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    Brazil play quite bad today~
    China even worse.
    Can't see~
    I am really worried about Olympics.
    Hopefully Wang Yi Mei can come back strongly!!
    Fan played better than Hui today.
    Hui is not in good form today!

    Thailand has improved a lot these few years
    Thailand has beaten lots of strong teams before like
    China usa japan poland germany serbia cuba holland

    They have been working so hard

    In 2004 olympics qualification
    The final ranking is 1) korea 2)japan 3) russia 4) italy 5) thailand
    So it should be korea japan russia and thailand(best asian team) go to olympics
    But fivb changed it letting italy go
    Poor thai girls missed the chance

    This year they have a great chance when beating serbia and cuba
    But the fake ball of japan and serbia killed the chance of thailand

    Thailand has been cheated unfairly for many times

    why is it so hard to accept that china did not play like they did before? it doesnt make china bad team but if u r still thinking that china played its normal game so it means that china should worry from now for the olympic games :flower:

    If wang yi mei and wei qiu yue are back
    Hui and zhang lei are in good form
    China will have no big problem

    For those german fans
    Please stop disrepecting china team like that.
    I know only china win today germany can go to the final
    But the point is wang yi mei is injured
    Hui ruo qi played not good today
    Zhang lei also
    Wei qiu yue is injurd

    Fan linlin just sucks we all know that
    Mi yang is not that good as wei

    How can you expect china to play well against brazil especially china always has mental pressure against brazil.
    China treat this tournament seriously

    If you think that china lose to brazil intentionally
    You really dont know china volleyball
    Brazil is the one china want to win the most especially play in home court

    I feel sorry for german team not playing the final round coz they played so hard
    But just be fair to chinese team ok?