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    China had a great team, were olympic champions, but DREAM TEAM is too much.

    Russia in 2010 was great too, but didn't win the Olympics so I guess is not enough.

    2003 China won WGP and WC
    won 11 matches in WC
    definitely a dream team, if Brazil in 2008 was a dream team, same as China in 2003.
    also in 2004, Feng kun,yang hao, Zhao rui rui,Zhou su hong ,Liu ya nan,Zhang na these 6 form the dream team for China.

    Dani Lins played a great tornament, not just the final. The best setter of the Olympics.

    Well, where are all the haters now? Never underestimate Brazil, NEVER.

    Hooker should take a very good lesson from this, Dream Team only Cuba in the 90s e Brazil in 2008.

    I think also China in 2003.
    and maybe Russia in 2010

    Dani nor Jacqueline

    That's right
    Dani and Jacqueline just played well in the final match,
    they did just ok or simply poor in other matches,
    Sheilla was the one who stepped up to save Brazil.

    But Kim is simply the best in the whole tournament among the final four.

    2010 WCH
    1 Russia
    2 Brazil
    3 Japan
    4 USA

    2011 WC
    1 Italy
    2 USA
    3 China
    4 Japan

    2012 Olympics
    1 USA/Brazil
    2 USA/Brazil
    3 Japan
    4 Korea

    from the last 3 largest tournaments,
    USA and Japan are very consistent as well as Brazil

    the only mvp candidates for me here are hooker and kim but with usa performing better as a team it will be hooker who wins the mvp

    But Kim really did bring Korea to this stage!!!
    I really appreciate Kim!!
    Her importance in her team is larger than that of Hooker.
    But Hooker is good, it usually is from the winning team, so high chance for Hooker

    I didn't say olympic gold medal is not important,
    but actually I admire Brazil for their high consistency,

    Too bad Korea couldn't regroup for this match. :(
    Their two previous matches - even the defeat for USA - were a lot better than what they showed today. I guess, in the end, it's a matter of consistency. Their top performances - in victories against Brazil and Italy - were better than Japan's tops, they just couldn't keep the level for too long, I guess.
    And Takeshita had a really good strategy, using Sakoda more and resting Kimura. Though Korea had better performance in block, their defense was quite poor today.
    Well, at least this means Takeshita gets an olympic medal, and she totally deserves it. Sano too. Two of greatest volleyball players of the present time.

    This match is only about Kim,
    other players like Kim sa nee, , Han song yi, Kim hee jin, Lee sok ja all played not as good as their matches against Brazil and Italy,
    Only Kim maintain the consistency.
    And Japan's defense is just amazing.

    Do how the hell do you know that? Are you a mindreader? They had that 2 epic victories I don't think they would like to give them away.
    And about Brazilians - all the sh*t that came out of their mouths after the Qfs just proves that they are still losers in their minds despite that single 2008 victory. If you like to ask somebody about something - ask them what would they give to avoid 2004, 2006, 2010 defeats.

    I think many Brazilian fans thinking that their team is the greatest one in the history of women volleyball. ;)

    What i see here is an ignorant Brazilian fan.
    Both the players and the fans are ignorant.
    I think no doubt Gamova and Sokolova are greater and more a legend than the players of Brazil.
    No offense. :drink:

    What? Brazil wen to the finals in 2006, 2008, 2010 and now 2012. And got one gold olympic medal in 2008

    I don't think they have to prove anything :whistle:

    Ya, haha
    silver in 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010
    Only gold in 2008.
    Only Brazil can do it!! :lol: :box:
    2012, they will be silver again.

    Japan pissed me off, waste a spot of Semi. :thumbdown:
    I think China will play better than Japan against Brazil.
    3rd play match, I will support Korea to destroy Japan 3:0!!

    (I think it has, and if I'm not making a mistake, it was you that posted, cause I think I've seen the bilingual version of the quote. :whistling: )

    I know, man, but at this point this is pointless. I'm brazilian and I don't agree with a lot of how brazilian people acts, including our players, including Zé Roberto, etc. There were some rude brazilian users that said stupid things in here before. But there are also brazilian tactful users who acted very classy. You get that there's no need to make stupid generalizations, but some people, it seems don't, for some reason. And you yourself was someone that posted something like "You're brazilian, so all you care about is winning." to some user. Why would you do that?, you know it's not true. We don't even know each other in a daily basis to make this assumption. But I'm not calling you out or anything, because I know that since you're brazilian you feel you have the right to be more autocritical about our own culture, I think a lot of us do. Doesn't mean people have to come in here and like apologize like "Sorry for us brazilians that acted poor, there's lot of them out there". Like, we get it. Other people acted poor as well, no one's trying to cover for them. People are responsible for what they say, there's no need to make it a culture thing. Some of the annoying ones get more loud, but all you have to do is stop feeding the trolls.

    I see there's lots of people from different countries that dislike brazilian habits in volleyball, and though that kinda surprises me, I think there must be a reason. I very much so hate how some of players dealt with criticism these past days. And I agree with you that ZRG is not classy at all, he keeps screwing up in his interviews. But whatever, at the end of the day, you move on, no need to milk it endlessly. I think pretty much everyone made their points. It's not about volleyball anymore, so, I think we should just leave it behind. I totally get that you have the right to make your point about Zé Roberto and the players, but the thing in the forum just became out of control, with this sort of culture war. So, that's not cool. This is what I think we should leave it past us.

    It seems that some the Brazilians fans think that people saying something against the Brazilian players just becasue they are Brazilian, of course not, players' behavior are clear to be seen.
    Not based on their nationality.