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    German Cup, Quarterfinal:
    Düren vs. Herrsching 2:3 (25:21, 16:25, 25:20, 24:26, 12:15)
    [...]Nice surprise by Herrsching in Düren, i know a happy user on here. Congrats Bayer :thumbup:
    [...]Due to the small size and height of their hall, Herrsching won't be allowed to play in their own gym. So it is still completely open, where they will play their semi-final.

    Thank you TimHH.

    But the handling of the situation by the VBL (German League) was far from professional.

    There is a real shitstorm going on in Bavarian media at the moment because of two facts:
    1. the right to play at home was simply withdrawn by the league. It was clear that Herrsching is not allowed to play a semifinal in their gym beforehand. But with the home field advantage Herrsching could have made a deal with other clubs to make an event out of their Cup semifinal. I don't know how they simply can withdraw a right.
    2. the gym in KW (Netzhoppers) is about the same size (even a little smaller) that Herrsching's. But they're allowed to play. No one understands that.


    BR Volleys vs. United Volley RheinMain 3:1 (21:25, 25:22, 25:22, 29:27)
    United played with a young receiving line (Aciobanitei/Reichert) and paid the price for it when the guys paniced a bit in the end of 3rd and 4th set. But overall, they didn't do bad, especially Aciobanitei showed some good things.

    Good description, but United has a young team overall. So they will always have a "young receiving line". I think it will pay off later.
    Your ranking after preliminary round may easily look like:

    1. VfB Friedrichshafen
    2. United Volleys RheinMain
    3. BR Volleys
    4. Düren
    5. Ingersoll Bühl

    Friedrichshafen at the moment looks stronger that expected to me, the opposite for Berlin.
    Once Friedrichshafen and Berlin will be engaged in CL, the definitely will lose points somewhere.


    Herrsching with 74 % overall attack efficiency against Netzhoppers :!:

    I was there. I never thought that Herrsching could smash Netzhoppers that bad.
    But Netzhoppers also were really helpless.
    The only light in the dark was Gavenda (SVK, opposite) who was used by the setter far too few times.
    No sight of Andrae (only 6 points).


    I'm back :wavy: , thanks for keeping this thread alive....

    That would be bad and no, i don't know where he signed.
    Other news:

    • Lüneburg resolved contract with Nicolas Marks in mutual agreement for "personal reasons". They will need to hire another OH now.

    • In Berlin, Steven Marshall got injured. It is probably a knee injury (ACL). Most likely, they will hire another OH too.

    It's definite that Westphal is abroad. For several reasons I guess France. But no confirmation yet.
    The replacement for Nico Marks is Mads Mollegard from Gentofte, Danmark, announced here.
    I also believe that Berlin will hire another outside, but I have no information on that topic.


    Netzhoppers KW had the most activity in the last weeks. [...] Dirk Westphal (from Nantes)
    [...]But I don't know if they have a libero yet.

    Well. Rumors say, that Westphal had a contract that would allow him to change to a foreign league on a good offer. Now he obviously signed somewhere abroad.
    Does anybody know where ?


    Updates on men's rosters:

    My comment on Berlin Recycling was that they would still need an experienced outside. Now they found him in Nikola Kovacevic (from Shanghai to Berlin).

    SVG Lüneburg added another young talented outside, Lukas Radzuweit (from VCO Hamburg) to their roster. But I don't expect, he will get too much court time.

    Netzhoppers KW had the most activity in the last weeks. And it looks as if they start building a tough team: Filip Gavenda (SVK, Milano/ITA), Björn Andrae (Friedrichshafen) and Dirk Westphal (from Nantes) are outstanding transfers :obey: But I don't know if they have a libero yet.

    The only transfer for Solingen Volleys so far is Oskar Klingner (from Lüneburg - in fact he was there on loan from Düren). They mainly stick to their 2nd league roster so far. If it will stay that way ... :white:


    [...]i allowed myself to add VCO Berlin to the list.

    Thanks. You are perfectly right. I forgot that this will be a VCO season again.
    (For non Germans: VCO Berlin elite school, which represents about 90% of the Junior National Team plays in 1st league every second year to prepare for the European Championships. I think it's a great achievement)

    You forgot Adam Kocian on Lüneburg's roster

    Thanks again. Together we will fill up the information gaps.


    Trainer: Hans Peter Müller-Angstenberger
    Setters: Jankowski, Cipollone
    Opposites: Nemeth (HUN, Kaposvar/HUN), Metzger
    Middles: Wilmsen, Isaak, Nagel
    Outsides: Karlitzek, Trenkler (Herrsching), T. Grozer (GER, Maaseik/BEL), Mehlberg, Schief
    Liberos: Elsäßer

    Trainer: Max Hauser
    Setters: P. Steuerwald, Neumann
    Opposites: Tarantino (USA, Pepperdine), Höfer
    Middles: Ondrovic (SVK), Friedrich, Grabmüller (AUT, Salzburg)
    Outsides: Strohbach (Rottenburg), Milovancevic (SRB, Einsiedeln/SUI), Doranth
    Liberos: F. Tille

    Trainer: Ruben Wolochin (ARG)
    Setters: Finoli (ARG, Maaseik/BEL), Cléro
    Opposites: Jungiewicz (POL, Kielce), Orthmann (Rottenburg)
    Middles: Mayaula (COD), Sobirov (KAZ, Almaty), Baxpöhler (Coburg), Schramm
    Outsides: Zappoli (BRA, Ravenna/ITA), Zhilin (RUS, Krasnodar), Schlag (CV Mitteldeutschland), Söhr (Volley Young Stars), Sandmeier
    Liberos: Kaczmarek (POL, Bedzin)

    Trainer: Tiilikainen (FIN, Kokkola)
    Setters: Blankenau (CAN, Groningen/NED), Sippola (FIN, Antwerpen/BEL)
    Opposites: Verhoeff (CAN), Prolingheuer
    Middles: Andrei (Ajaccio/FRA), Broshog (Maaseik/BEL), Zachrich
    Outsides: Sauss (LAT, Tiikerit/FIN), T. Rumpunen (FIN, Ploiesti/ROM), O. Rumpunen (FIN, Loimu/FIN), Barthel
    Liberos: Bann (CAN)

    Trainer: Stefan Hübner
    Setters: Sabaté (ESP), A. Kocian
    Opposites: Fitterer (USA, Teruel/ESP), Pörner
    Middles: Kevorken (USA), Schlien, Kruse, Krage (GER, Pinneberg)
    Outsides: Pompe (Düren), Kessel (USA, Schönenwerd/SUI), Mollegard (DAN, Gentofte/DAN), Bahlburg, Radzuweit (VCO Hamburg)
    Liberos: Brinkley (USA, Irvine), Brüggemann