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    This league is the funniest League in Asia/Europe.
    Buying players from around the world (f.e. the half or full thai-national team) for what??
    If the AZE-GOVERNMENT wont to get honor, they have to buy famous football players for one club, which can take part at the champions league.
    And to think, that Azerbaijanian Players will get better through this, it is sth like big error

    in 2006 Azerbaijan played quite well, they played in Grand Prix and World Championship.
    But after that, they just didn't do well.
    Apart from Mamadova,I don't know what good players are there in Azerbaijan national team.
    I think if they want to increase the level of the national team, they should at least have 1 or 2 local players in each club.
    BTW, it is still good to have team like Igtisadchi Baku having Thai players there coz the Azerbaijanian Players don't have many chances to play against different style.

    Unless Fb buys Takeshita lol there is no way Nilay and Elif can set Saori properly :down: especially slow motion Elif can be the reason of Saoris early retirement :lol:

    Haha, Elif and Nilay have much room to improve their setting.
    Not being harsh on them but they really need to improve their setting otherwise FB will keep losing to strong teams.

    i frankly think that Saori doesn't really fit in VB.
    The fact is Saori plays with speed and variety but not power.
    Glinka and Brakocevic play with powerful spike.
    This VB to me is actually quite slow and lack of various tactics.

    Maybe Saori will be much better if she is in FB. I don't know maybe

    So with Kim having the injury, she still can score many points, she is really so good!

    yup kimura is playing better in the turkish league compared to the cev for now but who i'm impressed with is brakocevic before the season i think she will struggle because of her injury and her bad performance in japan but surprisingly she has been playing well this season and i can even say that she is their best player so far

    brakocevic has been struggling in her NT in 2011 world cup and Olympics.
    But it seems that she is okay right now.

    Btw really want FB can play in CEV league.
    what a pity they can't play.

    It seems that many people thinking that Paula and Mari are not doing well.
    Actually both Paula and Mari have going down much from their Peak time.
    But Paula is still playing okay. Mari doesn't have much opportunity to play. They both have serious injured before so let's give them more time.
    BTW, anyone knows why Mari was not in the list of 12 members against VGS??

    About Kim, Kim played very well last year, the best. This year, seems she goes down a little bit.
    But I think she can play much better than now.

    Both team didn't play well. Most of the players were out of form.

    About Saori, it's good to see her playing better and better.
    She played better than the 2 matches in CEV league.
    Maybe she has been familiar with Naz's setting.

    About the setters, clearly Nilay didn't do her job well.
    A setter is very important especially when your attackers are not extremely superb that you can ignore good sets.

    It's not about how many championships and games they won, it's about HOW they won.
    The chinese team was very good, Feng was amazing, but they were not a power house like Brasil in 2008 and Cuba in the 90s

    :woohoo: I think you should better watch their matches in that year first :drink: