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    Brehme actually plays really well this season, he's much bigger talent than Krick, but the injuries stagnate his progress. [...].

    Brehme solved his injury problems (at least the past ones).
    But there is a big difference: Krick is good, but not world class, in block and attack. Brehme is very good in attack but in block he is nowhere.

    Some news from Solingen (aka Bergische Volleys):

    New players are:
    Trainer: Johan Isacsson (SWE, Linköping/SWE)
    Libero: Róbert Bene (HUN, Szolnok/HUN)
    Outside: Iurgen Hummes Specht (BRA, Szolnok/HUN), Gerrard Lipscombe (AUS, Luzern/SUI)
    Middle: Andrew Benz (USA, Irvine/USA)


    If you see the other rosters, they are still the candidate number one for going down for me.


    Trainer: Isacsson (SWE, Linköping/SWE)
    Setters: Möller (GER/AUS, Södertelge/SWE), J. Tille (VCO Berlin)
    Opposites: Nibbrig, Gosmann
    Middles: Benz (USA, Irvine/USA), Klingner, Pietzonka
    Outsides: Specht (BRA, Szolnok/HUN), Lipscombe (AUS, Luzern/SUI), Gies, <gap>
    Liberos: Bene (HUN, Szolnok/HUN)

    Rumors were not bad:
    New trainer with background (some Belgian/Netherlands guy ?) The Swedish national coach can be said to have some background, yes. :thumbup:
    Some players from USA, CAN, AUS ? See the roster and it's true ...

    But compared to the others, this team will still have to fight hard to survive.

    Trainer: Hans Peter Müller-Angstenberger
    Setters: Jankowski, Cipollone
    Opposites: Nemeth (HUN), Mönnich (VCO Berlin)
    Middles: Wilmsen, Nagel, Henning (VCO Berlin)
    Outsides: "Idi" Lima Martins (BRA, Jakarta/INA), Trenkler, T. Grozer, Mehlberg, Schief
    Liberos: Elsäßer

    All three replacements (Mönnich, Henning, Lima Martins) do not have the level of the players leaving (Metzger, Isaak, M. Karlitzek). :white:

    Trainer: Mirko Culic
    Setters: Herr (CAN, Manitoba/CAN), Kaleck
    Opposites: Gavenda (SVK), Krabel (Lindow-Gransee)
    Middles: Sprung, Ferch, <gap>, <gap>
    Outsides: Andrae, Schlag (Bühl), Timmermann, Hafemann
    Liberos: Ratajczak (POL), Gust (Junior Team)

    Still some gaps to be filled yet ...

    Trainer: Ruben Wolochin (ARG)
    Setters: Dmytriiev (UKR, Kazhrom/KAZ), Schmidgall (VYS Friedrichshafen)
    Opposites: Kruzhkov (RUS, Ekaterinburg/RUS), Quafarena (ALB, Shkodra/ALB)
    Middles: Mayaula (COD), Pettersson (SWE, Leuven/BEL), Goralik (VCO Berlin), Zuidberg (LUX, Tours/FRA)
    Outsides: Yanagida (JPN, Suntory/JPN), Balster (VCO Berlin), Orthmann, Stöhr
    Liberos: Ruiz (ITA, Moron/ARG)

    Another foreigner peppered roster. Last year this policy went terribly wrong ...

    Mote got injured before last season and as far as i remember, his contract with Berlin was resolved. Since then, i haven't heard any news about him. Don't know either where Mustedanovic and Ondrovic will play next season.

    Mote played for Australia in the WC qualifiers and it looked as if he is nearly fully recovered.
    Ondrovic signed in Czech Republic.

    Another player i am missing is United Volleys' Jan Klobucar. I can't remember reading about him.

    Some weeks ago it was not clear yet, if he will stay. If he does not, it will be a great loss for Frankfurt, especially in reception.

    Fitterer will not play for Lüneburg again. The new canadian guy, Sclater, is supposed to play opposite.
    Regarding Cody Kessel, i expect him back in Lüneburg. They already announced during last season that they extended the contract for another season. Michael Brinkley will not come back.

    Good info. I will edit the roster.

    Generally i have to say, that i don't like Lüneburg's information policy this year. Social media doesn't seem to exist for them and a lot of the abovementioned names are not officially confirmed yet. If even they don't care, why should anyone else do? Lets remember that, in the near future, they want to fill a 3500 places arena......

    Perfectly expressed ...


    Trainer: Max Hauser
    Setters: Sladecek (SVK, Szczechin/POL), Krüger (Warner/USA)
    Opposites: C. Marks (Solingen), Kessler (2nd team)
    Middles: Brown (CAN, Lakkapää/FIN), W. Nilsson (SWE, Linkoping/SWE), Grabmüller (AUT), Wehl
    Outsides: Strohbach, Zemlik (POL, Gdansk/POL), Peter (VI Frankfurt), F. Malescha
    Liberos: F. Tille

    After P. Steuerwald left, the skies in Herrsching were really dark.
    But now I am really positively surprised with this roster. :super:

    Trainer: Stefan Hübner
    Setters: van Solkema (NED, Arnhem/NED), A. Kocian
    Opposites: Sclater (CAN, Trinity Western/CAN), Pörner
    Middles: Baxpöhler (Bühl), Schlien, Kruse, Krage
    Outsides: Pompe, Kessel (USA), Szeto (CAN, St. Nazaire/FRA), Ching (NZL, BU Bobcats/CAN), Radzuweit
    Liberos: Koslowsky (CAN, Team Canada/CAN), Brüggemann

    I still expect news in the middle.

    Trainer: Falter (GER)
    Setters: D’Hulst (BEL, Roeselare/BEL), Braas (LUX, Waferdingen/LUX)
    Opposites: Buidvits (LAT, Pärnu/EST), Prolingheuer
    Middles: Andrei, Broshog, Zachrich
    Outsides: Westphal (Tabriz/IRI), Sauss (LAT), Allik (EST), Firkal (SVK, Trencin/SVK)
    Liberos: Bann (CAN)

    For me this still is not a team to attack Frankfurt. :box: