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    Trainer: Michael Warm
    Setters: P. Steuerwald (Herrsching), Hopt
    Opposites: Williams (AUS, Talinn/EST), P. Wolf
    Middles: Bauer, Krick, Escher
    Outsides: Schwarz (Jastrzebie/POL), Aciobanitei (ROM), M. Karlitzek (Rottenburg), Tulley (AUS), L. Karlitzek (Hammelburg)
    Liberos: Zenger (Friedrichshafen)

    Slowly this roster looks like becoming really competitive :whistle:

    Trainer: Vital Heynen
    Setters: Tischer, T. Kocian
    Opposites: Boladz (POL, Bedzin), D. Malescha
    Middles: Collin (Tours/FRA), Kevorken (USA, Lüneburg), J. Günthör
    Outsides: Atanasov (BUL, Plevne/TUR), Sossenheimer, Takvam (NOR), Protopsaltis (GRE)
    Liberos: M. Steuerwald (Paris/FRA), Späth

    The <gap> on one of the outside positions was filled with Andres Takvam, last year's best middle. Let's see, if that works ... :what:

    Trainer: Luke Reynolds (AUS)
    Setters: van Haarlem (NED, Kladno/CZE), Kühner
    Opposites: Carroll (AUS), K. Russell (USA, Bedzin/POL)
    Middles: Vigrass (CAN), Okolic (SRB), Klein (Friedrichshafen)
    Outsides: Kromm, White (AUS, Tours/FRA), Marshall (CAN), Bogachev
    Liberos: Perry (AUS)

    Berlin announced, that their roster is complete.

    We will see whether an ambitious guy like Paduretu will be fine with playing the second fiddle in this construct. In the end, it is Haching, who is holding the license, eventhough the money clearly comes from Austria. So there surely is potential for conflicts.......

    That's EXACTLY what some inside people around Munich are thinking. :whistle:

    That's exactly true, YavorD.

    The cup 1st round against Herrsching (local Munich derby) will be played in the Unterhaching Arena.
    Next rounds depend on the qualification and the opponent.

    In the league rounds only the Herrsching derby and the matches against Solingen and United Volleys are being played in Unterhaching.
    The rest will be hosted in the Innsbruck Olympic arena or the University Sports Center.

    Though there are some criticisms, in my opinion it's a good thing. Another strong team is joining the German Bundesliga.
    According to their own plans, Tirol wants to play for the German title within the next 3-5 years.
    Let's see ... :whistle:

    And contrary to other rumors there is no other than sportive rivalry between Tirol/Haching and Herrsching (distance about 50km).
    Statements of both clubs say, that a local derby is good for audience and press/TV, which also is my opinion.


    The season starts on Oct. 14th

    The following teams will participate in season 2017/18:

    Berlin Recycling Volleys (CL)
    VfB Friedrichshafen (CLQ)
    United Volleys RheinMain (CEV)
    SWD powervolleys Düren (CEV)
    SVG Lüneburg
    TSV Herrsching
    TV Ingersoll Bühl
    Netzhoppers SOLWO Königspark KW
    TV Rottenburg
    Bergische Volleys
    Hypo Tirol Alpenvolleys Haching (wildcard)

    Schedule / Results / Match Statistics

    Live Ticker

    Livestreams and Replays

    Cup Schedule

    (Thanks TimHH for the "template" :flower: )

    Within the next days I will start to post the rosters (as the corresponding page of the league is alwasy far behind).

    Please people, this is the transfers news topic. Move to the the Transfers discussion topic to share your opionions! :offtopic:

    You are right SHAME. The discussion thread is the other one. Sorry. :thumbup:

    BUT I also have news:
    Herrsching (GER) signed setter Michal Sladecek from Espadon Szczechin (POL). Source.

    My personal conclusion of the season in short.
    For Solingen to be ranked even behind VCO (the junior national team missing its strongest player - Krick) is ashaming.
    In Rottenburg there was a different lineup nearly every match. without Karlitzek they will definitely struggle.
    Netzhoppers KW had Andrae and nothing else. There is no development in this club for years. One cannot see what's their goal.
    Bühl's performance was far behind expectations, also due to a high frequency of injuries. This can't be a players problem only.
    Herrsching was the surprise of the medium teams. Their highlights were the defeat Düren of away in the cup semis and taking points 2 times from Friedrichshafen.
    I was expecting Lüneburg to be closer to the 3rd than the 6th place, but I was wrong. In my opinion they were lacking the spritit of a good setter.
    Düren is still a (negative) phenomenon to me. 3rd biggest budget of the league, but they by far can't compete for the 3rd place.
    The CEV semis were the highlights for Frankfurt this season. But now the team is breaking apart, not only because of Christian Dünnes' career end.

    Friedrichshafen ths season showed, that a good coach can make the difference. There were no well known players except Tischer and Steuerwald and they nearly became champion. And along the way Vital Heynen tries to modernize the "old dame" Friedrichshafen.

    In January Roberto Serniotti was ready to be kicked as the coach of Berlin. After that he led his team to the CL final 4 and to championship.
    But from the volleyball perspective, Berlin to me is a champion without glamour (but they deserved it).

    Positive players:
    Krick: even though his father built a team around hin, I think the next season will be his last in Germany. He is becoming too strong.
    Reichert: will soon be one of the best OH in Germany. His reception and extreme cross swing are very good.
    Sossenheimer: he will go his way. He jumping abilities and his situation overview help him a lot.
    Strohbach: also a future player, was revived by Herrsching but still lacks the coolness in tough situations. He has to go abroad to improve.

    EDIT: Above there are three OH and one MB. I'm desperately missing young talents on the setter and opposite positions.

    Comments ? (there is so much mor to write, but ...) :white:

    Its official, Ruben Schott (OH, Berlin) will join Andrea Giani in Milano.
    Berlin's manager Niroomand, once again, is in blabla mood and promises to "send Giani single handedly off the gym" once he wants to visit a Berlin match. :lol: :wall:

    Niroomand is insane :rolll: :obey: Every player is dreaming about playing in Italy and I'm not sure Giani even need to lure Schott in Milano ;)

    German volleyball officials are really stupid sometimes:
    Andreas Bahlburg, speaker of the German Volleyball League, also started bashing Giani, while it now turns out that Giani and Schott didn't even speak to each other before the transfer. :aww:
    And Kaziyski is perfectly right: every player wants to play in Italy.
    Niroomand was speaking like Schott "belonged" to Berlin. Perhaps he should have cared more about doing his work and exend the contract a little earlier ... :teach:

    Giani assembled 18 players for the start of preparation for WCHQ:
    [...]Cutting almost all of the old guard MBs came a bit as a surprise......

    All correct [b]TimHH, but there was no real "cut".
    It was mostly about personal issues of the players.
    And this is only the roster for the WCHQ. Ther are still World League and ECH to come.

    Friedrichshafen trashed Berlin 3:0 (25:13 !!, 26:24, 25:21)

    Berlin was playing as if they had to spend their last strength against Frankfurt.
    They were looking totally exhausted.
    This could not be the team that beat Dynamo Moscow twice, could it ? :aww:

    They best they can do for Rome now is to take a rest and push the reset buttons in their brains.

    German Cup, Quarterfinal:
    Düren vs. Herrsching 2:3 (25:21, 16:25, 25:20, 24:26, 12:15)
    [...]Nice surprise by Herrsching in Düren, i know a happy user on here. Congrats Bayer :thumbup:
    [...]Due to the small size and height of their hall, Herrsching won't be allowed to play in their own gym. So it is still completely open, where they will play their semi-final.

    Thank you TimHH.

    But the handling of the situation by the VBL (German League) was far from professional.

    There is a real shitstorm going on in Bavarian media at the moment because of two facts:
    1. the right to play at home was simply withdrawn by the league. It was clear that Herrsching is not allowed to play a semifinal in their gym beforehand. But with the home field advantage Herrsching could have made a deal with other clubs to make an event out of their Cup semifinal. I don't know how they simply can withdraw a right.
    2. the gym in KW (Netzhoppers) is about the same size (even a little smaller) that Herrsching's. But they're allowed to play. No one understands that.