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    It depends on whether Hooker will have spikes full of strength.
    even though Hooker spikes very high,if it was not powerful, team with good defense can save the ball
    that's how Japan beat USA in World cup 3:0, they just saved many spikes from Hooker.
    Of course, Korea's defense is not as good as Japan.
    But i think Korea will a find to deal with it even USA is still have higher chance to win.

    2011 and 2012 were disastrous year for Italian NT (except the World Cup in november) :white:

    Not winning a medal at WGP (after doing it from 2004 till 2010 - except 2009 when Italy wasn't present) and this year not even acceding at the Final Six (when was this happening last time? In the 90s?) and not winning a medal at Euros were serious indicators of the bad form Italian team have, which Barbolini didn't take too seriously.

    I guess Italy has many old players like Gioli, Lo bianco, piccinini, del core, constagrande, etc.
    Their form may not be as good as the past.
    Especially Piccinini. She drop very much in recently years.

    all that mess regarding to what gamova says is just stupid.. the only reliable source for me is the interview she gave for a brazilian tv chanel (sportv) where she said she doesnt hate brazilian playes..all other suposed things she has said came from google translations of her interviews in russian, so not 100% reliable!

    it was really funny thaisa complaining after goncharova shout at sheilla after blocking her :whistling:
    and what about the interview fabi gave to espn just after the match?? ''Com todo respeito, detesto o time da Rússia. Com todo respeito, que voltem para casa bastante tristes hoje” - with all due respect, i hate the russian team and i want them very sad going back home

    Because Fabi is just arrogant

    Why does Thaisa has to publicly say she dislike a player?

    I was reading some comments that talked about Brazil celebrate that it is not respectful, in my opinion I did not see anything disrespectful.
    They were happy, many people did not believe in them and they got the victory. Lack of respect for me and you shout in the face of the players of another team (as they often do the Cubans). Who can say that the Russians had not come they would not celebrate too much?
    How to argue with the referee, the referees are very wrong in the game of BRA XRUS there were errors, by the way a very serious error, which was the point of Brazil and the referee gave point of Russia. In the game of DOM vs. USA also had some errors and Dominican players seemed to accept passively, I gave up anger. I prefer players who challenge but, after all is an Olympiad is a dream for four years. Hopefully in the next matches of arbitos has fewer errors.

    I am not against any team celebrate as they wish, provided you do not yell in the face of his opponent and not lack of education, every team that wants to celebrate, even if it is happy to celebrate.
    Well, that's just my opinion.

    If the referee really makes a mistake, fine, they would be angry about that, okay.
    but the point is, when a judging is right from the referee, such as the opponent hit a touch out of a Brazilian player, they just don't admit to that, claiming it wasn't a touch , and yelling out they are innocent.
    This will just give more and more pressure to the referre and may hurt the opponent.

    Besides, when Fabiana is on the court, other players can't talk to the referee, but we often see other players angrily argue with the referee, eg. Sheilla, This can be given a yellow card.

    This might be the reasons why people have problem with Brazil team.

    (it's just my opinion.)

    Brazil doesn't afraid of powerful spike
    but they are scared of good defense and fast play.
    Russia won over Brazil many times because Russia's blocking is too good!
    but they didn't block well in today's match

    Imagine if Korea beat USA in the semifinal :super:

    I would prefer a Japan vs USA final, because USA has serious trouble with them (WCH10 and WC11)

    Brazil VS USA is the least favor match up of Final for me.
    USA will just smash Brazil
    I would rather see Japan VS USA or Japan VS Korea

    Right now I think they even play more beautiful than Japan in terms of how they create their game...but I guess we will see who plays better in Bronze medal match ;)

    actually I really don't think Japan will lose to Brazil.
    but who knows, everything may happen

    All these players probably will retire from NT anyway. But that's ok, they're already Olympic Champions. And it's so ironic to talk about arrogant players. Russians have a terrible attitude since ever, and the others players around the world are not quite nice. In the last olympic final, Heather Bown was RIDICULOUS at teasing us, just to remember.

    When taking about arrogance, nobody can compete with the Brazilian members.
    When they win a point, they appear like they win the gold,
    their reaction and attitude just are not respectful to the opponents.
    and they always act like they win a point and complain to and argue with the referee.
    They can definitely win the Oscar awards :dance6: :dance6: :dance6:

    OH MY GOD! You are so pathetic hahahaha it's been EIGHT YEARS
    And...hmmmm I know a great feeling, because WE ARE OLYMPIC CHAMPIONS! And we have another chance now!
    Russia...Russia is NOT an Olympic champion and Gamova and Sokolova WILL NEVER BE!

    Ya, a great feeling to lose when leading 24:19.
    haha!! Only Brazil can do it!!!!!! :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Gamova have said already she doesn't like Brazil and doesn't care about us! Now Zé Roberto is not classy, that´s hilarous!

    When did Gamova said this???
    But I actually want to know what Brazilians think about the lose to Russia in 2004 Olympics leading 24:19.
    What did you guys react at that time??

    SURE!! Or do you want me to care about GAMOVA?! WTF?
    I really don't care about her and I hope she retires! She destroyed our teams three times already. Of COURSE all of us want her gone!

    I want Paula, Jaque, thaisa, fabiana, fabi to retire, they are quitr arrogant to their opponents.

    the problem is mentall<.. if Japan can believe that they can beat Brasil then they can succed but im not sure if they trust in themselves..

    Even Japan beat China
    but I still hope Japan can win over Brazil
    I just don't want Brazil to get into the final.
    sorry for Brazil fans

    I guess Japan is very happy right now as they will play against Brazil not Russia.
    The thing is the high level of defense of Japan can really kill Brazil.

    Why? It isn't logical, first because they are so young and together they can improve a lot. Second is not good to change the whole team after every Olympics.

    These members are still very good.
    But even they are young, Chinese system is they want young members
    and they try to maintain players to play at most 2 Olympics.
    So even they still have good skills, they are still young, the Chinese volleyball federation would just keep pushing young members to go.
    Also, Chinese team trains a lot, having too many injuries. :S

    I would miss all of them!!!!