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    Trainer: Vital Heynen
    Setters: Tischer, T. Kocian
    Opposites: Finger (CZE), D. Malescha (Herrsching)
    Middles: Takvam (NOR, Kielce/POL), Klein (Maaseik/BEL), J. Günthör (VYS Friedrichshafen)
    Outsides: Russeaux (BEL, Monza/ITA), Sossenheimer (Bühl), Mustedanovic (BIH, Molfetta/ITA), Protopsaltis (GRE, Narbonne/FRA)
    Liberos: M. Steuerwald (Paris/FRA), Späth

    Trainer: Roberto Serniotti (ITA)
    Setters: Zhukouski (CRO), Kühner
    Opposites: Carroll (AUS), ter Maat (NED, Gent/BEL)
    Middles: Vigrass (CAN, Izmir/TUR), Okolic (SRB, Belgrad), Mote (AUS, Bühl), Fischer
    Outsides: Kromm, N. Kovacevic (SRB, Shanghai/CHN), Marshall (CAN, Lüneburg), Schott
    Liberos: Perry (AUS, Friedrichshafen)

    As Mote got heavily injured during World League, I think they have to look for another middle. Also to be competitive on international level, one additional outside with international experience is needed. Let's see ...

    Like last season, I will try to summarize the rosters of all teams, one after the other.
    I'm sure that one or another transfer is still to come. In that case I will edit the post.

    I will note nationality and club of newly transferred players next to the name.
    For German players, no nationality is stated.
    Transfers not yet confirmed are written in italic letters.

    Please feel free to comment. :read:


    By the way, now with finger staying in Friedrichshafen, does that mean that Malescha will stay in Herrsching? And where will Herrsching play their play-off matches in next season? Unterhaching? That would probably be to Yavor's delight....

    That's EXACTLY the point: Heynen promised to Malescha not to sit on the bench. With this argument Malescha signed. Now I wonder how he will keep his promise.
    And the situation about the playoffs is not clear yet.


    Well, on that I can finally understand Lube: I guess they are done with italian OH with knee injuries...

    Hmm. That sounds like an accusation to the players.

    But if in a club I always have outside hitters with knee problems, I would ask my athletic trainer if perhaps he is doing something wrong.


    TV Bühl announced 5 acquisitions:
    Setter: Finoli (ARG, Maaseik/BEL)
    Opposites: Jungiewicz (POL, Kielce), Orthmann (Rottenburg)
    Middle: Sobirov (KAZ, Almaty)
    Outside: Schlag (CV Mitteldeutschland)

    Especially Jungiewicz (5th in PlusLiga ranking) is a surprise for me :what:


    [...]so Austria's results are surely a step ahead.[...]

    One big fact is the return of Philipp Schneider. So now they really can play with 6 (+1) professionals on the court.

    [...]Let's move on to the group in Norway. Takvam, Friedrichshafen's latest signing, and his teammates almost beat Israel with Shafranovich, Katzenelson, and Sokolov.

    Not to forget the promising opposite Jonas Kvalen ...

    Hungary with Padar, Gergye, Nagy, Kaszap, and Szabo finished last in the group, even behind England!

    I just wonder why Baroti didn't play.

    The following teams applied for a license for season 2016/17:
    VC Bitterfeld-Wolfen (new)
    VC Olympia Berlin (new, youth academy team of german federation)
    TSG Solingen Volleys (new, first successor, in case one team won't get awarded a license)

    Sorry TimHH, I have to correct you.
    The VBL has a nominal of 12 teams.
    Last year there have been 11 teams, 1 of them (Coburg) was expelled due to license violations (rumors say they are bankrupt).
    Makes 10. Therefore no team had to go down to 2nd division.

    Solingen and Bitterfeld were promoted but Bitterfeld resigned shortly after (end of April) due to financial problems.
    Until now it's again 11 teams PLUS VCO Berlin (the basis of the junior national team) which ALWAYS goes extra (on top of the 12).

    Solingen was qualified as 1st ranked team of the 2nd division north, whereas Bitterfeld was the runner up.
    From 2nd division south no team (1st Fellbach, 2nd Eltmann, 3rd Hammelburg) wanted to be promoted (mostly also financial reasons).

    But anyway: thanks for all your informative posts and the new thread for next season.


    Guys, have you seen French team paying tribute to Russian team? When Russians were eating dinner after the game, French came to their table, danced and sang "Kalinka" 8o GOTTA love this French team! :D :thumbup:

    It continued in the bar ... :drink: but it was also vice versa.

    Alekno is a little bit like Karpol in former days: off the court he is such a nice and warm person !

    He got kill blocked today far too often, thats true. But lets not forget his performances on WCH against Iran and France and the way he almost single handedly led the german team to Olympics 2012 against Cuba.

    In the end, probably his short time loan to Korea and his late arrival in Berlin just cost too much energy, mentally and physically.....

    It's also about the difference of play. There: slow pass, low block. Here: fast pass, high block.
    One cannot switch within a week.

    Why Germany wanted to be host when the hall is empty?

    Now wait ... tha hall was not empty.
    For the German match there were about 3000 (the number in the CEV report was :aww: I don't kno why)
    Serbia-Poland was attended by about 3500 (I guess 2000 polish fans).

    A German's first priority is to work ;( and yesterday was a working day. And the German match was early. And the German opponent Belgium was (at least on paper) not the strongest.

    Today and on Friday it will be different, I guess.
    So let's not do a summary before the weekend.

    The club (or project) got the license from TG Rüsselsheim who got promoted from 2nd league after last season. Calling yourself "United Volleys" and playing in Frankfurt is so much bigger than just being TG Rüsselsheim and playing in Rüsselsheim :D

    ... and they are doing a very good job at the moment ... and not only on sportive side.
    For German Volleyball it would be important, that this project works ... and not to be just a flash-in-the-pan like others ...