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    Hm, 3 opposites, i didn't see this coming......

    I only hope everything is OK with Grozer. He arrived late from South Korea and didn't take part in the training matches against Russia. Also Fromm might not be in his best possible state. He missed the last matches for Perugia due to an ankle injury and i wonder if he is already at 100%.

    Overall i am less optimistic than before the ECH but that actually could be a good sign 8)

    Dünnes is not a "real" opposite. He is a joker for all attacking positions. Perhaps you remember that he had about the same role in the OQT and OG 2012.
    With this roster Germany is very flexible. It's a typical tactcal "Heynen" decision.

    What surprises more is Collin instead of Andrei ... but the trainer will have his reasons ... :olympia:

    Netzhoppers vs. Coburg 3:0 (25:23,25:20,25:12)

    Besides the naked result one has to see that the return of the Jedi Sebastian Krause (German OH from Stroitel Minsk, BLR) gave them quite a boost and will continue doing so.
    Interesting match on Wednesday, Jan. 13th in Herrching, which will be a "6 points match" for sure.

    Wondering why there is no post in here ...
    I think you all heard that Muserskij will not be with his team at Berlin for "family reasons".

    OK, found it in the OQT thread ...

    Meanwhile some different options got official:

    Heynen called Patrick Steuerwald (older brother of Libero Markus) as 3rd setter. One week after that Jan Zimmermann ruined his meniscus and is out for 2-3 months. So Patrick now will be the second setter, especially as Simon Tischer is on the way of recovering but not ready to play yet.

    Heynen also called "back" Robert Kromm and Christian Dünnes and I bet he would also have called Björn Andrae, but Björn also is still recovering after injury.
    This is a logical step for me because for one decisive tournament one will reactivate all the experienced players that can help.

    Also I fully agree to Tim's last sentence that the most probable option is to have Fromm or even Kromm as replacement opposites, thus name 5 OHs for the final roster.

    The preliminary 22 roster of Germany:
    Lukas Kampa (Radom/POL), Sebastian Kühner (BR Volleys), Patrick Steuerwald (TSV Herrsching), Jan Zimmermann (United Volleys RheinMain)

    Christian Fromm, Denis Kaliberda (Perugia/ITA), Robert Kromm (BR Volleys), Sebastian Schwarz (Danzig/POL), Tom Strohbach (TV Rottenburg), Dirk Westphal (Nantes/FRA)

    Michael Andrei (Ajaccio/FRA), Noah Baxpöhler (VSG Coburg/Grub), Marcus Böhme (Lubin/POL), Tim Broshog (Maaseik/BEL), Philipp Collin (Tours/FRA), Georg Klein (Antwerpen/BEL)

    Christian Dünnes (United Volleys RheinMain), Georg Grozer (Samsung Bluefangs/KOR), Simon Hirsch (Latina/ITA), Daniel Malescha (TSV Herrsching)

    Markus Steuerwald (Paris/FRA), Ferdinand Tille (TSV Herrsching)

    They messed up your bet?
    Any evidence or just because they still managed to lose from leading 2:0? Happens almost on daily basis in volleyball......

    Remember: Herrsching had hard weeks with many away matches.
    And I saw the match live: Steuerwald was treated by the physiotherapist in every match break. Didn't look very healthy to me, seemed to be his back. This started in the middle of set 3. So ...

    If one looks at the results so far, United Volleys came to Herrsching as the leder in ranking (and lost 3:0).
    But mostly unnoticed is the fact that also Coburg only lost it's first match in Friedrichshafen and also has one match less that the others.

    And their next opponent is ... Herrsching.
    So normally on Nov. 29th Coburg-Herrsching should be titled as the "match of the week".

    I am looking forward to this. :cheesy:

    Even if Berlin and Friedrichshafen still will dominate the league, the rest of the teams seem to have improved a lot !
    Düren beating Lyon in CEV cup with two clear wins, and the matchups between the favourites and the runner-ups still to come:

    United-Düren 28.11.
    Berlin-United 13.12.
    Düren-Friedrichshafen 22.12.

    The Slovakian squad:

    A few surprises here. Only one opposite, Milan Bencz is not in the list. Kostolani's form hasn't been impressive, that's fine, but one man only seems a bit risky. No Skladany, Kmet, Masny, or even Cerven.

    Kmet is considered as too old by Giuliani.
    Skadany and Masny are considered not good enough, as was Ondrovic who only got into the roster thru injury of Cerven (but now has nearly the best stats :what: )

    [...] the general level of the league seems to be improved compared to last year. At the very peak, Berlin looks way ahead of all teams, including Friedrichshafen but there should be really great battles for places 2-6......

    First sentence: fully agree. Clubs are really trying hard to improve the overall level.

    Second sentence: I don't know. In Berlin at the moment, there are 5 very stong players, but one has to see if they will evolve as a team ...
    In Friedrichshafen one already knows that Moculescu is able to build a team that is stronger than the single components/players.

    So maybe F'hafen is not good enough to defend it's title, but they still should manage to keep the runner-ups behind then.
    If that's not the case, it would be good for the league.

    The runner-ups in this season for me will be
    1. Düren (they always had good players, but now they also have a trainer :whistle: )
    2. Rottenburg (only weak point I see in this team is the opposite position)
    3. Lüneburg (slightly improved roster but still probably best trainer in league)

    And there are two "jacks-in-the-box"
    1. United Volleys RheinMain have the best roster I have ever seen of a promoted team. BUT ... it's their first year and the level behind the first seven is not that good.
    2. Herrsching with very good recruitments. Steuerwald, Tille, Ondrovic, even Trenkler will give them a boost. Questions are their second outside and opposite position (do they have a backup for Malescha ?)


    United Volleys Rhein/Main
    Trainer: Michael Warm
    Setters: Zimmermann (Friedrichshafen), Hopt (CV Mitteldeutschland), Thiel (VI Frankfurt)
    Opposites: Dünnes (Berlin), P. Wolf
    Middles: Bauer (St. Nazaire/FRA), Escher (M, KW-Bestensee), Krick (VI Frankfurt)
    Outsides: Klobucar (SLO, Ljubljana/SLO), Reichert (Friedrichshafen), Fraser (CAN, Saskatchewan/CAN), G. Wolf (VI Frankfurt)
    Liberos: Ringseis (AUT, Loimu/FIN)

    VSG Coburg/Grub
    Trainer: Itamar Stein (ISR)
    Setters: Kwiecien (POL, Sczechin/POL), Katzenelson (ISR, Mate Asher/ISR)
    Opposites: Kostolany (SVK, Bühl), Schattenberg (Missouri Valley College/USA)
    Middles: Davis (USA, Avignon/FRA), Baxpöhler
    Outsides: Mauler (CZE, Bühl), Schippmann (Rottenburg), Hrinak (SVK, Neumarkt 2nd league), Tom Weber (Solingen 2nd league), Kucera
    Liberos: L. Tille (VCO Berlin)

    CV Mitteldeutschland
    Trainer: Ulf Quell
    Setters: Szablewski (POL, Katowice/POL), Sormaz (BIH, Banatul Caransebes/ROM)
    Opposites: Brzezinski (POL), Lech (POL, Lamia/GRE)
    Middles: Augustyn (POL), Mirosavljevic (SRB, Unirea Dej/ROM)
    Outsides: Martinez-Gion (NED, Prefaxis Menen/BEL), Gorski (POL, Lennik/BEL), Schlag (VCO Berlin)
    Liberos: Sufa (POL, Effector Kielce/POL)

    TSV Herrsching
    Trainer: Max Hauser
    Setters: P. Steuerwald (St. Nazaire/FRA), Neumann
    Opposites: D. Malescha
    Middles: Ondrovic (SVK, Trencin/SVK), Friedrich, Wehl, Wenke
    Outsides: Trenkler (CV Mitteldeutschland), Höfer, F. Malescha, Doranth
    Liberos: F. Tille (SKRA Belchatow/POL)