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    So, USA and Italy will face each others in the semifinals. :box:

    And who wins from the match Brazil vs Russia is basically in the final (with all the respect for Japan and China, but I don't think they can beat Russia :D ).

    You think Brazil with this bad form can beat Japan??
    Don't forget Japan beat 3:0 Brazil in 2011 World Cup?
    BTW Russia will win Brazil
    and I think China can still win over Japan in a tight 5 sets.

    China and Korea are close to each other, it would be normal if it is 5 sets.
    it doesn't always a fix match, it would be disgrace to the players.

    I know some of the Turkey fans are angry
    but Korea can beat 3:0 Brazil, played 2:3 to Turkey,
    China played 2:3 to Brazil
    why can't they have 5 sets?

    Turkey still has a chance to reach QF,
    if you guys beat USA.
    if you blame for China Korea having 5 sets which is not really fix match
    than you should blame yourself for not getting 3 points from Korea and win the 5th set from Brazil.

    Turkey have some chance
    1- İf Turkey beat 3-0 or 3-1or 3-2 , Turkey go semifinal
    2- if turkey lost 3-2, korea should be beat china to 3-0 or 3-1
    3- if turkey lost 3-0 or 3-1, serbia should beat brazil ( its seems impossible)
    turkey have good average than china and brazil

    No, it depends on USA,
    if USA doesn't help Turkey to fix the match,
    Turkey will be out unless Serbia beat Brazil.
    I just don't see Turkey at this point can win over USA.

    If China and Korea 3:2 2:3
    Turkey got 2 points from USA,
    Brazil will be out.

    Brazil average is low if brazil won 3-1 against serbia
    and turkey can beat 3-0 or 3-1 againt korea and if can take 1 set from usa turkey can go ^^

    I think Korea and Turkey would play 5 sets.
    This would be more dangerous for Brazil.
    I just think Korea has more chance than Turkey

    No chance for Serbia to win over Brazil????
    I guess Serbia may get more competitive mode as they don't want to lose all the matches
    so they would play 200% effort on it.

    If it is, a chance for Turkey if Turkey lose to Korea today~

    China sucks....Hui Ruoqi sucks! China hasnt any leading spiker ,if they can play team-play well then they have a chance against strong teams...

    Wang is injured,
    Hui played very bad today
    as well as Wei and Yang Junjing.
    Also, China has mentally burden play against Brazil.
    I really hope China can win against Brazil esp. Brazil is in bad form.

    The coach Yu sucks, he brings San Dan na who is very useless
    and he doesn't know how to substitute.

    Congrat to Brazil.

    I am so pissed right now
    Hui played very bad today, obviously no one can substitute her and she keeps getting tired.
    and Wei keep setting the ball to her.
    If she gives more balls to Zeng. I guess China can win.
    But I am still glad that China at least get a point, the 4th set just made me scream!!!

    I'm sure Russia and Italy will both prefer playing against Brazil over having the risk of being drawn to play against China.

    But you know China has long been afraid of Italy.
    So I guess Italy will prefer playing China.
    But of course considering the bad form of Brazil, Italy and Russia would be okay to play Brazil.

    I don't this so, Turkey could beat Korea; but, even if it won't happen, there's no reason to risk to be out this way.

    i cannot say Korea Turkey which team can win the other
    but i will say Korea has a little bit more chance than Turkey
    but anything can happen
    obvious Kim is so good right now and other Korean players are way better than the past~

    Serbia??? :white: :white: :white: They're just pathetic now, no opposition at all!
    China has stabilised their reception, Zhang Lei looks much better than in GP and China can do whatever they want. Wang looks not impressive at all, but right now China doesn't need her so much...

    Wang yi mei played quite well today~
    Because of her injury, she holds back a little bit, not spiking very hard like in the past
    but more tactical!

    Pool A is just ridiculous,

    Japan, Italy, Russia will definitely get the Top3,

    Dominica is just hardly can compete with those three teams.

    Alergia and UK are too weak!

    I guess the six teams in Pool B are all more deserved to be the QF than Dominica~

    I am sorry to say that for DOM fans!

    But that's the fact.

    FIVB is ridiculous, Japan, Italy,Russia have no pressure at all. and they don't even have to scare being the 4th place in their pool. :tzz: :tzz: