Mari are so good friends!!

    But feel bad for Mari when she is sightseeing with Kim.
    People just care for Kim and ignore Mari.
    They should also take photo with Mari